***Breaking News in the Land of Dr. Beardhussein***

knocked up

Weee-eelll..Well it’s The Zigg Show…JUNIOR!

Celebrate with me.

I just received a text message about 20 minutes ago (it’s 8am NY time) that my friend/brother/confidant Ziggy’s wife has gone into labor! This is their first child, a boy.

God has great timing, as I was in the middle of a most heinous Pity Party.

Here’s to hoping and praying that “B” has a safe, healthy, (relatively) easy delivery.

*turns on Kanye West’s “Stronger”*

It’s a beautiful day.



3 Responses to “***Breaking News in the Land of Dr. Beardhussein***”

  1. Baby Busta Says:

    Congrats Rey – and keep your head up son, no more drunken emo rants – even though i was LMAO…


  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Yeah co-sign Busta, that Stella musta put you on your ass chief. That stuff is supposed to make you angry not introspective!! What did you think to it Rey Rey? Stella is the liquid of the Gods.

    Peace be unto you

  3. thoreauly77 Says:

    congrats to you and yours. there is nothing better than a new baby, man. and dont worry about emo rants, they have their place! en tu miespacio blog buey!

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