I’m getting ahead of myself. By the way, I could rap…

The Booth

Mic Check 1-2, 1-2 (No Juelz)

Let’s see where this goes.

I’m even better at this blogging than you’ve ever been told
Check out this fat emo kid, yeah the veteran’s bold
Pullin’ views like the awards that the lettermen hold
By the first minicheeseburgers I was already better than —
Oh shit, shots fired, let the ether begin
If me andĀ — were brothers I’d never speak to my twin
Fake online personas are played out like Madonna
Seeing their wack shit is worse than seeing old men in a Sauna
and I know what you’re thinking, “Dang, Rey is a goner”
“With only 6,000 views this kid is starting some drama”
Well like –, it is what is, it be what it be
Won’t dropĀ names like Jayceon, the G-A-M-E
Blahddy Blah Yeah whatever, keep flapping your gums
Cuz I’ll still be standing when the clapping is done
Yeah, It Ain’t That Serious so ya’ll can pass the buck
Nahgger Bloggers is the team, the rest is wack as fuck


18 Responses to “I’m getting ahead of myself. By the way, I could rap…”

  1. Rasheed Wallets aka landLORD Says:

    …. fill in the blanks …

    “… Let’s Go M–‘-…”

    … ? … any clue ? …

    *does Morris Day laugh*

  2. Rasheed Wallets aka landLORD Says:

    … answer = Let’s Go Met’s …

    … 2008 ? … prolly not, huh ? …

    … Go YANKEES … peace Homie …

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Did you just call me wack?

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *ducks as LORDY swoops into Rey’s spot and snares the bacon in his fangs and then flies off again*

  5. Belize Says:

    *adds “BUP! BUP! BUP! BUP! chant*

    now u got a gangta rap homie

  6. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    Ha ha, I can imagine a mexican Eminem spittin those lines….

    P.S i was watching MTVBase this morning and the worse song i’ve ever heard came on, Young Joc – Coffee Shop (featuring Gorilla Zoe) please help me ban this song from the world!!!!!!!!!


  7. HHF Says:

    TheHussein spits hot fire….he’s never on that cold fire ish

  8. reythehussein Says:

    SMH @ Morph.. That’s that Ross Bldg mentality what made you so difficult.

    lol @ EngRep.. No sir, you coooool.

    @ Belize– Heh.. Thanks homey!

    @ Busta Cracka The English Smacka– lol.. I’m puerto rican/cuban! Oh man, that Yung Joc song is horrid. It’s truly terrible.

    @ HHF– I’d like to think my fire is hot enough for like, tea or hot chocolate, but not too hot that you can’t actually hold it. Um..No homo.

    Thanks to all for stopping by!

  9. green eyes Says:

    buk buk!! go rey!

  10. Phuque Says:


  11. reythehussein Says:

    *rey does Ed Lover dance* [||]

  12. Babydoll Says:

    Yo Rey…you spit hot fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! (no dylan)

  13. reythehussein Says:

    lol.. I’m of the mind that I don’t suck at rapping. Thanks Babydoll!


  14. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    Yo Rey i’m smashed and it’s half 4 in the morning!! Fuck all theseTI’s, I’m not going to work today, fuck em…#

    Talking of ladiesm, it’s impossible to havve csual sex withh a irl without them getting 2 wserious, i’m tellin you son it’s impossibllele,,, look after yoursekf and each other,,,



  15. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    I fuckijng hate all southern rap music, and Jay Z”!!!!!

    But i’m lovin Flashin Lights by K dot West eveb though the boys slag me it’s my tune son….

  16. reythehussein Says:

    Flashing Lights is amazing. You get points for commenting whilst pissed.

    You’re a good man, Busta Cracka.

  17. T DOT Says:

    *drops funk flex bombs over the first 8 verses*

  18. T DOT Says:

    lines, verses, same thing.

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