Doin’ the Happy Dance, Doin’ the Happy Dance…

K West FOB

Awesomeness has a soundtrack.

I stumbled upon this Mash-Up on I’m about halfway thru and it’s flippin’ great. Of course, I’m biased.

Seriously tho’, I’m about halfway thru it and the blends are tight. If this was cheesy and the vocals weren’t on beat I would have dismissed it as Fuckery of the “Playing with my Emotions” kind.

Anyway, I’m sure the majority of the people reading this know about my obsession with both Fall Out Boy and Kanye, so if you’re familiar with one and not the other, or if you’re indifferent to both, click the link and zone out, and for God’s sake: Re-the fuck-lax.

It ain’t that serious.

“Kanye West and Fall Out Boy: Mash-ups. Blends. Remixes.”


4 Responses to “Doin’ the Happy Dance, Doin’ the Happy Dance…”

  1. Phuque Says:



  2. reythehussein Says:

    …and by “Curtis” he means “Kanye”.

    Oh, You mad?

  3. Big Homie Says:

    It is all about Curtis 9-11-07

    *drinks vitamin water*


  4. reythehussein Says:

    lol.. Vitamin Water = Pagan Ritual

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