The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness

megan fox

It Ain’t That Serious–& YOU–Presents the Definitive Line-up of Awesome.

It’s 12:24am on Wednesday, December 12th, 2007. My brother comes home in 42 hours, give or take a few. I’m giddy.

I’m also just recovering from an epic twosie brought on by a sure-fire entry to this list, Taco Bell. I’m talking an epic fuckin’ deuce. I think I need an IV.

But anyway.

Life is beautiful. Enjoy the post.

I’ve pondered doing this post for a while now. Seeing as how I’m running low on ideas for posts at this time, I figure now is the best moment for it.

This is exactly what title of the post said it was: The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness. If I think something is awesome, I’m gonna write it down.

Here’s where the fun for you guys comes in. I want you to contribute stuff to the list. Anytime you want, whenever you want, whatever you think is awesome.

There are only 2 (two) rules to this list.

1- No shitting on someone’s comment. If someone thinks Liver and Onions is awesome and you don’t, don’t write “liver n onions iz wack kill urself”. I’ll delete the comment so quick it’ll make your fuckin’ head spin.

2- No negative awesomeness. That includes both “awesomely bad” (we really should be above qualifiers at this point–if you like something, just like it. Forget the rest.) as well as “Not eating liver and onions is awesome.”. Also, if something is really gross or in poor taste, that’s also not cool. That’s some bullshit, and I’ll delete those kinds of comments so quick you’ll swear the sound barrier was just broken again.

So there ya go. I’ll be putting a link to this post up in the “Pages” section of my front page, so whenever inspiration hits you can add a new comment with a new bit o’ awesome. Explanations are welcome, but not necessary.


The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness

1- Megan Fox. This chick is awesome because she’s hot, she’s tough, and she reminds me of my hot friend Penske, who once lead my drunken arse out of a bar by putting my hands on her boobies and walking backwards ’til I was in the parking lot.

2- Taco Bell. Ya gotta love this stuff. Yeah, it’s fast food and who knows what’s in the meat, but it’s sooo good. Totally worth the gastric olympic hurdles it puts you through.

3– Lightsabers. First off, they make a cool noise when they fire up. They make cool noises when you swing them around. They can cut thru anything. Admit it, you’d trade in your $250 Lime Green Nikes for a lightsaber in a heartbeat.

4– “Dre Day“. “You’s a penguin lookin’ motherfucker.” Classic beat. Classic lyrics. Maybe the best song Dre ever did.

5– Boobs. My goodness, where to begin? First off, like 99.9% of all the boobs I’ve seen have been aesthetically pleasing. Second off, they serve both Emo and Horny purposes. You can lay on them and get some cuddle time going. You can also feel up on ’em when the out-making gets goood. Motorboating, Lipping the Nipping, Throwing straw wrappers into the cleavage, and the way they feel when you hug a chick all make Boobs f’n awesome.

6- www.alumnah.comHome to the best bloggers on Los Internetitos. The lineup is so thorough that I’d say that even if I wasn’t part of the staff.

7- “Live Free or Die Hard”. Bruce Willis crackin’ jokes and heads. Suspense, stunts, ‘splosions, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Awwww yeeeeaaahh.

8- Emmy Rossum. She’s the female lead in “Phantom of the Opera” (movie) as well as a player in “Poseidon” (remake). This girl is so hot it’s un-fucking-fair. I’m such a sucker for Girl-Next-Door brunettes, and she’s the epitome of just that. Plus, she can sing! Albeit, Enya-esque Celtic singing. Whatever!

9- Incense. What they lack in staying-lit-time they make up for in variety and potency of smell. Not just for hippies and cab drivers, these little guys are terriffic.

10- The “Honk the Horn” Hand Motion [||]. You know what I’m talking about. You’re on a road trip. You’re riding shotty. You pass a truck. What do you do? You roll down the window, put your arm and fist in the “Black Power” salute, and crank dat shoulder, boy. If the truck driver is a good ‘un, he’ll honk his horn and let you know that he’ll run over an unsafe motorist if they cut you off.

11- “Aliens in America”. This off-kilter CW show is about a Pakistani Muslim exchange student who teaches his all-too-American host family the deeper meanings of life, love, and family. The show is funny and sweet without being preachy, and the Mom and daughter on the show are both hot.

12- The Brits, Scots, and Irish. Lemme tell ya… They drink like fish and it’s socially accepted, almost encouraged. They have the best slang fucking ever. They have drinking songs. Pubs. Keeley Hazell (google her, stat!). Plus, if British SitCom “Coupling” is any indicator, the women in England aren’t as hung up on looks as their US counterparts are. Not to mention the accents are cool as shit when it’s a dude (absolutely none), and when it’s a girl? Ah maaannn. That’s just sexy right there. Oh, and kilts. I want a kilt. Kilts are fucking gangster.

13- “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Yes, it’s a musical. Yes, it’s about Jesus. It’s also friggin’ incredible. I’ve seen the actual play once on Broadway (Prom 2000, holla!). I’ve seen the OG Movie from the 70s a ton of times. I’m also on my 2nd copy of the soundtrack, which I have practically memorized. It’s chock full of anachronisms, but it’s also incredibly powerful. It’s a nice spin on the whole story of the Crucifixion and day or two leading up to it. Plus, the guy who played Judas in the 70’s OG movie is the Man. Even Samuel L. Jackson would pay respects to dude. (He passed, so RIP Guy who played Judas).

14- Text Messaging. Ya know, aside from the annoying text shorthand (hey wuz up nm u?), I love everything about texting. My pops loves bugging me when I’m on the phone, so texting is now my primary form of communication. I actually once sent and received over 6,000 text messages in a month (unlimited texting = heckuva drug). I can text with my right hand without even looking at the phone. Heh, if texting acumen was a turn on to ladies I’d be swimming in the ocean of Boobs.

15- Queen Latifah. Okay, lemme just say that I don’t give two fricks whether or not the Queen is a lesbian. Heck, if she’s not hooking up with me I’d actually prefer she hook up with a girl over another guy. At least that way when I’m thinking about her getting it onnnnn it’s cool, and not borderline creepy. Queen Latifah is hot, she’s classy, she’s a confident big girl, and she introduced the phrase, “Oh. You local.” into the hip-hop lexicon. Give it to’em queen!


Alright kids, that’s the first 15 bits of awesomeness to get the list started. The list requires you to keep adding to it! Make it a point to check in, cuz odds are really good I’m gonna add to it.

Leave your contributions to the Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section, and we’ll see if we can’t make this list the coolest glossary of greatness fucking ever.


–RTH aka Dr. Beardhussein aka Uncle The Hussein

112 Responses to “The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness”

  1. reythehussein Says:

    ~ $2 beer specials at The Nutty Irishman. Getting my drink on efficiently for a twenty dollar bill is awesome.

    ~ Girls kissing. Duh. As long as the girls are both a 5 or better (brooklyn style!), it’s great.

  2. reythehussein Says:

    ~ Busta Cracka The English Smacka’s IATS names. Always ingenious.

    ~ Cleavage from girls who don’t normally show cleavage. Cleavage is always great, but there’s something about rare cleavage–even amongst routine cleavage–that makes me quite happy.

  3. The Sarge Says:

    Re: #12 – I’ve read that yes, British women aren’t nearly as hung up on their looks as American women are.

    I don’t know if this fits, but in general… women that aren’t hung up on their looks are awesome. To put it another way, a woman that’s REAL is awesome.

    Cleavage helps too 🙂

  4. Two-Times Says:

    Nice post homie….Alot of good stuff on there..

    I’m have to come up with some good & clever to make the list, I’ll get back to you…

    Man, I keep forgettin to come by your site..smh…I got in my favs, but I forget it’s you..I’ll have to change the name to Rey’s spot or somethin to remind me…

    Either that, or you might need to send out email notifications of when you make new posts….cause when you make a post, you make on some real shit… Respect…

  5. reythehussein Says:

    @ Two Times– Thank you, the praise is appreciated.

    Hey man, as long as you follow the rules, you can post all the G-Unit stuff you want. Hell, I was gonna put “In Da Club” on the list but I forgot.

    A mailing list isn’t a bad idea.. I didn’t think about that. Good idea, Dos Veces!

    Thanks for checking in, homey.

  6. Neil Flynn aka "The Janitor" Says:

    LMAO @ another top post Dr. Beardface

    I was going to be predictable and add Scrubs to the list, but i wont..

    Although the whole cast are Awesome in their own way the most underrated member has to be Neil Flynn aka “The Janitor”.

    So vote for the Janitor to make the list,

    “Rember a vote for the janitor, is a vote for the Janitor” (c) G W HairyBush

    Wu-Tang Clan – 36 Chambers – this cd has not been out of my 5 disc cd changer for some thing like 3 years and that has nothing to do with my cd player being unable to eject… (fuck a disclaimer this IATS bitch)

    Youtube – youtube is full of awesomeness… Rey type in waterpark bloopers its funny as hell..

  7. Neil Flynn aka "The Janitor" Says:

    Keeley Hazell sex tape awesome….

  8. reythehussein Says:

    Thanks Busta!

    I’d like to add “FHM’s UK Edition” to the list.

  9. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    okay just to let you know…

    I havent even read one word yet *im bout to dont worry*, but I’m givign yuo props already fro that M. Fox pic. ohhhhh boy.

  10. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    I’m also just recovering from an epic twosie brought on by a sure-fire entry to this list, Taco Bell. I’m talking an epic fuckin’ deuce. I think I need an IV.

    ^^^hilarious but true.

    and she reminds me of my hot friend Penske, who once lead my drunken arse out of a bar by putting my hands on her boobies and walking backwards ’til I was in the parking lot.


    thats awesome for sure.

    this list is just…*chokes up* just so…so…awesome.

    I need to add some ideas.

    I got one for you Rey.

    Corny, Cult 80’s and 90’s movies like Maximum Overdrive, Attack of the killer Tomatoes, Gremlins, Tremors, Goonies, Monster Squad.

    also John Carpenter movies (and the music) from the 70’s and 80’s–Assault on Prencinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Esacpe From New York, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China.

    oh! also Wendy’s Frosty’s,

    Kitchen Nightmares, Dirty Jobs, House on TV.

  11. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    oh yeah and I’m almost half scottish so…yeah I’m awesome.

  12. newjerseydrive Says:

    i was gonna read the post but you fucked up by throwing that picture of my wife up there and now i can’t think let alone read and compute words, i’m all types of dicombobulated ( sp? )

    o well email me if you want THE COOL i’m not sure i was out of it last night but I think you said you were looking for the link ?

  13. reythehussein Says:

    @ MTF- Yep. You speak all kiiiindsa truth. I’m like 1/16th Irish, so I count too.

    @ NJD– LOL.. I had to. She’s hawt. I’m gonna buy The Cool on tuesday, but thank you for the offer. It’s MM3 that I might need a link for.

    back to the list!

    ~ I would like to add Jessica Simpson. I have a feeling that she’s nice in real life. I also know that she’s friggin’ hot. Almost frustratingly so.

    ~ I also wanna add Burger King to the list. Double whoppers with cheese and bacon, heavy pickles NO ONIONS makes me world go ’round.

  14. green eyes Says:

    brilliant list!
    i thought i was the only one watching aliens in america.. i was pleasantly surprise with the awesomeness of that show. thought it would be CW cheese, but its actually well written and acted. 2 thumbs up!

  15. reythehussein Says:

    @ Greenita- Thanks girly girl! “Aliens in America” was the first show I started following once I decided I needed to get back into TV. I haven’t been disappointed yet!

    Now add something to the list!

    The list continueth!

    ~ I’m also gonna add RedTube (pause) to the list. Oh, and Megarotic. Why? Girls Gone Wild. ‘Nuff said.

  16. The Sarge Says: = awesome

    Yeah, I said it.

  17. green eyes Says:

    pizza.. i want to add pizza because its the perfect meal. hot or cold. breakfast, lunch or dinner. its AWESOME

  18. reythehussein Says:

    More awesomeness:

    ~ Sarge is a girl.

    ~ Cosign Greenie. Pizza is fucking incredible. Almost impossible to screw up.

    ~ The Cherry Chocolate Rain video: (I’m obsessed with the song.)

  19. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    rey…ya better take some of my ideas in consideration mayne…

  20. reythehussein Says:

    What? The John Carpenter movies? I probably will! I’ve seen a couple already!

  21. reythehussein Says:

    ~ Half priced appetizers at Applebees. Awwww yeeeaahh.

  22. T DOT Says:

    ~ Boston Legal.

    ~ Christopher Walken.

    ~ Buzzer Beaters.

    ~ Fries Supreme.

    ~ Wendy’s Frosty.

    ~ NBA All Access Pass.

  23. reythehussein Says:

    ~ “Weird Al” Yankovic

  24. State of Grace Says:

    I saw Wendy’s so I thought I’d add Spicy Chicken Sandwiches


    Arrested Development
    Bill Hicks
    Cloverfield (hopefully)
    Don’t Do Drugs (DM & Jemini track)
    Ed Zeppelin, my new Zeppelin cover band consisting of me and a dude named “Ed”
    Free anything
    Hot gravy
    Kylie Minogue (specifically her ass, which I can’t get out of my head)
    Lushes (the best part is from 1:00-1:08)
    Monica Belluci (also accepted:
    Okonomiyaki, delicious Japanese “pizza”
    Pussy, and the eating of it
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Ruffles, the best chip since O’Ryan’s went out of business
    Seeing people fall down but not seriously hurt themselves
    Telling crackheads not to light their beards on fire for 2 dollars (Ah, Vancouver)
    Umberto Eco “Perhaps the mission of those who love mankind is to make people laugh at the truth, to make truth laugh, because the only truth lies in learning to free ourselves from insane passion for the truth.”
    Velvet Underground, The
    Weeds, the best show on tv
    X-Files 2, I haven’t seen the show in many years, but Gillian Anderson remains hot
    Yung Ig’nant
    Zpam. It’s like Spam (made from unwanted orphans) but made from the ugliest children. All that extra pain only makes them more delicious.

  25. Two-Times Says:


    What about that ‘Roc Boys’ video?…That video was proabbly the dopest of the year… Everybody just partyin it up, classy, champagne poruin, everybody got tons of money Jigga spittin game to Mariah, Cassie fine ass was in it, the whole Roc was in there(Sigel, Free,Bleek, Tru) Jay, Diddy, Nas chillin as bosses. doing that salute….

    And they have split up between a older Jay & young Jay doin his thin..

    Everytime I see that video, I’m like damn!…that’s where I need to be at…that’s how I need to be livin!!

    I think if a hiphop video this year makes the list, that has a good case for makin it…

    And what’s up with the email notifications..You gonna get that rollin?

  26. reythehussein Says:

    LOL.. *stands up and Applauds S of G*

    Daaaannng… In fucking ALPHABETICAL ORDER no less!

    lol @ “Seeing people fall down but not seriously hurt themselves”

    ~ I would like to add State of Grace’s list to my list.

  27. reythehussein Says:

    @ Two Times– Hell yeah! The “Roc Boys” video was awesome. I have it on my personal MySpace profile. I loved the whole thing. It was great. I keep meaning to steal that *two daps’n’salute* thing. I might do that Friday nite–baby brother flying in from San Diego and we’re hitting a bar.

    Cool thing about the video was that it seemed kinda ominous too, like you knew that success wasn’t gonna last. Very cool clip.

    As for the e-mail notifications.. I’ll probably get on that next week, and you’ll be getting credit for the idea!


  28. Phuque Says:

    Hows about a fuckin’ ASR-10 w/ an MPC 4000 and a Roland 88-Key joint??

    *crickets w/ blank stares*



    Well then.

    Peanut butter bread is awesome.

  29. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ Phuque.. If you think that’s awesome, it’s cool with me.

    You mean bread with peanut butter on it? Or actual peanut butter bread the way there’s peanut butter cookies?

    I’d also like to add

    ~Stacie Keibler

    ~Potato bread’n’kit kat sandwiches (don’t knock it until you try it)

    ~Back dimples on a girl juuust above the booty.

    ~Getting a good fade at the barbershop.

    ~Finding money when sorting laundry.

  30. thoreauly77 Says:

    * skateboarding – this sport has helped me to find some of those most intelligent, fun-loving and non prejudicial people. it also has always had a history of being punk rock and hip hop influenced… two of the most awesome things ever.

    * hemingway – greatest american author of all time? well, i certainly think so. awesome scale rating? eleventy billion.

    * my daughter adelaide bijou.

    * de la soul – easily the most consistent rap group of all time. 3 classic records in my humble opinion and counting.

    * california – we have the ocean, the mountains, the valleys and the most beautiful women in the world. winner of awesome contest? california baby.

    * beer.

    * people – for all of our bastards, there are so many more people that are amazing and beautiful. i was going to my class of 7th graders yesterday, riding my bike, and i saw a man walking a woman who looked like maybe she had a stroke; it struck me right then that we human beings get much more joy out of life by taking care of each other. i love that.

    * having a new mouse for my computer – makes the whole process so much less frustrating.

    * porn directed by women – yup.

    * new sneakers – i go with vans personally. for thirty bucks you can copp a new pair of crispy sneaks (no teh pack).

    * women – good lord i love me some women.

    * florence, italy – the uffizi, the food, the people, the arno, the language. everything about florence is wonderful.

    * “below the heavens” by blu and exile – i can’t get enough of this album. it might be perfect.

  31. LL Says:

    lol..rey, this is great! ooh, i wanna add Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!, the smell of clean laundry! Banana bread cake! the beaches of

  32. The Shogun of Harlem Says:

    Yodels… the ambrosia of hostess cakes….

    The Wise words of Doctor Cox… and how I sometimes channel his essence in times of extreme Whatthefuckitude.

  33. EnglandRepresent Says:


  34. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Bangers and Mash with caramelised onions

    Tottenham Hotspur FC

    Smell of freshly cut grass (both varieties)

    The smell of barbecue

    Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia does have a prettty line-up too, I’d like to state that. And English people are the shit Rey Rey, spot on chieftain! Scottish? Not so much.

  35. State of Grace Says:

    RSS apparently isn’t as simple as the name would indicate. You don’t need to send out email alerts, just have people sign up for your RSS feed.
    Oh, and that Blu and Exile is crazy, I can’t believe I slept on that for so long. Peanut Butter bread is awesome, as is Kurt Vonnegut, the real greatest American author. Lay off the scots Eng, haven’t they suffered enough?

  36. thoreauly77 Says:

    SOG- vonnegut is an excellent choice. also check out john fante if you havent heard of him. a true original, turn of the century american author. inspired bukowski to write.

    cheers everyone.

    * extended nah family = serious awesomeness, even if it aint that serious.

  37. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Lay off the scots Eng, haven’t they suffered enough?

    ^^Well they did invent the deep fried Mars Bar so may they picked on for all eternity for that disgusting culinary faux pas. Also their national dress consists of just that, a dress. Sorry Busta, just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen.

    Another thing which is awesome

    Mr Nice by Howard Marks – thoroughly entertaining read.

    The Diceman by Luke Rheinhart – also an entertaining read, not educational though.

    Muthafuckin Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious aka Frank White aka Big Poppa – dude defined the term awesomeness. The true GOAT.

  38. reythehussein Says:

    *daps EngRep*– I was wondering when you were gonna chime in. Dude, I’m copping some Stella Artois ASAP. I gotta try this stuff.

    @ SOG– (lol at the abbreviation) I don’t know how the RSS works. I think it’s witchcraft!

    lol @ Shogun of Harlem– Dr. Cox is awesome, f’sho.

    @ Thor– Quality list, sir. Love your insight. (pause).

    Thanks to all for checking in! Keep the list going!

  39. reythehussein Says:

    @ LL– Ooh, cosign the bananananana bread.

    Allow me to add

    ~ Banana nut (pause) muffins with chocolate chips.

    ~ American Idol Hotties, ie Kelly Pickler, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Katharine McPhee.

  40. State of Grace Says:

    I will check out John Fante, thanks thor. “Well they did invent the deep fried Mars Bar” – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. I thought your mother’s poon would be cavernous and musty, and it was, but it was still one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on.

    Rey, RSS is really simple. Literally. That’s what the RS stands for. The other S is for syndication, as in the outlets that updates get sent to. It’s not witchcraft, just standard issue voodoo. I’m going to assume with your love of wings that there are chicken bones afoot. That’s good start. Now find the most innocent looking child in the neighbourhood. Kill that child. Drain the blood into mason jars or old spaghetti sauce jars if you’re in a pinch (just don’t mix the jars up, talk about the wrong thing to serve when meeting the girlfriend’s parents). Pour the blood into your hard drive while frantically throwing the chicken bones at your cd drive, shouting “biakabutuka! biakabutuka!” Then kick back and taste the happy that is RSS.

  41. "Dr. John 'I Think I'm A Man of the People, But Now Thanks To The Janitor Everyone Knows I'm A Fraud and I Have Egg On My Face' Dorian" Says:

    I’d like to state that. And English people are the shit Rey Rey, spot on chieftain! Scottish? Not so much.


    *reads above comments*

    *pulls kilt out from under the stairs*

    *retrives claymore from above the fire place*

    *downs two litres of cider while spinning round in a circle*

    *slaps Engrep fitted from his head*

    *FREEDOM* © Willie Wallace

    Is that why English people are hated across the globe??

    Anyway no more negative comments from me this is IATS after all… awesomeness….

    So hear is a few more :

    Arttic Monkeys…

    Music festivals, T in the Park, Reading, etc..


    Girls Aloud music videos..

  42. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ S of G– Hmm… I’ve got some leftover Eye of Newt. Do you think that’ll help?

    LMAO @ Busta! Awwww shit.. M’fuggers are re-enacting Braveheart! TOP THAT, NAH RIGHT! Is “Girls Aloud” a group? Are there hot chicks in those videos?

    I would also like to add

    ~ Gladiator

    ~ Ernest P. Worrell

    ~ Cheesecake

    ~ My friend The Dizzle’s former neighbor with the huge boobs.

  43. Sir Facta Says:

    Rey this has been my fav post from you. I gotta co-sign on Queen Latifah. There’s something about boobs emitting out of an afrocentric outfit

  44. reythehussein Says:

    LOL @ X-Facta.. Word, I’ve had a crush on the queen since U.N.I.T.Y.

  45. William "BustaHeart" Wallace Says:


    Girls Aloud are a uk girl group the music is pure watered down pop but you can watch their music videos on mute…sweet..

    I would also like to add the “nice rack girl” to the list, i’ve heard so much about her i feel like i know her…lol

  46. woodro Says:

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i like this rey…good shit..dididaps

  47. reythehussein Says:

    @ Busta–*clicks link* OH MY…. Busta, you ain’t kiddin’. *prepares to google image*

    Ahh, Nice Rack Girl. A worthy addition. I’ve been going bonkers trying to find pictures of her online and so far I’ve found nada.

    @ Woodro- Thank you, sir. Feel free to add to the list at any time!

  48. Two-Times Says:

    So when you gonna start addin stuff on the list?

    i wanna see what made the final cut…..

  49. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Well they did invent the deep fried Mars Bar” – don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. I thought your mother’s poon would be cavernous and musty, and it was, but it was still one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on.

    ^^lmmfao!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you SoG. I tried deep fried Mars Bar, the shit was not to my liking. Although I tried it once when I was mullered off some exquisite and strangely enough didn’t find it too disagreeable.

    *pulls kilt out from under the stairs*

    *retrives claymore from above the fire place*

    *downs two litres of cider while spinning round in a circle*

    *slaps Engrep fitted from his head*

    *FREEDOM* © Willie Wallace

    Is that why English people are hated across the globe??

    ^^lmao. My bad Busta, it’s just banter chief kilt rocker. You know the English and the Scots have to go have a bit of friendly banter. No offence intended. But yeah you’re right, it is why English people are hated across the globe.

    I’d like to co-sign Busta’s addition of Girls Aloud, Cheryl Tweedy in particular.

    Top Gun (no homo)

    The Big Lebowski – You can call me the dude, his royal dudeness, el duderino……

    Saturday morning sex

    Sex period

    Brazilian panties worn by women of course

    Female nipples

    Ricky Gervais

    Peter Kay

    Dimitar Berbatov

    Whoppers with cheese

  50. reythehussein Says:

    @ Two Times– This IS the list! Get to adding!

    @ E-Rep: There ya go. You EU guys gotta get along over here! Cosign the rest of your additions to the list.

  51. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I’m really digging this list.

    That first beer you have on a Friday night after a hard weeks work (not meaning to rub it in Rey Rey)

    Salma Hayek


    Live Sport, any sport, as long as you can watch it and drink beer at the same time – That shit really is crack, I need an IV drip for it.

  52. The Sarge Says:

    Burger King! French Toast sticks! Cheesy Tots! Whoppers of all shapes and sizes! Rodeo cheeseburgers. Burger King is awesome!

    Oh, and can I agree that girls kissing is awesome (provided that the girls are not ugly lesbians)!!!





  53. State of Grace Says:

    Eng made some good additions (especially Lebowski, which has a strain of weed named after it where I live), but you can’t no homo Top Gun. Quentin Tarantino has a monologue about it that deserves to be on this list as well:

    Oh, and Snickers with Almonds a.k.a. crackbars!

  54. William "BustaHeart" Wallace Says:

    ^^lmao. My bad Busta, it’s just banter chief kilt rocker. You know the English and the Scots have to go have a bit of friendly banter. No offence intended. But yeah you’re right, it is why English people are hated across the globe.

    I’d like to co-sign Busta’s addition of Girls Aloud, Cheryl Tweedy in particular.


    It’s all good son….I know it’s just banter….

    Co~sign, the first beer after work on a Friday is the damage ~ Think i might get me one of those…

    *Leaves work at lunch*

    *Orders Pint of stella*


    *Orders another*


    *Goes back to work half cut*

    *I love Fridays*

    Cheryl Tweedy is uberhot, but i’m more of a Sarah Harding kinda guy, but it changes on the daily….lol

    I’d like to add:

    Morgan Freeman’s voice….

    Band of Brothers…..(book and dvds)

    New Years Eve….Gonna “party like it’s 1999” (c) Prince

    Phil Collins…..

    Fake sick days from work….

    Internet sites that let you watch free movies and tv shows without having to download…

  55. reythehussein Says:

    Dude, Phil Collins was a quality nice choice. Phil is awesome.

    I’d like to add

    ~ Girls holding hands walking to the bathroom at bars

    ~ Fergie’s Maxim cover

    ~ FOB’s “Take This to your Grave” album

    ~ FOB’s “From under the cork tree” album

    ~ Having friends make it their goal to get you drunk on their dime

  56. Can’t…Stay…Away… « It ain’t that serious Says:

    […] It ain’t that serious You gotta love that somebody still speaks from his soul « The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness […]

  57. reythehussein Says:

    ^^^Umm, I didn’t even do that on purpose. That’s pretty cool.

    adds it to list of awesomeness

  58. T DOT Says:

    ~ Free Samples

    ~ MGD

    ~ Hot Chocolate (with those small marshmallows)

    ~ Not having to stop walking because the street lights changed in your favour

    ~ Emmanuelle Chriqui

    ~ Escalators (And the movement upward in life in that style)

  59. T DOT Says:

    ~ MM3 leaking today (yesturday?)

  60. reythehussein Says:

    Oh man, cosign Emmanuelle Chriqui! (and the rest, come to think of it.)

    Did MM3 really leak??? Yesss!

    Thaks, T Dot!

    I’d like to add

    ~ Tube tops

    ~ Strapless Dresses

    ~ Latrell Sprewell when he was on the Knicks

    ~ Haagen Dasz chocolate ice cream

    ~ Stephanie McMahon

    ~ My grandparents, both paternal and maternal.

  61. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add

    ~ The nite I had tonite with my friends……and this unfairly hot blonde girl I’m friends with who was quite affectionate towards me. There might be nothing there, but man, the nite was awesome.

    ~ Said Hot Blonde Girl ending the nite with “I want chicken wings!” looking me in the eye and repeating “I want chicken wings.”

    ~ I Am Legend was fucking awesome. Amazing movie. Will Smith is the most entertaining, endearing actor out there today.

  62. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add

    ~ My friend The Zigg Show and his wife “B” awaiting the arrival of their first child. “B” just went into labor!

  63. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add

    ~ The arrival of my 2nd nephew, BKZ, at 12:46am yesterday.

    ~ Mood Muzik 3.

    ~ DTMJ’s new girlfriend Step On Me.

  64. T DOT Says:

    ~ B. Diddy on AK47

    ~ Talk To ‘Em.

    ~ From 2:31 on, of “Talk To ‘Em” off MM3. By itself. And I’m a Kanye stan via Jay standom.

    ~ KRS-One co-signing Joell Ortiz

    ~ Lupe Fiasco co-signing the completion of a CRS Album

    ~ Dead Rising on Xbox 360

    ~ Ashley Tisdale

    ~ Joey shouting out Vancouver AND Toronto in MM3

    ~ June 11, 1997 – “The Flu Game”

    ~ “Wireless” anything

  65. reythehussein Says:

    Hmm… Let’s see…

    I’d also like to add

    ~The amazing healing powers of Pepto Bismol, either the name brand or it’s generic Pink Bismuth brother.

    ~Certain colognes: Curve, Eternity, Obsession, & Halston.

    ~”Curve” for Girls–that stuff could seriously get me to make out with an F.U.B.

  66. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    ANOTHER AWESOME COLOGNE – Aqua Di Gio, shit keeps the girls sniffing ya neck or crotch.

    also to add to the awesome girls part… Scarlett Jo. everything about her is awesome, and yes that rack is plartinum status.

    death proof the movie, great actors, story, cars, and vibe throughout. Kurt Russell is the homie.

    Kill Bill vol. 2 for its great and awesome balance of Cowboys & Westerns and Samurais & Kung Fu. Just simply– Samurai swords and 6 shooters in the same movie = dope.

    also Kill Bill vol 1 & 2’s music.

    Kung Fu Hustle– great mix of wacky, funny Looney Tunes antics and Kung Fu fighting sequences.

  67. reythehussein Says:

    Huzzahs! All welcome additions to the list.

    I’d also like to add

    ~ The triple kisses (rey and two chicks) I had back in 2002.

    ~ The mozzarella sticks at the candlelight diner

    ~ The American Pie trilogy

  68. T DOT Says:

    ~ ONG-BAK
    ~ Paychecks
    ~ Super Gulp at 7-11
    ~ Mac & Cheese

  69. Encyclopedia Black Says:

    ~ Bad Brains

    ~ When old Onyx songs pop up on my iPod when it’s on shuffle

    ~ Omar Little R.I.P.

    ~ The Blues Brothers (the OG shit not that 2000 turdfest)

    ~ 85-86 Dwight Gooden

    ~ New Balance 574s

    ~ The opening scene of Lost In Translation

  70. The Super-Kick List - Chicken Wings, Ya’ll Says:

    […] Or, the exact opposite of this. […]

  71. T DOT Says:

    ~ Unexpected Buy One Get One Free moments
    ~ ____________ dunking on Shawn Bradley
    ~ Hitting the trash can shot, first try.

  72. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~ My brother’s new wife.

    ~ Hot bridesmaids

    ~ Last nite’s “Glow in the Dark” tour feat. Kanye West

    ~ The Monkey Mountain Monster Story (for pop dukes)

  73. reythehussein Says:

    As per Summer 2008, I would like to add:

    ~ Wall*E

    ~ The Dark Knight

    ~ Lil’ Wayne & T-Pain’s “Got Money”

    ~ My buddy Jay’s bachelor party

    ~ The 4th of July where I totally got to make out with this cute girl I went to high school with

    ~ My brother’s impending arrival on 8/7

    ~ My nephew kissing me on the nose


  74. Business Is Picking Up « It ain’t that serious Says:

    […] PS– Don’t forget about the List! […]

  75. US Navy AirDale Says:

    i’m gunna have to go with:

    * wireless connections u dont have to py for

    * AIM

    * IOUs (for when u really need it, but dont got nothin)

    * guys who are asshole, makes us nice guys even better

    * paychecks that come every week

    and most deffinately Gothic chicks, and not the ugly ones

  76. shay Says:

    – My President Is Black

    – Ice Cubes’ “Today Was A Good Day” video

    – that her name is now Beyonce Carter

    – Popcorn with Krystal sauce

    – Ladies in Free backed up with Ladies Drink Free

    – Ginger Ale ( who’d have thought you could mix sprite + coke and get something so AWESOME )

    – The Dream (Radio Killaaaaaaaaaaa)

    – Unlimited Wireless Service from every mobile network for $99

    – MTVJams

    – Goodfellas promptly followed by

    – Carlitos Way

    – L.A. Gear light up sandals WITH the velcro straps

    – Sour Patch Kids

    – Jay-Z performing ‘Wonderwall’ @ Glastonbury

    – Gas prices going DOWN

    – Industry chicks dressing in ALL black, ALL the time

    – Pickles 😉

    – Curren$y & the idea of “This Aint No Mixtape”

    – Toaster Ovens

    – the effect AXE has on swag

    – Super Mario World for SNES (fuck what you heard)

    – Silly Putty

    – Katt Williams

    – Grey Goose + Red bull (blatantly wasted but too crunk to pass out)

    – 1997-1998

    – Jonathan Mannion (hip-hip & urban culture photog extraordinaire, solely responsible for ‘Reasonable Doubt’ album art)

    – T.I.’s duality

    – Lauryn MAFUCKIN Hill

    – Avocado + Tomato + Red Onion

    – 1988 Cutlass Supreme Classic

    – Jay Smoov

    – The First 48 on A&E

  77. shay Says:

    – dirty dancing


  78. reythehussein Says:

    I’d also like to ad:

    1- Barack Obama

    2- iCarly

    3- My boy Joe Turk’s new GF

    4- Creamy Jalapeno Sauce from Taco Bell

  79. reythehussein Says:

    I’d also like to add–that radio station is official.–a celebrity photo site that isn’t snarky or obnoxious, plus the dude that runs it is a movie dork like I am.

    3-Pollos Mario. Mmmm, good steak.

    4-Danielle Panabaker. Wow. Duhsville.

    5-Amanda Righetti. Double wow.

    6-Saved by the bell. Duh.

  80. reythehussein Says:

    I’d also like to add:

    1- “I Love You, Man”. Awesome flick, absolutely awesome.

    2- Glade “Angel Whispers” scented candles.

  81. lecheischillin Says:

    I would love to add:

    Hookah bars that run out of business and turn to 1$ draft specials all day every day bars.

    Hella Awesome.

    With ten buckaroos I was able to ride the subway and get shitfaced.

    508 bar in hells kitchen if you go there try the food also its fucking delicious. No Joke. Best burgers, wings I’ve ever had at a bar, lounge, restaurant. Yea, for sure. Or how the 40 old virgin puts it “fo sho”. Watching that now. haha.

  82. reythehussein Says:

    LOL @ Leche–When my paper starts coming in correctly I’ll be sure to venture out there. I’ve been meaning to spend more time in Ma’ha’an.

  83. The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List Of Things I Will Never, Ever Care About « It ain’t that serious Says:

    […] a Backstreet Boys to an *N’Sync. Just as one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written is The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness, I must also do this post you’re reading: The Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Things I […]

  84. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    let me add some hotties if I may…

    -Isabel Lucas aka Alice from Transformers 2 aka “that sexy ass robot bitch” (c) Homie Wes

    -Odette Yustman, chick from The Unborn & Cloverfield, who else looks that sexy wearing simple slightly on the verge of being some granny panties white panties.

    -Anna Paquin, yeah since shes become Sookie Stackhouse, her insta-boner stock has went up by at least 10 points.

    -Jayma Mays, slight nerdy/sexy hybrid in the closet freak lookin chick from Epic Movie, yes she is the new Anna Faris.

    -Kyla Pratt, yes she is GROWN da fuck up…and Grown good.

    -All the chicks from Hell Ride(Julia Jones, Leonor Varela, Laura Cayouette, Alison McAtee, Cassandra Hepburn, etc)…what u never seen it?!…go kill ya self.

    …more to come…

  85. reythehussein Says:

    1- She was ridiculously hot.

    2- Was she the hottie gf or the one who exploded? The hottie GF was yummy, the exploder? Not as hot.

    3- Ehh, Paquin is kinda creepy.

    4- I think my horrible twitch after seeing Epic Movie has dulled my affections for her.

    5- Kyla Pratt? From…?

    6- Leonor Varela was in Blade 2–definitely CGI status. I’ve never seen the rest, or the movie, and NO I won’t kill myself.

    Still, if the might Emm Tee Eff dubs them awesome, it shall be done.

  86. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~ My ridiculously pretty friend Kate, who is as sweet as she is ridiculously pretty.

    ~ My awesome new friend Michelle, who may or may not be me in girl form–except way cuter.

    ~ Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, particularly Optimus Prime, who raises his gangsterly epic hero rating to Infinitybillion.

  87. Mark Twain Fame Says:


    okay so u got two options Rey…get to it! LOL

    also co-sign on the Optimus Prime double Bladed Forest Fight and Super Ass Kicking Optimus Prime at the end. DOUBLE DOPENESS!

    I think she was the hottie GF…she had to be cause in The Unborn she’s uhhh ummm how do I put this…BangSmashSexytime-able.

    Also no…Paquin is super hot now…HBO helps, ha.

    Watch Hell ride cause is randomly indie dopeness…at least to me. Maybe it was the boobies and hotness that deferred me from seeing if it was actually a decent movie…which I THINK it was, ha.

    Yes Epic Movie was the Evil Horribltron, but she wasn’t…she was cute, goofy/funny, and secretly super hot/sexy.

    also Kyla Pratt, lil chick from those Disney Channel & various Kid movies, she was in uhhh…*wikis* Hotel for Dogs, Dr. Dolittle 3 & 4 (wtf?!), etc…google her she is veryyyyy niiicceee.

  88. Smithalini Says:

    Marvel Comics

    “God’n’Tucker” Toasts

    Bob Smith (I’ve heard he’s pretty awesome)

  89. reythehussein Says:

    lol @ MTF.. Too much homework, sir.

    @ Smithalini– Amen, brother. Amen.

  90. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    forever on the eternal homework sir…FOR-EV-ER!!! FOR-EV-ER!!!

  91. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~ My new friend Kate

    ~ My new friend Michelle

    ~ Egg Rolls

    ~ Frank’s Hot Sauce

    ~ Chipotle

    ~ Drop Dead Sexy (I can’t believe this wasn’t already on the list)

    ~ My nephews Bryon & Nicholas (I can’t believe this wasn’t already on the list)

    ~ Joe Budden’s “Escape Route Intro” song

    ~ My Vancouverian BFAM Webbito

  92. Tank, the commentor formerly known as but still sometimes still called Mark Twain Fame Says:

    I’m adding:

    Amber Heard’s lil sexy self cause well yeah obvious reason

    Maggie Siff for being a suttle cute nurse turned hot Biker Old Lady -Badass in Sons of Anarchy but also for her having this super regular chick you see in your hometown good looking type steez, she’s got that look down.

    -FX’s Sons of Anarchy, the entire show itself– actors, story lines, music, etc

    -Joe R. Lansdale books

    -Zombieland (and Emma Stone dark hotness in the movie)

    -El Maguey’s chicken nachos and superb tamales (local STL Mexican restaurant)

    Hot sauce on any cot damn thing (I go for Crystal’s Lousiana Original brand)

    -The Blakroc LP

    -no sugar Walmart “Great Value” brand kool-aid drink packets

    -My new Nephew Jax

    My Wife’s off the chain cooking thanks in part to plenty of Food Network viewing and the fact that she works at a library where she can cop many a cookbooks

    -My Ipod Touch

    …good for now.

  93. Tank, the commentor formerly known as but still sometimes still called Mark Twain Fame Says:

    thank you my brotha from anotha internet connection…

  94. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~”How to train your dragon”

    ~Certain adult-entertainment websites.

    ~My padawan learner, mike MIKE.

    ~Gratuitous workplace cleavage. Mmmm.

    ~Crazy Ass Randy Orton

    ~Kofi Kingston

    ~Jager Bombs

  95. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    I shall add:

    -Helen Mirren and her age defying sexyness, she top notch Gilf material in my book. (yeha I said it)

    -Emily Blunt’s Boobs

    – FX’s Justified

    -speaking of that, Timothy Olyphant cool ass walking stride.

    – Ricky Gervais Show on HBO

    -The new Black Keys album, Brothers

    – the painting designs/schemes and new furnishings that Wifey Tank and I have added to the house

    -Iron Man 2 and I havent even seen it

    -Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer

    -the book I’m currently reading, “Abraham Lincoln:(wait for it…) Vampire Hunter”

    • reythehussein Says:

      Oooh, yeah, Helen mirren is nice., *googles emily blunt, agrees*, never seen the show, lol–Oly is cool, I think Gervais is cool, never heard it, nice!, cosign, um… no., WHOA! I must checketh it out!

  96. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    Hey that new Resident Evil looks good…dotn deny me that!…LOL. j/k

    yeah the Abe Lincoln book is amazing. Because dud put time and effort into putting all true facts of his life and events, ppl, places, things, etc into the story but then adding all these fictional fresh new amazing supernatural vampire stuff intertwining with the actual facts.

  97. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    Adding to list–

    2 new chicks that are wowzers- Diora Baird & Allison Brie.

    humina humina humina…

    my new all black Nintendo Wii (and bowling, boxing, & Super Mario Wii)

    The trailer for the new Christopher Nolan movie, “Inception” starting Leo Dicaprio. Yeah looks amazing

  98. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    ^^^ damn also forgot the AMC show “Made Men”– no no…not because I watch it or like it…haven’t seen a single episode. Mostly I like it for all the hot chicks that are featured, star, or have been on the show…they all seem to be hot as a mutha and usually well racked (eh?…lol).

  99. reythehussein Says:

    Diora Baird is hot. Wow.

    I don’t hate the Wii, even tho’ I do hate Nintendo and that fat i-talian plumber.

    “Inception” does look cool. I might be a DiCaprio stan after his performance in “Shutter Island”, so that’s on the list.

    As for “Made Men”.. I’ve never seen an episode, but Christina Hendricks is ridiculously hot, and January Jones (aka “Cadence” in American Wedding) is hot too.

    I would also like to add:

    –Iron Man 2 and Scarlett Johansson. Mmm.

    –Avatar. I didn’t think I’d like it but I did.

    –The 2009-2010 San Antonio Spurs getting swept the f**k outta the 2010 NBA Playoffs. F**k those guys. (they beat the Knicks in the 1999 NBA Finals. I still have nightmares)

  100. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:


    -yes, yes she is, and those gonzagas!…

    -yeah I know I turned my back on my Sega roots and the homie Sonic but hey Nintendo and Sega are homies now as are Mario & Sonic who play sports together (lol).

    -Yeah the trailer has got me excited for the movie, and yes I def need to see Shutter Island…still…sheesh. I’ll catch it on DVD.

    -and yes C.Hendricks is the #1 hottie on that Made Men’s Women Who Made Me Get a Boner List (once again the gonzagas!…OWWWWWW!)

    -Avatar was good, the wifey and I saw it in theaters, enjoyed it immensely, kinda sorta agreed with the comparisons to other past movies, but moved on cause it was still a incredible movie nonetheless. Copped the DVD the day it came out and watch it at Tank De Casa and enjoyed that 2nd viewing as well.

    – And props to the Suns for knocking the Blurs out the playoffs…yeaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    • reythehussein Says:

      -Avatar was good, the wifey and I saw it in theaters, enjoyed it immensely, kinda sorta agreed with the comparisons to other past movies, but moved on cause it was still a incredible movie nonetheless. Copped the DVD the day it came out and watch it at Tank De Casa and enjoyed that 2nd viewing as well.


      My thoughts exactly. Lots of “Dances With Wolves” in it, but the film shouldn’t have been shunned for it.

  101. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    Adding two more hotties, both are beautifully big-breasted British 28-year-old actresses–

    Alice Eve and Hayley Atwell.

    Google Images is ya bestie.

    • reythehussein Says:

      Nice. I concur.

      I would also like to add:

      ~ “The A-Team”

      ~ “The Karate Kid”

      ~ Jessica Biel

  102. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    The fact that Charles Oakley AND Stone Cold Steve Austin have BOTH written back to me on twitter.

    Seeing as how they were my heroes from like 1994-2004, this is a big danged deal.

  103. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    ^^^ thats freakin awesome esp Stone Cold.

    I miss him and the Rock goin at it. Fudgecakes.

    editor’s note: pause.

  104. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~ Toy Story 3

    ~ She’s Out Of My League

    ~ Domino’s Pizza’s Hot Dipping Sauce (uh… no)

    ~ 8/5/2010

  105. reythehussein Says:

    I would also like to add:

    ~ Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z, “Free Mason”

    ~ Rick Ross feat. Kanye West, “Live Fast, Die Young”

    ~ GOOD Fridays

    ~ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    ~ The Rey and Dom Show

    ~ Anne Hathaway

    ~ Leighton Meester

    ~ My friend Hale

    ~ The Jay-Z/Eminem Concert at Yankee Stadium

  106. Chantal Says:

    – finding faux fur coats in charity shops 😀


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