Chicken Nuggets, ya’ll!

Um..Chicken Nuggets...and ketchup

Because There Are Only So Many Pictures of Mini Cheeseburgers Out There

I just wanna take a second and thank all of the loyal readers of this site. I have about 4-8 regs that comment on every post, and I sincerely thank you guys for giving me an audience. I don’t wanna get too emo, but I appreciate the support. Believe it or not, I was kinda upset…um…I mean, I WUZ TYPE AGGY, YO! that I couldn’t respond to the comments ya’ll left.

I know the concept of “Internet Friends” is a vague one at best, definitely nerdy, but honestly, I don’t know how to categorize some of you other than to say that you’re my friends.

I don’t do fake internet identities–Heck, ReyTheHussein is just a cool nickname given to me–, I don’t do “No Personal Stuff”.. Frankly, I don’t really wanna waste time with all that. I’m a real person with real ups and real downs, and my “real life” friends are great, but alot of you guys have great perspectives that I don’t often get.

Anyway, “Pause”-worthy love note to E-Fam aside, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it, and the conversations we’ve had help me just as much in “Real Life” as they do on “teh internets”.

I humbly thank each and every one of you.

No Homo.


PS~ I’ll have a real post up tomorrow when I’ve gathered my thoughts.

PPS~”Sarge” is a girl, just for the record. Cuz if her and I ever have an encounter that leads to something blogable, I don’t want you guys to notify the “Ayo Police”. Jeah.


16 Responses to “Chicken Nuggets, ya’ll!”

  1. Belize Says:

    *passes Blunt to Hussien*

    U want a hug too patna? [||]

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Awww shucks Reymundo. I dig your site for the sheer fact that a lot of it is based on personal feelings/situations (nh), thats how I know you a real dude (nh). And the internet friends shit. You know what, that is a weird phenomenon. I met up with a coupla girls I was friends with and bantering with for a minute on Myspace (I no longer have one cos its stalker like). I don’t even know why I met up with these chicks but one of them was all types of ugly and the other stalked me for about 6 weeks. Just goes to show that women on the internet are usually pig dogs (except Greenie, LL (which I know for a fact, not in a sexual way though unfortunately) and Shanti) and should be avoided at all costs. If Sarge is a hottie though holla at the English cat darlin.

    Peace Rey Rey

  3. ReyTheHussein Says:

    Sarge is seriously pretty. Half white, half hatian.. Beautiful brown complexion a shade or two darker than Alicia Keys.. itty bitty waist, but thick in the booty and the legs in a good way..

    Yeah man.. I met a chick from myspace.. If her pictures were her, she needs to sell her Miracle Camera to other 4ft 5in fat girls with big gaps between their teeth.. Cuz maaannn.. She had me fooled! Never again!

    But f’real tho’.. I try to be real, that’s what I dug about Nah.. People were having discussions about real life and real issues.. XXL was noooo place for that, too ign’ant.

    Anyway, no Bromance on all that.. Just showing some appreciation to the people that keep me amused, enlightened, and entertained on the daily.

    *daps EngRep*

    @ Beli– No hug necessary, Cap’n.

  4. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    But f’real tho’.. I try to be real, that’s what I dug about Nah.. People were having discussions about real life and real issues.. XXL was noooo place for that, too ign’ant.


    Co-siggy, No doubt (c) Blackstreet…

    XXL is for Virgins and gays…

    Good post son, much better than the internet thuggin of most other bloggers!!!

    Have you checked out Garth yet.

    I’ve just finished the second season of Arrested Devolpment – Rey watch this show it is getting very close to Scrubs in my top 5 club!!!!


  5. T DOT Says:

    Real recognize real homie. Glad you started this shit. I usually shy away from Nah, only going there to see what’s up but never really posting. All that ether for no reason sometimes, is kinda off-putting. I usually just stick to TSS and call it a day.

    Arrested Development is THE SHIT. Rey, if you’re OD’ing on Scrubs and still haven’t seen AD!? Do yourself a favour and check it out.

    Also. Damnit just give Illmatic a chance.

  6. Big Homie Says:

    What up Rey? Big Homie back

  7. Phuque Says:

    Reymundo Segundo Telemundo – please send your non-work email address to phuquedaworld at gmail dot com

    That is all.

  8. Phuque Says:

    Nevermind….I have it.

  9. reythehussein Says:

    What up Busta? I saved the link to Garth’s shows, I look forward to checking it out. Season 6 of Scrubs is playing evenings here on Comedy Central. This season is F’n Heavvvyyyyy!

    lol @ T-Dot.. I’m gonna check out Arrested Development too. I’m trying to fill my time off with whatever will keep me from bouncing off the walls again (whoa-oa). Nah is a lot of ether, but the people there are intelligent and insightful more often than not. I promise I’ll listen to “Illmatic” soon. My boy has the cd and he said I can borrow it, I just forget to ask for it. It’s not that I’m purposefully ignoring it!

    @ Phuque– Okay cool.

  10. reythehussein Says:

    What up Big Homie!!!

  11. Jamz Says:

    Rey, I think your blog is gaining weight? What up playboy!!!

  12. reythehussein Says:

    What up Jiggy JAMZ! IT AIN’T TOO MUCH TO JAMZ!

    I’m taking “gaining weight” is good?

  13. superjew Says:

    you havent ever listened to illmatic. thats kinda sorta blasphemous. you need to educate yourself on that shit.

  14. reythehussein Says:


    I know! I’m gonna!

  15. Lorelei Says:

    I just wondered could I use your picture of the chicken nuggets for my school Dida D201 Project?

    Many Thanks

  16. reythehussein Says:

    lol…Sure! It’s not mine, it’s just one I google imaged.

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