RTH Interviews Yung Ign’ant


It Ain’t That Serious’ Q&A With The Rising Rap Superstar

I’m sitting in the lobby of a Taco Bell in my area awaiting the rival of rap’s newest wunderkind, Yung Ign’ant. I’ve been there two hours already and to kill the time I have ordered one soft taco per fifteen minutes of waiting.

As I’m about to go up and get soft taco number 9, I hear the unmistakable chorus of Yung Ign’ant’s (real name Clementine Monteego Troy) smash hit, “$pendin’ Dollaz”:

“Don’t worry about litter, got cashmere for my cat
Gotta thousand dollar toothbrush, gold-plated hat
homes for my bitches, got the whole hood to holla
There go Yung Ign’ant, that boy be spendin’ dollaz”

At first I think it’s merely some car in the drive thru. Taking a glance out into the parking lot, I see a Hum-Vee, a Hummer H2, and a Hummer H3–all black with dark tints and gleaming 30″ rims. Yung Ig, as the people call him, steps out fo the Hum-Vee, and then immediately jumps into the H2, and then exits the opposite rear passenger door, only to repeat the same odd activity in the H3. When asked about it, Yung Ig says, “My Grandmama says that if I’ma have all dem cars, I’ma have to ride in all dem cars.”

It’s merely the first of the many…interesting…answers Mr. Troy will give me throughout our time at Taco Bell. Dressed in a pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt with a size/price tag still attached that has more X’s than Jennifer Lopez, a black fitted Yankee hat, and a pair of dark sunglasses, Yung Ig sits down, eager to begin our discussion.

It Ain’t That Serious- So, Yung Ig, how are you doing today?

Yung Ign’ant- “No complaints, baby. Gettin’ paper. Chasin’ bitches. Gettin’ bitches’ paper. Chasin’ paper bitches.”

IATS- Ah, good to hear. First off, let me just congratulate you on the success of “$pendin’ Dollaz”.

YI- “Yeah, well. You know. I feel like rap is just too serious nowadays. Y’na mean? Shit like ‘Crank Dat Superman’ and ‘Ay Bay Bay’ and whatnot. I mean, niggas be tryin’ to make rap all serious’n’shit wit’ all these dance steps. M’fuckas don’t wanna dance. They wanna chase bitches.”

IATS- So…You think that a song like “Crank Dat” is too serious?

YI- “Oh, most definitely. Cuz like, Superman be savin’ lives, nome sane? He be like, flyin’ thru da air and jumpin’ in phone boofs’n’shit. Niggas in the hood ain’t got phone boofs. We got Boost Mobile, nigga. Try and put on a M’Fuckin’ blue suit wit’ a nigga chirpin’ in ya ear’n’shit. Try dat shit. G’on, try it. Try it. Try it.”

IATS- I’m pretty sure Soulja Boy wasn’t talking about literally being Superman, The Last Son of Krypton-

YI- (getting more insistant)- “Try. It.”

At this point, one of Yung Ig’s entourage hands me a boost mobile phone and a blue suit. I reluctantly go into the Men’s Room and try the suit on. I’m unable to, as Yung Ig keeps chirping me saying, “You can’t put it on, right? Right? Right?”. Finally, after 2 minutes of struggling, I come back to Yung Ig, who is gleefully eating a soft taco.

IATS- Well, you were right. That was too difficult.

YI- “See? Fuck Soulja Boy. Pause.”

IATS- Okay then. Moving on. How old were you when you started rapping?

YI- “6 months.”

IATS- You were 6 months old when you started rapping?

YI- “Word. My moms, God rest her soul, said I’d be cryin’, right? But when she’d put on a song, I’d wait for the lyrics to die down and then I’d be all like, ‘Goo-Goo, Ga Ga, Moo-Moo, Ma Ma’ and shit. Matta ‘fact, that was actually the chorus to my first underground record that took off.”

IATS- Ah, yes. That was off the “Thugs, Drugs, and Lugz” mixtape, right?

YI- “Yeah. F’sho.”

IATS- Okay. Who would you say were some of your influences and inspirations growing up.

YI- “Well, you know, I be listenin’ to Biggie, Tupac, Run-DMC, Bobby McFerrin, Debbie Gibson. Oh, and uh, LFO. ‘Summer Girls’ was my shit, yo.”

At this point, an uncomfortable silence takes place. I check my watch. Yung Ig picks his teeth with a Mild Sauce packet.

IATS- So how were you discovered?

YI- “Well, nome sane, I was in a talent show. They had like fo’teen other rap acts, but I had a secret weapon. I wrapped suspended upside down over a kiddie pool filled with live scorpions.”

IATS- You’re…joking, right?

Yung Ig stares straight ahead, stone faced at me.

YI- “Did I say ‘Wocka Wocka’, motherfucker?”

IATS- No. No you didn’t. Okay, so, the talent show.

YI- “Yeah, na mean? This dude from StreetHoodMafia Entertainment said I had talent and signed me up on the spot. I dropped ‘$pendin’ Dollaz’, and the rest is history.”

IATS- Well, let’s talk about the record. There are allegations of massive payola influence regarding that song. What are you-

YI- “What? Fuck you said? Listen here, nigga. I ain’t use crayons. Crayons is for kids.”

IATS- What? No, no. Not “Crayola”, “Payola”. That’s when somebody pays a DJ to play a certain record more than other records.

YI- “Oh! Oh! Mah bad, Mah bad. I thought you was talkin’ shit. Yeah, we pay DJs all the time. Flex, Angie, Ed, Imus, Opie’n’Anthony. All ‘dem niggas.”

IATS- So wait, let me get this straight. You’re admitting on the record, that you use payola to manufacture spins?

YI- “No, I don’t say that on the record. I talk about spendin’ money on the record. I said that pay…paytrolla… I’m talkin’ about that DJ payin’ shit right here, nigga.”

IATS- O…K. Moving on. What’s up with the spelling of your name? Some people say you’re copying off of Yung Joc.

YI- “Who?”

IATS- Yung Joc. He’s an Atlanta rapper affiliated with Bad Boy records.

YI- “Oh! Oh! That Bill Cosby lookin’ nigga wit’ da invisible motorcycle? Sheeit… That’s a compliment right there. That nigga got an invisible motorcycle! That’s ballin’ right there.”

IATS- That’s not an inv… Yes. That’s ballin’ right there. Okay, so, why do you spell “young” without the “O”.

YI- “You know what? I’m glad you asked that. See, niggas think I’m stupid cuz my stage name be ‘Yung Ign’ant’, but I’m smart. See, the letter ‘O’ is racist.”

IATS- What?

YI- “You ain’t know that shit, did you? You ain’t know that. Na mean? Nome sane? Nome sane? Na mean? See, the letter ‘O’ is in all the racial slurs that people use to denigrate black people. ‘Negr-O’. ‘Samb-O’. ‘cOlOred’. ‘spOOk’. Man, Fuck the letter ‘O’. You know what the ‘O’ is? It ain’t shit but the m’fuckin’ zero without the little ass line thru it.”

IATS- But, if that’s the case, why keep the “O” in the second word of “$pendin’ Dollaz”?

YI- “Next question.”

IATS- Alright then. What can we except from your debut album, “Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs”?

YI- “Oh man, I got somethin’ for everybody on that album. I got something for the bitches, something for the niggas in the trap, something for the clubs, something for the white girls that buy my shit… Oh, and I got a song about the time I hit it with Hilary Clinton.”

IATS- Hilary. Clinton.

YI- “Word, it’s dope. It’s called ‘Ramming My Rod in Rodham’. You wanna hear some lyrics to it?”

IATS- Sure. Why not.

YI- “Aight, word.”

At this point, Yung Ign’ant starts rapping:

“Yigga Yo, Hilary C, come get with me
You already let me hit it an my S.U.V.
Got you a Louis bag and I bought you a meal
Now I think it’s time that I copped me a feel
Actin’ so cold when you know I got you hot
Scratchin’ my back like ‘Yung Ig, don’t stop!’
Hilary knows I hit it better than Bubba do
Rammin’ my Rod in Rodham, I think I’m in love with you”

IATS- Wow. That was…rhymey.

YI- “Word. Nome sane? Cuz like, Yo. I gots feelings too. Na mean?”

IATS- Yes. I nome na. Well, is there anything else you’d like your fans to know? Our time is just about up.

YI- “Yeah, I wanna let all the Yung Ign’ant fans out there know that my album is straight propane tanked, chicken’n’ribs, hot sauce Fire. I got e’rybody on the album. Lil’ MuFucka. Shza X. Nympho Ghetto Bitch. Rubba Canarsie. The Substance Abuse Crew–that’s Madd Weed, Midori Sour and E-X. and I got an up and coming–No Homo–duo that ya’ll need to know about. They’re the world’s first Siamese Twin rap duo. They’re joined at the palm of the hand, only one of them has down syndrome. They’re called ‘Practically Hilarious’. Practical is the MC, and Hilarious–he’s the slow one–is the producer. They’re on some other shit, even if all of Practical’s rhymes are about how he can’t get any girls cuz of his brother. Check that shit out, ya’ll.”

IATS- Yung Ign’ant, thank you for your time.

YI- “The pleasure was all mine. Nome sane? Na mean?”


26 Responses to “RTH Interviews Yung Ign’ant”

  1. nation of moderation Says:

    quite funny. whilst reading I imagined the voice of the white guy from the Clayton Bigsby sketch… all serious and shit.

    >> Niggas in the hood ain’t got phone boofs. We got Boost Mobile, nigga. Try and put on a M’Fuckin’ blue suit wit’ a nigga chirpin’ in ya ear’n’shit.


  2. reythehussein Says:

    lol.. Thanks Nation. ‘Tis appreciated.

  3. cMac Says:

    it’s 4 am….i’ll read this 2morrow

  4. reythehussein Says:

    LOL.. Okay.

  5. T DOT Says:

    ->“What? Fuck you said? Listen here, nigga. I ain’t use crayons. Crayons is for kids.”

    Another IATS classic.

  6. reythehussein Says:

    heh.. Thank you, good sir.

  7. Blackwater Says:

    This is my first time visiting your joint but this shit is hilarious. I literally have tears in my eyes off the strength of this shit. Potent comedy.

  8. Busta hook to hatton's face Says:

    I fucking hate Mayweather….

  9. reythehussein Says:

    @ Blackwater– Thank you, sir.

    @ Busta– Umm… I haven’t followed boxing since Tyson vs Lewis in June 2002. Sorry!

  10. thoreauly77 Says:

    truly ridiculous in the best way possible!

  11. EnglandRepresent Says:

    l.m.f.a.o. Hilarity.

    Co-sign Busta, I hate Mayweather.

  12. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Oh and that movie Hitman has got to be one of the worst films I have ever seen. Fuckin atrocious.

  13. reythehussein Says:

    @ The Mighty Thor– Heh, I tried. I have a feeling this site will be following Yung Ign’ant’s career with a great deal of interest.

    @ EngRep– Thank you sir! But, once again, No idea about all this Mayweather stuff. I wanted to see Hitman but I didn’t get around to it. After your review tho’, I think I’ll keep away.

    Thanks to both for checking in!

  14. louiefuse Says:


  15. landlORD Says:

    Rey Says:

    December 9th, 2007 at 3:05 pm
    landLORD Says:

    December 9th, 2007 at 9:31 am
    Rey said

    ~Downloading that Budden joint now. Him and Lupe are the tops of the New Blood right now.


    … Budden been around for 5 years now … how the hell is he “new blood” ? … Rey’s lack of hiphop knowledge is unacceptable … and Andrea 3000 is mediocre, at best …


    Bullshit, Morph. I may not be up on my obscure Dipset weed carriers, or my mid-90s east coast rap, but I know my shit.

    When you put out one album and haven’t blown up yet, you’re new blood.


    … no, bullshit on you … When you put out one album and haven’t blown up yet, IN 5 YEARS, that means you dont have what it takes to blow up … Budden is what he is … a slightly better than average rapper, with loyal, yet delusional fans … in the words of Bill Parcells, you are what your record says you are … 1 album in 5 years, and that one sucked … you do the math …

  16. Los Sin Nombre Says:

    LMOA @ Young Ign, when is his album out?

    Whats his take on the general thought that all rappers with “Young” or “Lil” in front of there name are wack?

  17. reythehussein Says:

    @ Morpheus– Takin’ it to my doorstep, eh? Fair enough.

    1- Joe Budden’s album didn’t suck aside from the timing. A year earlier or a year later he woulda been fine. Dropping in the middle of America’s suck-fest (take it either way) with 50 Cent was not a good idea.

    2- In 5 years he was mistreated by the DJ staff continuously, you know that. It’s hard to blow up off of 1 release that only went Gold. If he did that in 1995 it woulda been different.

    3- The fact that you are a dipset stan already proves your rap advice should be taken with a grain of pink, iced-out skull headed salt.

  18. reythehussein Says:

    @ Busta Los– I’ll pose that question to him next time. It Ain’t That Serious will be keeping people abreast (heh) of Yung Ig’s career moves.

  19. landlORD Says:

    … i am not a Dipset stan .. i do occasionally enjoy the musical, and comedy stylings of Camron Giles … that does not constitute stannery … i am able to keep his successes and failures in perspective, and not exhibit idolatry towards the brother … unlike some Budden and Andrea 3000 worshippers I know …

    *points finger at you*

  20. reythehussein Says:

    @ Morph– LOL… Do you order fast food like that?

    I gotcha, Morph. Well played. (no homo)

  21. landlORD Says:

    … and Camron has 6 solo lps and executive produced 17 lps and countless mixtapes, movie roles, 60 minutes, critically acclaimed performance in “Paid In Full”, countless ghostwriting credits (c) Charlie Baltimore, etc., … AND was responsible for launching the careers of Jim jones, Juelz Santana, jR Writer, Hell Rell etc., etc … whether or not YOU lilke these acts, they are ALL viable artists, whose career accomplishments dwarf that of Joey Shermhead … you are borderline insane to compare the Budden to Killa … 1 “brick” lp and a decent mixtape in about 7 years of work … thats not an elite MC … and enough of the DEFJAM excuses … he aint the only artist to have label drama … keep it moving and put some heat on the street, and stop crying … i understand you like dude, he is a pretty good MC, but y’all scaring me …

  22. reythehussein Says:

    Wow.. Jeez, morph.. Tell us how you really feel?

  23. landLORD Says:

    … i feel OK … no homo …

    … random school for the mentally ill > Brentwood High School (Sonderling Bldg) …

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  26. Marcus Says:

    Omg…Rey..I love you! ❤ Haha

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