Late Pass Theater: Are You In That Mood Yet??


Impressions and Observations from Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 3 (Available December 11th) Preview

“I suffer from wrong thinking/So I avoid straight jackets and the bitch that dumped Sean Kingston”


It’s…It’s…It’s that ON TOP MUSIC!

Okay, so I didn’t plan this post. In fact, I was going to avoid the preview altogether. I was gonna just slap the Graduation label on Mood Muzik 3 and not seek out any new material from it, relying on the radio to inform me of new songs. I was gonna just wait for the mixtape-album to come out and enjoy the whole thing together the way Mr. Budden intended.

Then, My world famous lack of willpower kicked in, and I’m fuckin’ flying because of it.

I’m on the 3rd track so far, and the music is incredible. I sincerely, seriously defy The Haters to say that Joey doesn’t have skills, range, delivery…any of the qualities that the Greats have.

The second previewed track was fucking amazing. It just proved that even tho’ people called Joey irrelevant, lazy, done, wack etc–that the rumors of his demise were GREATLY EXAGGERATED.

I know I’m raving here, but you know me and my Standom. Plus, if you read the “Emo Files” series, you know I’m sitting on 5 Stacks O’Crazy-complete with highs and horrible lows-so for me to know Joe Budden goes thru it, too… and To know that he’s actually conquering some of the demons that plague him…

…that shit is incredible, and inspiring.


Call Reynolds, Cuz It’s a Wrap

Joe Budden is motherfucking back. The music is amazing. You can see for yourself at:

or, to hear the whole interview where those rips came from with DJ Kay Slay, click here:

If you wanna give Mood Muzik 3 the Graduation Media Blackout Treatment, and are waiting to cop, click here to pre-order:

So yeah… The songs are dope, the interview shows off Joey’s charisma (look it up, X-Facta), and it’s a good time, if not a bit long. (it clocks in at an hour plus–but don’t front, you have the time).

Exiting Salutations

Thanks to, and Eskay over at for posting them links.

Thanks to my loyal readers for stopping by.


PS~ There is an *Official* single for MM3 out, you can peep it at either of the above sites. Jedi Temple.


6 Responses to “Late Pass Theater: Are You In That Mood Yet??”

  1. T DOT Says:


    Can’t wait for MM3.

    And released from Def Jam?

    Hopefully he hooks up[||] with some hungry producers and give ’08 a solid album.

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Yes sir. MM3 12/11.. It’d be awesome if he followed that up with a retail release this summer.

  3. pockets Says:

    damn when u said u were gonna state ur impressions of budden, i thought u were gonna impersonate him and spit a couple fake bars about stojakovich and the la clippers.

  4. reythehussein Says:


    Naa, I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

  5. Big Homie Says:

    Looking foward to MM3 as well homie

  6. The XFacta Says:

    Rey I really think your previews are seriously biased and that would be putting it mildly! Either your favorite artist just make perfect albums and perfect songs or your perfectly satisfied with living with the fact that your previews are anything but. Not to mention that you only preview albums that you like

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