Gordon Shumway


Just a quick update for my loyal readers.

It’s 10:09am. I’m in decent spirits. Life is still beautiful, despite my drunken rant the other night.

Okay, so I really just wanted to come on here to plug the Joe Budden post I did over at www.alumnah.com .

I’m feeling better from the other nite. I was hammered and a potential boo-tay call got roped into driving 30 minutes away to help a co-worker who was stranded mit car trouble. Combine that with a minor No-Shot infatuation along with about 10 beers in two hours, and you have an emo rant blog.

C’est La Vie.


My brother’s visit has been a lot of fun. His energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and outgoingness is infectious–as I’ve been doing my best to let my own light shine. Tonite we have his farewell dinner at Hooters (yesss!) and I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I hate that his trip is almost over–he leaves tomorrow–but I’m glad I got to see him. Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to carry over the good vibes produced by his visit after he leaves and not just sorta get all upset and junk.


EngRep– Stella Artois was….interesting. I’m not much of a beer guy, but I downed two of those fuckers in honor of you and the rest of my E-Fam.


I’m probably gonna pick up the new Lupe either Thursday or Friday. I have to go out to the stores anyway to do shopping for my family’s secret santa get together on Saturday. I hate the idea of shopping for a girl–I got my cousin Sonya–as I don’t know what the hell to get a girl I don’t really talk to.

Any ideas? I’m just looking for something nice and universal. *sigh* Either that, or it’s gonna be a gift card and wacky Christmas Card for my cousin.


Soooo, The Zigg Show’s Son–Ziggy Jr.–finally came into the world at 12:46am today. Poor “B” was in labor for 18 hours. The good news is that mom and baby are both doing fine.


Call Reynolds, cuz it’s a Wrap.

Alright amigos, I’m done for today. I’ll have something substantial tomorrow or Thursday for you guys. I made a promise to keep this site going just as strong as before Alumnah.com, and I intend to keep that promise.

Hmm, as a matter of fact, I think the track list for Yung Ign’ant’s “Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs” might be available then…..

Oh yeah, Don’t forget to keep adding to the Ever-Expanding, Neverending List of Awesomeness!



3 Responses to “Gordon Shumway”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Big Ups Reymundo. Good work on the Stella chief. ‘Stick with it though, it’s a source, it’ll change your life, swear to God’ (c) lil kid in the surf shop from Point Break.

    I’m appreciating that Alf pic. Dude was the Original Gangster.

    Get your cousin some make-up or perfume or pyjamas.


  2. reythehussein Says:

    Dude! Pajamas is a stellar idea! Result!

    Yeah, I was feelin’ the Alf pick too.

    Take it easy, EngRep.


  3. dinosaur fact Says:

    I was searching for this kind of a blog for months now. Actually lost the hope of finding one, but here i am 🙂 Thanks for the great articles! Looking forward for a little read after dinner 🙂

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