Revenge of the Nerds

Lewis & Gilbert

Tri-Lams up! Alpha Betas Down.

So I was in the car today on my way to work, lamenting the death of my keyboard at home, and two interviews caught my attention on the radio.

This made me happy because I hate that my fucking keyboard isn’t working. Do you know how difficult entering is when you have to copy and paste every…single…letter?

Like, really friggin’ difficult.

Zee Radio 

As I always do in the morning, I turn on the car, open up the sunroof, lower the passenger side window, and then turn the radio onto Hot 97.

Most days Miss Jones, DJ Envy, and Michael Shawn/Sean/Shaun are okay, some days they can be really ignorant and offensive, and the rest of the time they’re hit and miss (ie the “Young Bastard” sketches.. THEY’RE NOT FUCKING FUNNY!). Today, however, was a good day. Do you wanna know why? I’ll ‘splain in 3 words:

Kanye. West. Interview.

I only caught the end of it, but it made me happy because we all know that I’m the biggest Kanye West stan on the planet. Seriously. If he needed a kidney I’d give him one. If it wasn’t the right match, I’d give him yours. (Mental Note–ready tub of ice)

Anyway, I didn’t hear enough to expound on it, but I’m sure someone (I’m talking to you, Eskay) will up the audio at some point. It was just cool hearing an interview with him and not “Lil’ Random” or “Yung 1 Hit Wunda”.

I drive a little bit further down the road and I land on Z100. Normally I vomit upon hearing their Morning “Zoo” show, as it’s a bunch of stupid celebrity gossip and prank calls, which annoy me worse than Lil’ Wayne’s rappin’ voice.

Today was different. Today they were interviewing Pete motherfucking Wentz, aka the bass player and lyricist of…wait for it…Fall Out Boy.

He was talking about being a nerd and about how the guys in his audience are the same Guidos that used to beat him up in high school, and how Rude Snowbunnies and their Guidardians (no typo–sound it out) should be kinder to nerds because they could very well be the same kinda kids like Fall Out Boy or other bands like that.

Zee Analysis [||]

It kinda got me to thinking, Being a nerd is kinda in right now. I’m not talking about these little honkey ass crackers that rumple their hair and throw on a smedium t-shirt with a fucking Sega Genesis controller on them and claim to be nerds. Those motherfuckers are just as bad as the Guidardians or the Jocks.

I’m talking about genuine nerds. Star Wars, different clothes, sincerely shy, a sense of humor that’s witty without being overly sarcastic.

By crackey, I’m talking about me.

Nah, but f’real.. Kanye West and Pete Wentz are two of music’s biggest stars, one innovative sonically, one innovative lyrically–and they’re both nerds! I’m sorry, but that’s just awesome to me.

The days of the great big intimidating “I’ll fuck you up” rappers are about done (Paging Mr. Jackson–we have a gold watch and a ticket to Palm Springs FL waiting for you at Courtesy Desk 4…). The days of the angry white boy rocker guys have been done for a while (Paging Mr. Durst and Mr. Rock…). Matter ‘fact, even the overly pretentious “LOOK AT ME!” Emo Boys are done, those ingenuous fucks like My Chemical Romance or motherfucking Good Charlotte.. them boys and their pretentiousness and their Oh-So-Kewl dyed hair is about done too. (Paging every other rock band like that…)

Zee Wrap Up

My point is, children, is that talent and sincerity are finding their way back into pop culture. The posturing and posing of yesteryear are about done–we’ve been gimmicked to death.

FOB and Kanye West–two talented and successful musical acts, both fronted by nerds.

Transformers & Superbad–two incredible films both critically and commercially successful, featuring sincere, quirky, nerdy leads.

Me personally, I love this shit. Let the genuine nerds reign, and let the culture vulture crackers and blackers (yeah, I said it) go off into the wayside. Your time has come and gone, and you were kinda boring.

Zee Last Quip Unt Mein Signaturrrre

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to light another candle in preparation for this coming Tuesday.



12 Responses to “Revenge of the Nerds”

  1. bkscribe Says:

    I was a nerd before it became stylish

  2. Big Homie Says:

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to light another candle in preparation for this coming Tuesday.

    ^^ wtf? LOL You need to just download the shit..just kidding. Which one of you is in the pic?

  3. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ BKS– Me too. Then I stopped around 7th grade and tried to be cool. 3 years later I stopped giving a fuck, and then the girl started a’coming. Nerdiness > “Coolness”.

    @ Big Homie– No way.. I got my whole day planned! Hmm, out of Lewis and Gilbert? I’d beeeee Lewis. He was the leader!

  4. eskay Says:

    *kidnaps Rey*

    *forces him to listen to a clean radio rip of Graduation*

  5. reythehussein Says:

    Ahhh, his Eskayness has graced my site!

    Thanks Es!

    *rey sings “sugar we’re going down” at top of lungs to drown out bootleg kanye*

  6. Dr.Fuxie Teacher of Etherology Says:

    Yo Rey you went on in with the EMO on this homie. I guess I am a nerd but a super fly Nerd, word to Kanye.

    ^^ Drop by and show the homie some love.

  7. reythehussein Says:

    Done and Done.. Thanks for stopping by, Fuxito! [||]

  8. Belize Says:

    Revenge of the nerds movie goes hard [||]

    good post

  9. T DOT Says:

    My point is, children, is that talent and sincerity are finding their way back into pop culture. The posturing and posing of yesteryear are about done–we’ve been gimmicked to death.


    You gotta bring something original and sincere nowadays.
    Or else it’s download, and into the box with the arrows, with that weak BS.
    real talk.

    Empty Recycling Bin

  10. reythehussein Says:

    Thanks Belize!

    @ T Dot– Yeppers.. Sincerity goes a long way with me. It’s not just the “emo” thing, it’s about the experience, ya know? Thanks for the comment!

  11. thoreauly77 Says:

    sorry rey but FOB should never be compared to ye (or wentz for that matter). the tropes used by FOB are the same as the ones used by the used or my chemical romance or yesterdays new revenge on tuesday’s last resort. there is nothing original about FOB and that is why they are as popular as they are. the music? it’s so fucking easy; i am not talking about chord structure, i am talking about pandering to teenage girl sensibilities (not dissing you btw). i just think that if you want real music that is emotionally resonant you should look to bonnie prince billy, jets to brazil, or even sunny day real estate. emo wasnt always a bad word. it started as a movement that was counter to the anger perpetuated by the punk and hard-core punk scenes, and for that it was wonderful, but then the word and hence musical form was bastardized into a bunch of hyper-whiney privileged little white boys, and that i can not stand. i think that FOB pretty much represent what i dont like about the whole bastardization. also, never should there be made a comparison between an innovator (ye) and a panderer (FOB).

    = my two.

  12. reythehussein Says:

    Hold on a second, Thor.. Lemme see if I can fit this new asshole you just tore somewhere…

    Nah, I hear what you’re saying. T’Be honest tho’, I don’t really get too caught up in that kinda stuff.. I think Mr. Wentz, pandering or otherwise, can turn a phrase, and sometimes he manages to put things in a way I am unable to–altho’ that’s my guidelines for any kinda music I like.

    You know I’m not much of an indy/underground music kinda guy, so I tend to miss out on a lot of the originators of stuff.

    No offense taken, good sir. I’m okay with someone disagreeing as long as they’re respectful, as you were.


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