*Ghostrides the Dark Side of the Force*


Just a few random thoughts & observations, along with an update on me.

I have about 20 minutes before Scrubs starts. Let’s see how much I can get down in that time.


First things first, let’s talk the Update on Uncle The Hussein. I think I’m getting to the point where I’m having my quarter-life crisis. I spent a lot of time pondering what I wanna do with my life. I’m at a crossroads in terms of my career and my personal life.

My personal life is pretty much stagnant. There are a few girls out there that wanna hook up, but no girls out there that I’d really wanna carry on with for an extended period of time. It’s no offense to them, quite the opposite. Sheeit, any girl that’d wanna hook up with me should get some kind of tax credit depending on what happened during the hook up, how long said hook up was, and how many times we did hook up. The fact is that I am looking for a certain situation, and more importantly, I’m looking to avoid certain situations. I’m really hoping business will pick up soon and I’ll be able to meet some new girls. I make a spectacular first impression, as my content is endearingly aggressive.

In terms of my personal life, I think I wouldn’t mind going back to work. I don’t wanna rush into a retail or office gig tho’. I wish I could go into business for myself, but I honestly don’t know what my specialty would even be. I know I’m a creative person with a lot of good ideas, but I don’t know how to make anything out of it. If I had some kind of contact in the advertising world, radio, tv, music, publishing, or movie worlds, I’d pimp that contact like a Lens at the Bunny Ranch. (think about it).

I mean, you look at the crap that gets put out in all of the aforementioned mediums and you wonder who is blowing who to get some shyte green-lit. I mean, crappy pop music, boring commercials, lousy movies, cliche-ridden TV shows, ass-kissing publications.. It’s extremely frustrating knowing that millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on tripe. I mean, “The Comebacks”? “Crank Dat”? Almost everything on the CW? (except for “Aliens in America”–that show is pretty funny).. I mean, if the goal is to cater to uber-specific demographics and turn a $30m profit on an $8m budget film, I can do that with my eyes closed.

Anyway, point is, I wanna do something profitable with my time. I’m not a greedy guy, and I know I possess the talent to live off of my imagination and my creativity. I’ve always felt that I wanted to create and entertain, influence and inspire. I’m hoping maybe God will hear some of what I’m saying and open up some doors for me.


What brought upon all that stuff above was my umpteenth viewing of the Frat Pack Classic, “Old School”. It’s funny, when I first saw that film in the theaters almost 5 years ago (yes, it’s been that long), It just inspired me to wanna throw bigger and better parties. To band together with my fellow Yahoos and have some crazy-but-ultimately-harmless adventures.

Now I’m looking at the characters in the film and being able to relate to them.

~You have Frank The Tank, the man-child who denied who he truly was to settle down into that cookie-cutter existence I both crave and despise.

~You have Bernard (aka Bennie aka Beanie), who has the domestic bliss and the money, but isn’t happy because he still wants to party and enjoy the cameraderie of fellow goofballs.

~Lastly you have Mitch (aka the Godfather), who is at a crossroads in terms of his personal life. He also seems a bit bored with his job, but soon finds solace in his crazy Fraternity.

I’m not saying I wanna start a fraternity, but I do relate to their extended/suspended adolescence. I can relate to them not being satisfied with living their “Home Depot/Olive Garden/Work-Home-Work-Home-Occasional Beer” lives.

I dunno… The Tao of “Old School”, I guess.


Last bit (4 minutes!) concerns VH1’s new reality series, “Gotti’s Way”.

I was never either a huge fan, nor a huge hater of the Murder Inc. reign. I enjoyed “Put it on Me”, as it hit home once “Amy” went to college.  I liked that “What I doooo” song. I even liked “Thug Lovin'” and “Mesmerize” [||].

I didn’t like any of their songs where they used samples of songs Bad Boy made famous. That alone let me know their reign wouldn’t last very long. However, that didn’t stop Irv Gotti and Ja Rule from making all kinds of outlandish claims of Musical Supremacy and running down other rappers and labels claiming “jealousy”.

Then of course, Curtis came along with “Get Rich or Die Trying” and he “ended” Ja Rule’s career. I wasn’t impressed at all because Murder Inc’s run was bound to be over anyway as sales of “The Last Temptation” didn’t live up to “Pain is Love” or “Rule 3:36”. Plus–and it’s time we all admitted this–GRODT just wasn’t that good. Sure, the beats’n’hooks were incredible, as was the hype surrounding the album, but I’m sure if you revisit it with an open mind you’ll see how horribly overrated that album was.

But I digress.

Fast forward thru Ashanti’s next 2 flops, Lloyd’s first album, “Blood in my Eye”, “R.U.L.E.”, and their infamous Federal Trial, and we have “Gotti’s Way”.

Lemme tell you something: I fucking hate “Celeb-Reality” shows. I mean, “Hogan Knows Best” is good, but that’s cuz I’m a huge Hulkamaniac. Everything else is insipid, exploitive tripe. I’ve never watched more than 5 minutes of any of the “Flavor of Love” seasons, nor did I watch 5 minutes of “I love New York” (even tho’ I would’ve tuned in if Hoots made it–visit Hootie at www.hoodtalk.org) .


“Gotti’s Way” is thoughtful, sincere, and genuinely entertaining. VH1 is treating Irv Gotti, his family, and his artists with a modicum of respect that has previously only been shown to Mr. Hogan. I’ve enjoyed both episodes that I’ve seen and it’s changed my opinion of Irv Gotti from “This dude’s a wannabe Dame-Puffy” to “This guy really gives a shit about his artists and genuinely loves his family.”

Sure, You can talk about editing and whatever behind-the-scenes nonsense the rap/gossip bloggers drone on about, but I like what I’m seeing so far. The odds are against Irv and Company being a relevant, selling label again–but I’m rooting for them this time around.

…that doesn’t mean I’m gonna cop Ja Rule’s next album, but I’m only a couple of more endearing episodes from changing my mind about that.

Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

So there ya go. Just a quick little post (It’s 12:37am, but I can always rewind Scrubs–gotta love the DVR!) for you guys.

I sincerely appreciate all of the support you’ve given us over here at It Ain’t That Serious.



14 Responses to “*Ghostrides the Dark Side of the Force*”

  1. pockets Says:

    My personal life is pretty much stagnant. There are a few girls out there that wanna hook up, but no girls out there that I’d really wanna carry on with for an extended period of time.

    ^yo life is hard B

    …*continuation of our convo* im still stayin busy doing this college thang, thats good to hear ur still working on ur screenplay/albums. when that shits done, u know u gotta show me (i swear i wont steal it), to make sure its up to par with ur comedic nature. plus i can fix ur gramaticall mikstakes.

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Life is easy, it’s dealing with people that’s hard.

    College Bwoi! What’re you majoring in?

    Yeah man, I wrote 2 or 3 scenes last nite. The genre I’m writing in has been done to death so I’m just trying to keep it clever, ya know? I think I’m doing pretty well.

    As for the album, I’m taking a different approach to it. Hopefully I’ll be done writing in a month or so. It’s just a matter of sitting down and focusing.

    When I’ve got some more scenes done and some songs finished I’ll be sure they get posted–screenplay stuff here, music stuff on my MySpace music page.

    As fer spalling annd grahmmer, I theenk Im’ arlight withh it so far.

    Thanks for checking in, 2-Pock!

  3. Big Homie Says:

    Dang this makes me think of the same but of myself. Props on the heads up homie

    If you opened up a business what would it be and what would you call it? My boy always talking about opening up a business. He had this thing he sent me on that topic that he got from Niketalk.com that someone posted. I read that joint and was like..damn some deep and ill knowledge. I’mma see if I can find it or if he still has it. (nhjic)

  4. reythehussein Says:

    1- Fear not of saying suspect things. Disclaimers aren’t necessary at IATS. Everyone is presumed straight unless they indicate otherwise.

    2- Yeah man… I’m just at a crossroads, I guess. It’s definitely time for me to start acting like my life has begun, ya know?

    3- I don’t think it’d be a business, per se.. If it was it’d just be writing songs, coming up with funny concepts for ads, writing screenplays.. Something I can have fun with.

    4- If you can find that post send it my way, reythehussein @ gmail com

    Thanks for the check in, Big Homie!

  5. Phuque Says:


    Great post fam. The way you broke down the “Old School” characters is exactly why you should be writing a screenplay. If you need any reference material (books, etc), let me know.

    lol @ the Hoodtalk plug and “I even liked “Thug Lovin’””…

  6. reythehussein Says:

    Thanks Phuque. The screenplay is coming along, I’m just fighting thru some blocks. Right now I’m not messing with camera angles or any of that, just trying to describe the characters emotions and actions, get people to picture it how I’m thinking it, ya know?

    I left out “The Pledge” remix. Curses!

  7. JANGZ Says:

    I fukin hear the overratedness on GRODT. IMHO Power of the Dollar and Guess who’s back murked it…if its possible to murk one’s album with one or two previous albums from the same artist…:S Nice post

    Peace 1

  8. State of Grace Says:

    You left Nah Right before I could leave my closing remarks, so I’ll put them here. Tongue-cleaning tubgirl’s tub > Watching an episode of Scrubs

  9. thoreauly77 Says:

    well rey, i hear you about most of that. i dont watch tv but i have seen about 5 minutes of hulk and flav — and they both seem tripey. as long as youre getting unemployment though, you should be interning in the entertainment industry; you won’t get paid, but you will invest in your success with connects. nahmean? check it man: i have a 67 hour work week and i am a single parent, but you know what, i am investing in my success, and that success will translate to my daughter’s success.

    basically, you simply have to create your own reality, and thats exactly what having the quarter life crisis is, so remember that this moment is also extremely important.

  10. The XFacta Says:

    What’s good Rey? I don’t watch tv beyond sports and espn and sports. I’m a loser and hopes to just hit the lottery, marry rich, or create a blog, it gets large (||), I get hundreds of ads, I bankrupt Nahright, and I become a hip hop icon……

  11. The XFacta Says:


    Oh my bad “It Ain’t That Serious”

  12. EnglandRepresent Says:

    lol @ X

    Good post Rey Rey, goin through a quarter life crisis my damn self. I’m thinkin I’m just gonna down tools and go to Peru and hike up Macchu Pichu. But a dude gotta get paid so maybe I’ll sheer some llamas when I get there. Big ups chief.

  13. reythehussein Says:

    @ Jangz– Thanks for the check in, homey.

    @ S of G– Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries.

    @ Thor– I hear what you’re saying. I feel like this whole stretch is an opportunity to bridge the gap between my post-high school years, my just-turned-21-years, and the whole “Mo’ grasshopper, Less ant” thing that’s going on now. To paraphrase 8 Mile (I think), “If something’s gonna happen, it’s gotta happen now.” —And the part about your success translating into your little girl’s success rings true. My father is incredible, but I can see some of his bad habits and less-than-stellar decision making in some of what I do.. Should I ever be blessed with children, I want them to inherit a legacy of Triumph and Victory, not of “Papito, we’re in trouble..” And if I may, I’m sure that if I’m able to achieve that, it will validate and vindicate my own father, and I think that’d be a testament to him. Anyway, Novel aside.. Just wanted to thank you, cuz that hit home. Dunno about the interning thing, but I’m at least trying to come up with a product–be it songwriting, this blogging thing, or the screenplay (longshots they may be).

    @ X-Facta — LOL, you silly bastard. Tell you what, you ever do that, shout me a holla and give the kid some work. [||]

    @ EngRep– Dude, if you ever become a Llama Shearer–take pictures. Lots. That’d be awesome.

    Thanks to all for checking in!

  14. reythehussein Says:


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