What I’m Thankful For


Don’t Worry. This isn’t that emo.

It’s late, I’m listening to mushy music, and I’m tired.

Fear not, blogkateers. This isn’t gonna get all emo.


What ReyTheHussein is thankful for (From Thanksgiving 2006 ’til Thanksgiving 2007).

In no particular order:

1- My family is healthy and safe.

2- My friends are healthy and safe.

3- I’m still alive and in control of my own destiny.

4- Jim Jones for being a ubiquitous presence while not putting out any good songs, and therefore giving me endless fuel for Rants.

5- The 2007 Summer Movie Season. From SpiderMan 3 all the way thru SuperBad, I was thoroughly entertained.

6- The 4 girls I’ve gotten to make out with this year.

7- My new apartment.

8- Graduation.

9- Drop Dead Sexy .

 10- My nephew, my Patronus.

11- My friend’s hot 19 year old sister for flashing me on several occasions.

12- Scrubs.

13- The 2 girls that blew me this year. (Yeah, I know).

14- Eardrum, Finding Forever, Minutes To Midnight, and Fall Out Boy’s entire catalogue.

15- Being able to finish my second album, Crazy Rey Party.

16- That nite me and a bunch of friends won $100 for winning Trivia Night at Hooters.

17- The many, many attractive white women at Mulcahy’s and both locations of The Nutty Irishman.

18- Joe Budden getting free’d from his Def Jam contract, and all the music he’s put out since.

 19- NahRight.com and the people I’ve been lucky enough to politic with. The conversations we’ve had have made the days fly by, and it’s awesome to get to share personal stories, ideas, and philosophies with so many good people. In no particular order: Icon, landLORD, D. Billz, Phuque, IFux, Joe88, Crazy88Since88, G7, MekaSoul, Belize, Jamz, Green Eyes, TyroneBiggums and, of course, Eskay. (sorry if I missed anyone–No Disrespect)

20- Finally, I’m thankful for the people that frequent my blog and contribute ideas and advice. This blog might not change the world, but dangit, I feel like we’re doing something important here. We’re giving voices to people who don’t always act like the camera is on–real people with real lives and real problems. So, thanks for (in no particular order): T Dot, Mark Twain Fame, State of Grace, Jangz, Big Homie, Rey’s Conscience–and special thanks and appreciation go to EnglandRepresent and Busta Cracka The English Smacka.


Call Reynolds, Cuz It’s a Wrap.

Here’s to another holiday with family and friends. Enjoy some turkey or whatever you do, watch some football, and be grateful God has blessed you with another day to live, to learn, and to love.

Happy Thanksgiving from everybody here at It Ain’t That Serious.

–RTH aka Rey aka Reymundo Segundo Telemundo aka ReyTheHussein aka Dr. Beardhussein


10 Responses to “What I’m Thankful For”

  1. JANGZ Says:

    thanks for the shoutout my dude, exams r ova freedom is here…go seahawks!


  2. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    Good post Rey, *daps fro the shout out*

    Scrubs tonight big man, how you liking the new season??

    Have a good Thanksgiving people & “Be excellent to each other”. (c) Bill & Ted

  3. reythehussein Says:

    @ Jango Fett– Cool breeze, homey. Enjoy the down time.

    @ Busta Cracka the English Smacka- I’m digging the new season so far. I like that JD is manning up a bit more. Alas, there’s no new episode on over here tonite–they’re showing the friggin’ Incredibles. *barf*.

    Dunno if you guys do thanksgiving over there in Scotland, but if you do: Happy Thanksgiving, homey.

    *suffolk county to scotland daps*

  4. Busta Move Says:

    Alas, there’s no new episode on over here tonite–they’re showing the friggin’ Incredibles. *barf*.

    shits disgusting b….. That means no new episode for this Scottish brutha…
    No thanksgiving in Scotland son but every saturday night is a party in Scotland….
    *Calls Van Wilder*

    *Raises glass to Rey*

    *falls down drunk*

  5. T DOT Says:

    wasn’t turkey day last month? LOL.
    props and extra shots.

  6. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ Busta… I gotta go to Scotland. *raises glass*

    @ T Dot– Naa, you Canadians are just trying to steal our thunder. *raises glass*


  7. State of Grace Says:

    *daps* I celebrated American thanksgiving with some American friends of mine, we had turducken and it was awesome. Few do gluttony like Americans, so I have no shame in stealing that holiday. Oh, and I discussed it with my co-conspirators and we can get a 4XL shirt for you. Designs will be up soon so people can get an idea of what we’re selling, and you can decide what you want.

  8. reythehussein Says:

    hmm, I’ve never had a Turducken, but I think I’d like to try one some day.

    Huzzahs on the t-shirt front! Keep me posted and I’ll be sure to cop one.

    Thanks for checking in, S of G.

  9. newjerseydrive Says:

    good shit rey, just think next year you get to be thankful for MM3 and atleast 1 new budden album after that

  10. reythehussein Says:

    @ NJD– Yes sir. I can’t wait.

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