The Emo Files: Love Songs.


Slow Jams, Rap Ballads, & *gasp* Adult Contemporary Pop!

 [||] on this whole post, especially the picture.

It’s an Emo Saturday Nite…

I did a lot of complaining a couple posts ago about ridiculous “girl” songs from rappers that include derogatory, mysoginistic, or dismissive lyrics aimed at the “Shawty” the song is about. That’s kinda funny and kinda retarded, because those morons make those songs to entice the young women that make up the majority of what’s left of the record buying public. Insulting your audience is Noz Crawford idiotic. Still buying the product of said idiot is even worse.

However, we here at It Ain’t That Serious are a bunch of mushy emo bastards who enjoy a good love song now and then, whether it’s a song about a guy who found a girl, lost a girl, wants the girl back, or wants to make a nite with a girl special. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite love songs.

Two Warnings though: 1- I’m not about to put YouTube clips or links to these songs because I don’t have the energy for that right now, and 2- Leave all the nasty Captain Save-A-Ho comments you want. I’m just gonna delete them anyway.


Hip-Hop Luh Sawngs-

1- “Put it on Me”, Ja Rule featuring Lil’ Mo and Vita– Yes, I’m opening up with a Ja Rule song. The thing about love songs is that there are so many cliches and cheesy rhymes that can take one from “Aww” to “Oh come on..”. Mr. Atkins managed to avoid them with some heartfelt lyrics that I could relate to. At the time, my then-girlfriend was away at college and altho’ she was only a half hour away, our schedules were such that we couldn’t see each other very often. Mr. Rule’s song helped me channel some of that affection and longing into words. The Chorus was kinda rough, but the verses were nice, and the top 40 radio version with Lil’ Mo was nice with the singing. Vita’s verse was okay in a “She didn’t ruin the song” kinda way.

Emo-est Lyric:
“When you scared, who’s telling you there’s nothin to fear
Girl I’ll always be there
When you need a shoulder to lean on
Never hesitate knowing you can call on, your soul-mate”

2- “All I Need”, Fat Joe feat. Armageddon and Tony Sunshine– Yes, I’m following up Ja Rule with Fat Joe. (Two Times is probably punching his monitor right now). This was Fat Joe’s second single off of Loyalty, after “Crush Tonight”–the song whose video had Joey Fatone in it. *N’Sync’s Joey Fatone. Anyway… I dug this song’s chorus, and Fat Joe sounded like he was delivering some lyrics with some genuine sentiment. Armageddon even managed a good verse, taking the concept of the song and telling his own “All I Need” story. Tony Sunshine is a good hook singer, even if his version of “She’s Like The Wind” wasn’t as good as P dot Swayze’s.

Emo-est Lyric:
“I know at times you feel alone cuz I’m not at home
That’s why every few hours I pick up the phone
To reassure you my love is more than it seems
I adore you my wife my Colombian Queen
I promise to never stray I’m honored everyday
To have a woman like you in the life of Jose (Hey)”

3- “I Need A Girl (Part 1)”, P. Diddy feat. Loon & Usher– Finally, we come to P. Diddy’s massive [||] monster hit from the spring/summer of 2002. I…loved….this…song. This song cemented Diddy’s comeback and got serious burn in my car and during parties. True Story: After a messy break-up and messier (no #11 on the NY Rangers) fall out (no pun intended for a change) with the girl from “Put it on Me”, I was in an Irish Wake sort of state of mourning. I was excited to be alive and single, but still kinda upset that I blew my chances with my exgirlfriend. Soooo, at a party I ordered this song to be played every hour on the hour. By the 3rd play people were like “Again??” and if I remember correctly, I was so drunk (hennessy, tequila, and SoCo do NOT belong in a shot together) that someone took the CD out and the demand didn’t see the 4th hour. Anyway, This song was a response to J-Lo’s string of Murder Inc-assisted hits sneak-dissing his Diddyness, and Puffy let everyone know how hurt he was over the whole thing. Brilliant! Diddy killed this shit, no matter who wrote it for him. Loon’s verse was pretty good, and Usher did his thing [||]. This is my favorite Emo Rap Love Song…well, out of ones I didn’t write, anyway.

Emo-Est Lyric:
“I had a girl that woulda died for me
Didn’t appreciate her so I made her cry for me
Every Night she had tears in her eyes for me
Caught a case, shorty took the whole ride for me”

R’n’B Luh Sawngs–

Admittedly, this is gonna be a tough one (oh, and yes, I know Method Man and Mary J wasn’t on the above list, I refer to the case of “Deal vs With it”) because there are a ton of good ones. I think I know how to break it down though.

1- Favorite R’n’B Luh Sawng from Middle School (9/1991-6/1994)- Okay, like I said, this was tough. However, given the cool bit of circumstances surrounding this song in my own life, I’m gonna have to pick “Weak” by S.W.V. . ‘Til this day–NH and all–every time I hear this song I let out wistful little sigh. This was, of course, in the days before the No Homo/Pause game, when a guy could like music performed by females and not get a ton of shit for it. The music is classic, the lyrics are classic, and there is no doubt that every person in 1993 that was aged 11-17 knows the chorus to it. Don’t f’n front, Cool Guys from Nah Right, cuz you know the lyrics!

Emo-Est Lyrics-
“Cuz my heart starts beating triple time
With thoughts of loving you on my mind”

2- Favorite R’n’B Luh Sawng From High School (9/1994-6/1998)– Seeing as how most of the R’n’B that came out around this time sorta flew over my head, this is even more difficult than the first one, but for the opposite reason. A ton of good R’n’B came out during the Middle School years, but High School? Eh, Not so much. I’m tempted to just name a song from Boyz II Men’s II”   album or their Evolution album and be done with it, but there’s gotta be something else out there. Let me stop and think for a second. Okay, I can’t really think of anything aside from Keith Sweat’s “Twisted”, New Edition’s “Set me off”, Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” , and like 12 “inspirational” R. Kelly songs. Soooo, that being said, I’m going with Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee”. Now, on the NahRight, B2M don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. However, here at IATS, we pay respects to Nate, Mike, Shawn, and Wanya as the Greatest Singing Group of All Time. “On Bended Knee” was so good it should be illegal. “I’ll Make Love to You” gets all the press and all the spots on Time-Life CD collection track lists, but “OBK” is way better, from a lyrical standpoint, a delivery standpoint, as well as the instrumental standpoint. Stand the heck up and applaud them Philly Boyz!

Emo-Est Lyric:
“I’m gonna swallow my pride, say I’m sorry
Stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me
I wanna new life, and I want it with you
If you feel the same, don’t ever let it go”

3- Favorite R’n’B Luh Sawng from after High School– Again, the golden days of R’n’B have passed (Fuck! I JUST remembered Shai’s “If I Ever Fall In Love”.. son of a bitch.. that song > SWV.. ah well), so it’s tough picking a new one, even if I’ve got 9 years worth of music to choose from. ‘Fact is, R’n’B nowadays is a bunch of “Girl I wanna lay you down and fuck you in yo’ asssss…cuz I luh u..” nonsense. It’s a good thing I’m a trooper and dedicated to my long rambling posts in the “Lists of Lists” category. Plus, it’s 12:33am right now and I have shit else to do. So, I’m gonna get me some water and I’ll ponder what song should go here. Of course, you won’t notice a time lapse at all, but just know that as soon as I’m finished with this sentence I’ll be heading to the fridge for some agua fria. Aaaaannnnd…I’m back. Okay, so I pondered and I came up with this selection. It’s a tie between Ginuwine’s “Differences” and Ne-Yo’s “All Because of You” remix con Jose Budden. Ginuwine gets the nod because of the cool instrumental–very ethereal (look it up) and very sweet–as well as the revelatory and uplifting lyrics. Dude is paying tribute to this girl who changed his life, and I’m all for that. Ne-Yo and Joe Budden get picked because this song is f’n incredible. The beat’s little piano part is pretty, and Ne-Yo’s smooooth vocals are catchy and almost familiar–which is cool. The lyrics are clever, no recycling “love from up above/i love you and it’s true” nonsense here. Plus, Joe the fuck Budden’s verse is that same kind of honest and sincere that are the hallmarks of all good love songs. And yes, I know this song is also about a girl who’s sex is so great that this dude is hooked, but the sentiment and respect shines through all the subtle booty innuendo. (say that again with me: Subtle. Booty. Innuendo.”

Emo-Est Lyrics:
From Ne-Yo-
“And I know this much is true
Baby, you have become my addiction
I’m so strung out on you
I can barely move…
but I like it ”

From Joe Budden-
“I’m in need of all these needs
And some call it greed, but it’s far from that
Indeed, it’s just she make me want to succeed
And my friends say I’m open
And even though they just joking
That’s when the truth is said”

Adult Contemporary Pop Luh Sawngs-

Now, the tough part here is finding songs that aren’t gonna show too much of my ridiculously emo/hopeless romantic side while also being true to who I am. Luckily, I’ve downloaded enough love songs during late nite bouts of “Need A Girl/Miss A Girl/Wallowing in Angst Over Losing a Girl” that I can just sorta pick and choose. In no particular order:

1- Madonna, “Crazy for you”. — This is one of those selections, one of those admissions, that I’m gonna read back and go, “Now why would I put that out there?”. Who the fuck cares? Better to be an honest emo dork than some fake-ass E-Thug or some Uber-Macho asshole any day. Anyway, this is one of Madge’s first hits. This was before all her crazy shit, before her English accent, before the gap between her teeth got big enough to slide a nickel through. My mom used to play “The Immaculate Collection” in the car during road trips and this song’s sweetness always stuck out in my mind. It’s pretty, and for all the guys’n’gals that read and are lucky enough to have a steady, happy, monogamous relationship, this song is probably how you happy fucking couples feel about each other.

Emo-Est Lyric:
“Slowly now we begin to move
Every breath I’m deeper into you
Soon we two are standing here in time
If you read my mind you’ll see I’m Crazy For You”

2- The Stylistics, “You Are Everything”.– See? It’s not all just suspect love songs! I’m the definition of motherfucking eclectic! This song is a testament to my “The Wonder Years” standom. This song is a friggin’ classic. The music is awesome, and the lyrics tell the story of a small moment in time–a fraction of a second–where we think we see someone we’re in love with and our hearts go all crazy just to crash land somewhere around our ankles upon discovering it’s some stranger.

Emo-Est Lyric:
“How can I forget
When each face that I see
Brings back memories
Of being with you
I just can’t go on
Living life as I do
Comparing each girl to you
Knowing they just won’t do
They’re not you”

3- Seal, “Kiss from a Rose”– Ya know, I’m not exactly sure what he’s talking about here, but I really like this song. Plus, Seal is going out with or married or something to Heidi Klum. As in, Supermodel Heidi Klum. Sooo, he must be doing SOMETHING right! Seal’s vocals are amazing, and the music–that cool saxaphone part–is pretty good. Plus, this song is from “Batman Forever”, which was just a kick ass movie. I’m pretty sure this is a love song, but even if it’s not, it’s still a good danged song.

Emo-Est Lyric:
“There is so much a man can tell you,
So much he can say.
You remain
My power, my pleasure, my pain.
To me you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny, yeah
Won’t you tell me is that healthy, baby.” (1)

Call Reynolds, cuz it’s a wrap.

Well, I hope you kids enjoyed my 2,343 word opus on love songs. It’s now 1:02am on Sunday, and MySpace is caaalllllllliiin’ me. Thanks again for tuning in, and for all the support.


(1)– Upon further review, this song might be about drugs, but A- That’s still technically a love song, and B- I’m choosing to think it’s about a girl. Jeah.


11 Responses to “The Emo Files: Love Songs.”

  1. thoreauly77 Says:

    fantastic synopsis rey! but you need to listen to some otis redding from the get. motherfuckers like boys 2 men and the rolling stones wouldnt even exist without this guy, and he had the most amazing voice you ever heard. he could bring down the house with a rock anthem or a ballad. name an artist that could do that now….. with soul. listen to “come to me” and then “try a little tenderness”. best. shit. ever.

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Hmm, I’m about to pass out now, but tomorrow I will definitely check out some Otis Redding. He’s the “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” guy, right?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Thor–and thanks for checking the blizznog out!


  3. green eyes Says:

    ohh.. thoreauly is bringing it back– also try sam cooke- bring it on home to me
    otis- these arms of mine
    donny hathaway, etc. etc.

    of course this is all pre my middle or high school days. lol

    weak– one of the best love songs ever ever ever no matter the weather

    all these songs you listed rey were from a time when ppl werent afraid to have emotions. shit, even H-Town & Jodeci got emo on occasion

    nice post rey!

  4. Belize Says:

    Ill cosign evrything..except that diddy track (whinny bastard)

    then again, spanish pumpum will do that to you..erykah badu style

  5. Belize Says:

    ummm…yeah…excuse me….i had a question on the previous post

    thank you



  6. reythehussein Says:

    @ Greenie– Thanks Greenita! I checked out some Otis Redding on YouTube just a few minutes ago. Good stuff! I’ll have to look up Sam Cooke and Donny Hathaway. It’ll be nice to check out the music of guys Nas raps about. As for H-Town and Jodeci.. I only know “Knockin’ Da Boots” with H-Town, but Jodeci has some great songs–their unplugged version of “Lately” is one of my all time favorites.

    @ Belize– Bah, I know you’re anti-Diddy.. I’ll forgive you. I had a dominican GF once.. It didn’t end well, and I look stupid after that one, so I’ll just agree and keep it movin’. As for the picture on the last post, that fella’s name is “Strongbad”–he’s from a site called –It’s all completely irreverent flash cartoons. No cussing or “scat” humor, just non-sequitors and randomness that cracks me up. Thanks for dropping by, Beli!

  7. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Reymond, I would have slotted Mary J’s ‘You Are Everything’ in there, that is one hell of a love song. And co-sign Greenie on Otis, Sam and Donny, I was bumpin Otis on the ipod this morning

  8. Belize Says:

    Lol..I just saw the “theif biking” episode

    *blank stare*

  9. reythehussein Says:

    @ Belize.. lol– Homestar Runner is an acquired taste. I think it’s hilarious.

    @ EngRep- Is that a cover of the one I mentioned by the Stylistics?

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Yeah I think so Rey Rey but Mary J kills it.

  11. reythehussein Says:

    Ah, ok. I’m sure I’ve heard her version. Dynamite song regardless.

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