Lyrics! Getcha lyrics here!


Dr. Beardhussein drops some knowledge and then some lyrics.

Okay, maybe not the baddest, but I’m pretty good. 

I wrote this some time last year. I got really disgusted with some of the “aggressive content” rappers were putting out and decided to vent via rhymes. Too many assholes glorifying material possessions, money, and drugs–not enough actual substance.

The point I was trying to make in the verse was that the Industry is only gonna promote rappers that makes songs about material bullshit. It was one thing for rappers to talk about adidas or a color TV (so they could see the Knicks play basketball), but that’s relatively small change.

No sir, “They” need rappers to talk about Big-Ticket items. “They” want people to feel like they just have to buy big expensive cars, or tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry, or pricey liquors.  Why? Sheeit, same reason the dudes from the Homeboy Shopping Network had:

Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money! Mo’ Money!

And in the process, it turns an entire generation (or 2 or 3, to be honest) into nothing but consumers valuing money and possessions and imaginary buzzwords like “street-cred” and “swagger” moreso than common decency and solid values–be they general, religious, etc.

Anyway, ya’ll are smart so you’ll pick up what I’m laying down. Here you go.

I’ll take you to the edge/I’ll push you over the cliff
See how far down the rabbit hole we can get in this bitch
the situation is this, it’s not Satan I’ll dis
cuz J. C.’s got my back, there’s no mistakin’ this
what do the powers that be want you to rap bout
every rapper is a trapper, that’s what they ass shout
they’d would rather see us rappin’ about beef or gold teeth
& ignore that the news leads with a piece on the deceased
the government’s greatest fear is that one day we’ll mobilize
and take to the streets for something other than moving pies
i’m not up on my slanguage but motherfuck some crack
What’s more valuable? Your soul or some stacks?
Shit, I’d rather earn a wage than try to hide burners away
Corporations say it’s only a few hundred on some gold, couple thou for the ice
you could have a luxury car for the right price
fuck up your credit, sell drugs, rob or kill if you have to
Why are we so far removed from matthew
5:13? Light and the Salt/ I’ll keep this right in the vault
you fight and assault your fellow man trying to get ahead
the impossible dream is dying of old age in your bed

Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a rap. Er, wrap.

So there ya go. I know it goes off beat but it’s more the message than the flow. Feel free to add your thoughts in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section.

*cough*as opposed to on NR*cough*

Thanks for checking in,



3 Responses to “Lyrics! Getcha lyrics here!”

  1. G7 Says:

    chyeeeeaaaahh Rey! can’t tell if its off beat really cuz there’s no beat. lol. good ish though homie!

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Nicely Reymundo. I see ya. Rappers who come out with real, heartfelt, personal shit are not what record labels are looking for, ie Budden. Has shit done changed that much in 13 years? I seem to rememebr Ready To Die bein as personal as you can get and biggin up the strugglers and the have-nots. Bein real apparently ain’t what labels are checkin for. Its a sad state of affairs. Almost as sad as my broken shower. Which is very sad I might add. *daps*

  3. Busta Move Says:

    Hey Dr. Beard-Face..

    Good post…

    I know what your saying, i’ve not bought an album from after 2001 that gets constant rotation in my CD player.

    There is just no captivating lyrics or intriguing wordplay anymore that makes you go back and listen again and again to see what they are talking about.. It’s all just immaterial bullshit these days..

    Hip Hop is Dead (c) Nas

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