Well, not exactly fishing…

Thanks to whatever wordpress guy I stole that pic from.

Okay, so starting this evening and ending next Friday, I’m gonna be away. My good friend The Zigg Show and his wife “B” are having themselves a baby shower, to which I am invited.

I’ll be staying with them the week, and because of that there will be a break in the Aggressive Content the General Public that Comprises my Readership enjoys so much. I’ll be back at it either late next Friday, or some time the following Saturday.

Until then, here are some links to sites I frequent when I’m not obsessively checking my comments here, or my MySpace, or NR. Hopefully they’ll keep you entertained. –> Yep, it’s fake. It’s also the best Male Soap Opera ever. –> Hilariously Weird Flash Cartoons. Very random, but also very clever. –> Cool site for movie info, trailers, posters, etc etc. –> A charming little site filled with fluffy bunnies and a guy named “Eskay”. –> “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.” –Woody Allen [||]

Call Reynolds, Cuz It’s a Wrap.

There ya go. I’ll see you guys real soon.


PS- No, baby showers aren’t just for girls. A “Jack and Jill” baby shower is for both dudes and dudettes. You uncultured buffoons.


7 Responses to “BRB”

  1. The XFacta Says:

    But I still see your fitted

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Just another excuse for you to be slackin. Enjoy the party chieftain.

  3. Big Homie Says:

    Congrats on your newborn lol

  4. newjerseydrive Says:

    niggas wanted to kill me got locked and never found me /
    so my goal is to catch a charge in that same county /
    picture me getting bumped for a silly hand-off /
    the bullpen is fucked up just ask WILLIE RANDOLPH (c) budden mm3 dec. 11 ( no 2 x’s )

  5. green eyes Says:

    lol @ fluffy bunnies

    have a good time rey

  6. The XFacta Says:

    Yo Rey, I didn’t know Nyack NY would be considered a vacation

  7. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ X-Facta.. Actually it was the 518, but it definitely counts.

    @ Greenita– And you are the fluffiest bunny of all! (that’s a good thing)

    @ EngRep– Don’t worry, something good is coming soon.

    lol @ Big Homie.. You dork.

    @ TyBal BiggInt– Yeah BOY! I’m waiting ’til the whole thing drops to peep any songs tho’. (you probably already knew that tho’)

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