ReyTheHussein = Drunk

Fuck that shit. I’m drunk. Dud3e….. I have a crush on this one girl… and she’s fucking hot… but I have no chance.. and that makes me sad as fuck.. cuz like, she’s nice.. and hot..with a rack that rivcal s the auroora borealis in terms of beauty.. and the most depressing sh9it is that having crushes–at this point in my life–is almost like a waste of fucking time.. Cuz the fact is, I have NOOOOO shot with this chick.. But mannnnn.. LKenne fuckin’ tell you… I could be appy with this girl. and even tho’ the sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while, now’s not the time for the sun to shine on my emo motherfucking ass. soooooo…..i tried som ffuckin’ stella—EREP NIGGA!–and it was kinda good… chugging a bottle wasn ‘tthe sm,art4es idea i’ve ever had…. but it was good. and my brother is home—–and he’s everything I wish I was… but hey, here’s to being happy with R3EY THE MOTHERFUCKING HUSSEIN! Cuz ya know what? When it comes down to it? I’m not a complete fucking waste of time. Oh, and, just for the record… I’m listening to Kanye talking to some chick who rejected me for some douchebag…..even tho’ she regrets it.. and I’ve made a  lot of progress in my my life.. I’m not nearly as fucking crazy as i used to be… but there are times when I still get fuckin’ sad… and the world isn’t kinds to emo ass motherfuckers like REY. Soooo…until then, i’ve got IT AINT THAT FUCKING SERIOUS and dangit5, i’m ghonna change the world. So…Be…It. Star Wars is awesome. I love the people that support me. And one day, all the sbullshit is gonna be over. Amern. –Rey


2 Responses to “ReyTheHussein = Drunk”

  1. thoreauly77 Says:

    good for you tying one on like that! and on the stella you brave soul! erep is right though, the stuff is bonkers.. peace rey!

  2. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    whut the holy macarole of bogged out blogging fuck!…

    holy shit stains Ratfink!

    you a trip Rey…but you still the homie ha.

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