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The Samuel L. Jackson Rule

September 26, 2007

slj as Mace Windu

ReyTheHussein Explains His¬†“Stan”ism, motherfuckers.


*Ghostrides the Millennium Falcon*

September 25, 2007

Han's Whip

It’s time to get some non-sequitors up in this motherfucker.


The Emo Files: Statute of Limitations

September 24, 2007


Rey = “Dave”.

This is a simulcast blog I also posted on my personal MySpace page.

This is a very Emo blog. Light on jokes, heavy on TMI Stuff that my casual fans’n’friends from the blog-o-sphere (what a dumb name) might wanna skip. However, if you’re curious as to how I’m doing out-of-character, you might wanna check this out.

Any attempts at “ethering” me with any of this information will be ignored. I’m putting this up to get feedback and advice from people who might have a different perspective than my normal circle of advisers, not to tolerate assholes.

If you can handle all that, by all means, continue on.

–The Editor-in-Chief of It Ain’t That Serious


Aaaaannnnd…You’re Done 2: The Return.

September 20, 2007

Dr. Cox [||]

Where do you think you’re going, Priscilla?


Sorry for the wait.

September 20, 2007


But, you know, I’ve got shit to do.

And yes, I just wanted to put up a Star Wars picture.

Na, for real tho’. I’m working on a post right now for you guys. Don’t think I ran out of random shit to talk about.

The content will be extremely aggressive, especially in this blogging climate. What the general public needs in terms of blogging isn’t being met by other blogging technicians. What I do is facilitate accessible blog product which is easily accessed by the community at large. Fahrfegnugen. Commentate. Pictureframe.

Thanks for the support, check back this afternoon for more stuff.


Happy Fuck Day, Ass Mouth.

September 16, 2007

The Stifmeister

An It Ain’t That Serious Look at the Best in Cinematic Profanity


Mo’ Movies? No Problem!

September 12, 2007


RTH Discusses his Favorite High School Comedies.


Kanye West- Graduation (an RTH Review)

September 11, 2007


Chin up, Mr. West. You’ve done it again.


Graduation Day Has Arrived!

September 11, 2007

Mr. West

Kanye West is back with a new album!


RTH on the 2007 MTV VMAs.

September 10, 2007


MTV’s Biggest Nite of the Year Dissected into 60 Observations.