Read & React #1


I’m calling bullshit. On Jay-Z. On Joey’s Behalf.

“Why would they get a ni**a like me started?”–Ja Rule, The Pledge (remix)

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AllHipHop’s Jigsaw had the chance to chat with Jay-Z on Friday regarding his new CD, American Gangster, and you know we had to ask about Joe Budden, since his first and only album came out in 2003! On top of everything, Budden has been removed from the Def Jam website! WTF? (Hell, even Sam Scarfo is still on the roster! Foxy Brown isn’t even on Def Jam and she’s there!) Is all lost? Read below for the deal straight from Young Hov himself. Is Joe Budden ever coming out?

Jay-Z: The problem with that is, coming out how? If you just want to throw an album out there then next week you recording [songs] about how we didn’t support it. We could do that. We could do that tomorrow. I don’t think that what he wants. I don’t think that what he needs. Maybe…I don’t know. At one point he was seen as sort of the heir to Def Jam’s throne so to speak and then you guys had a lil’ something on that song.

Jay-Z: That had never influenced my decisions. You see Beanie has a record with R. Kelly. Juelz Santana has put and album out. I’m way to big of a person to [do that]. I would never block anyone’s blessing, because of any thing personal. If I didn’t want to deal with him, there’s other people there. I mean, why do we have a problem, I freestyled on his record. He probably made his career off of freestyling over other people’s records. If I start freestyling over other people’s records…Lord forbid.

But, I would never block anybody’s blessings. You don’t stay successful like that. Things catch up to you. I believe in that for real. Karma. You can’t just do what the f**k you want…sh***ing on people for no reason.

RTH’s Reaction:

I call exquisite, stanky, see-the-hay-still-in-it BULLSHIT.

Look, I’ve been waiting for almost 4.5 years for a new Joe Budden album. Four and a half years have gone by in between dudes Freshman album, and this rant right’chea.

Jay-Z, Jay Hova, Shawn Corey Carter.. This shit is *officially* ridiculous. Reading this interview just makes you come off as grumpy as fuck. You really do sound like a bitter old man. You heard whispers that Joey hit a homerun with a Just Blaze beat you passed up on, so you decided to get on the beat just to show what you COULD HAVE DONE with it. You jumped on the beat to sorta bop Joey in the head with a newspaper, remind dude who you were and what you were capable of. You put the track out, and that was supposed to be that.


Joey said, “Okay, dude wants to spar, let’s spar.” So Joey got back on the beat and one-upped you. He didn’t twist your lyrics. He didn’t diss you. He just saw what you were betting with, and raised you…and he ended up wiping the floor with you.

This pissed you off. Didn’t it, Mr. Carter? Less than 2 years after Ether poked holes in your bravado and showed your vulnerabilities, another rapper came along and showed us that maybe you’re not invincible Superman, but that you were more like IronMan or BatMan. A formidable dude in a cool suit, but human afterall.

Fast forward a bit. Now you’re Def Jam president. The world is at your fingertips. You have the blank check, you give the green light, you’re Kermit The Frog, and the rest of the world are just reg’lar ol’ muppets.

You decide Joey should languish. His album didn’t sell. His approach wasn’t marketable. He wouldn’t come out with a “Push it to the Limit” or a “Soul Survivor” or a “The Whistle Song”, so you sat him down on the bench. You said to him, “Gosh Joey, the girls like you but you’re just so stubborn about making a song with motherfucking Sean Paul or Ashanti or Akon.”

Hova, Hovito, Jigga-Man: You. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

The above quote about stealing someone’s beat, about jumping on somebody’s beat.. “I mean, why do we have a problem, I freestyled on his record. He probably made his career off of freestyling over other people’s records. If I start freestyling over other people’s records…Lord forbid.”

That really just shows how bitter you are. It’s really kinda sad.

Joey rapped on other people’s beat to build up his “Buzz”, a stupid word that Record Industry fossils toss around like it fucking means something. You rapped on his beat to show him up.

So, sum all that: Fuck you, Mr. Carter. You bitter fuck. If you didn’t think you could make money with him, you woulda dropped his ass off Def Jam like a bad fucking habit. He couldn’t possibly still owe money, as there were no real big samples on his album to have to recoup.

No, this is about wittle Shawn Cowey Cawtew getting his feewings huwt.

Free Joe Budden, you bitter, rich old bastard.


27 Responses to “Read & React #1”

  1. thoreauly77 Says:

    but wait, joe budden still sucks though right? oh shit! just kidding rey, no offense. i personally think the whole thing stinks myself. i wonder though whether or not joey is truly capable of making a cohesive album..

  2. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    damn got your e-panties in a bunch Reymundo.

    but I dig whut your spittin.

  3. reythehussein Says:

    @ Thor– I think the next Mood Music is gonna have a good theme going. The last one was pretty powerful, even if it kinda waned towards the end. I think at this point, he’s learned that his lane is not club tracks, and I also think he’s learned that he can’t drop a party single and then have the rest of the album be more somber material. I expect good things from Mr. Budden.

    @ MTF– I got a little aggy, yes.

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Personally I’ve never thought Joe was that tip top (nh) but maybes I should give his first joint another listen. Pump It Up really put me off I fuckin hate that joint.

    Rey Rey check ya mail chiefio.

  5. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Reymond? Where are you, you elusive little shart?

  6. E aka Fidel Ca$hflow Says:

    I didn’t like Joe’s debut album at first, too inconsistent 1/2 the songs were for the ladies(probably forced by the label) and the other 1/2 was depressing real life stuff; on his mixtapes/freestyles he was just a punchline rapper so it caught me off guard(no homo).

    I can appreciate Joe’s music more now, it literally is Mood Music though; you gotta be feeling a certain way to hear some of those songs.

  7. Connect, politic, ditto. « On My Paper Says:

    […] Rey has had enough, and wants that new Joe Budden album, yesturday. [ITAINTTHATSERIOUS] […]

  8. reythehussein Says:

    @ EngRep– E-Mail was received. *high fives EngRep* As for Joey.. There are only a few obvious attempts at singles.. Pump It Up, Ma Ma Ma, and She Wanna Know–those are the ones without any high lyrical content. “Fire” with Busta Rhymes is a club track, but if you listen to Joey’s verses, he’s actually talking about the industry. The rest of the album is either dope analogies and stories, or just deep material. Definitely worth another listen.

    @ E– Yeppers, you definitely have to be in the proper mindstate to listen to Joey. I can relate tho’, and honestly, that’s the kind of subject matter I include when I do my own writing. The key is to make it accessible, and I think Joey does a good job of that.

    @ T-Dot– Thanks for linking me up, homey. It’s appreciated. As soon as I learn how to do that I’ll return the favor. [||]

    Thanks to all for checking in!

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    OK I’m makin a mental note to listen to Mood Muzik 3 or 2 or which ever one is out and give it a good listen. Link anyone???!

  10. T DOT Says:

    Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 2

  11. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Big Ups T. Much appreciated brethren.

  12. reythehussein Says:

    Good job, T-Dot.

    Enjoy, EngRep!

  13. benhameen Says:

    Joey is cool and all but I dunno if he does have appeal at all. Do you want his album to come out and flop out the gate?

  14. reythehussein Says:

    @ Benny– I don’t care if he sells this time around as long as he actually comes out with more music.

  15. Babydoll Says:

    Tell ’em why you mad son

  16. Big Homie Says:

    Calm down Rey. You should be happy because Jay drops his album Nov 6th

    Nothing matters anymore

  17. reythehussein Says:

    lol… I am definitely looking forward to the new Jay album. I can’t stay mad at Shawn for too long.

    Besides, I think Hova’s taking the crown bizzack with this one.

    Also, I thought nothing mattered anymore once Vitamin Water came along?

    ((thanks to BH and BD for checking in!))

  18. green eyes Says:
    ^ unrelated to this post, but it madfe me think of you rey

  19. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lmao @ Greenie again

  20. E aka FidelCa$hflow Says:

    I’m sure you know by now but Budden was released from Def Jam today

  21. ReyTheHussein Says:

    ^^^^Thank God. Jay-Z obviously reads my blog.

  22. Jbless Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Jay used his power and influence to hold Joey back. Come on now Fab has like 3 albums. I think that Joey could do as well or better than Fab.

    Hopefully the release from Def Jam will help this guy further his career. But let me add a fuck you to Jay. You could of put the boy out. So fuck you.

  23. reythehussein Says:

    *daps JBless*

    Yeah man.. There’s no reason why countless artists saw one or two albums drop but Joey didn’t. If he doesn’t wanna make club shit, let him put out whatever he wants. Don’t stall the kids whole career, ya know?

    T’be honest tho’, I don’t care if Joey sells 500 or 500,000 copies of his next joint. Alls I know is that one of them will be comfortably in my discman.

    Thanks for checking in.

  24. Belize Says:


    Good Post H-man

  25. The Joe Budden Post - Chicken Wings, Ya’ll Says:

    […] The popular theory is that Jay-Z blacklisted Joe Budden into Development Hell/Limbo upon Jay’s installation as Def Jam president/ceo/janitor/shiatsu masseuse. The allegations were that Jay had his widdle feewings huwt because Joey wiped the floor on the now-infamous “Pump It Up” battle. Jay-Z of course denied that Budden’s lack of a new album was based on that, but I didn’t believe him a’tall. […]

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