Tracklisting for “Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs”


An It Ain’t That Serious Exclusive Update on Yung Ign’ant’s Major Label Debut

Almost 2 weeks have passed by since we ran Dr. Beardhussein’s…interesting…chat with superstar-on-the-cusp, Yung Ign’ant. In that time, Yung Ig’s (nee Clementine Monteego Troy) has seen “$pendin’ Dollaz” take up residence at the top of the Rap, Hip-Hop, Urban, Pop, and, oddly enough, Adult Contemporary charts.

iTunes sales of “$pendin’ Dollaz” have also skyrocketed, taking the song to over a quarter million digital downloads. Combine that with it’s ringtone sales as well as the peculiar “William Shatner Spoken Word Kirk-Mix” currently making it’s rounds on YouTube as well as NPR, and one could argue that Yung Ign’ant is poised to take the world by storm.

Yung Ig (aka Iggy Smalls, aka Igpac Shakur, aka the Ig Cheese) sent IATS the final tracklisting for his upcoming debut album, Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs, along with an e-mail updating us on his career’s ascension.

(editor’s note– in the spirit of “keeping it real”, Yung Ig’s e-mail was copied and pasted without any spelling, grammar, or punctuation corrections)

To- It Ain’t That Serious (
From- Yung Ig aka Kanyign’ant West (

Yo fam what up!!! This ur boy Yung Ig aka The Fresh Prince of Yung Ign’ant!!! Yo that interview wuz mad insitefull fam kno whut Im sayin??? My fanz be knoin mad more factz and infurmation about the kid!!!!!!! Yo but for real I wanna hit u NO HOMO wit da track list for my album!!! My shit is in stores January 8 but I wanted 2 give u a little sneek preview. Enjoy the eksclusive news kid! It Aint That Serious……unless its about the boy Yung Ign’ant aka Iggy Popz Bottles!

Peace Fam,
Yung Ign’ant.

So, without further ado, here’s the complete tracklisting from Yung Ig’s debut album, Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs:

1- Intro (featuring Rubba Canarsie)
2- $pendin’ Dollaz
3- Wiggle Dat Thang
4- I Keeps It Real (featuring Flatbush Willie)
5- Smokin’ Da Maragooch (feat. The Substance Abuse Crew–Midori Sour, Madd Weed, & E-X)
6- Here Come Da Gunz N Da Glory
7- I Needz A Ign’ant Chick (featuring Nympho Ghetto Bitch)
8- Planez, Trainz, and Brainz (skit)
9- 40″ Rimz
10- Ramming My Rod in Rodham
11- I Sell Crack (feat. Lil’ MuFucka)
12- Fuck Da Letter “O” (skit–featuring Shza X)
13- Bottlez’n’Clubz
14- Y.I. Cries, Guyz.
15- StreetHoodMafia Entertainment Fo’ Life
16- Wiggle Dat Thang Remix (featuring Practically Hilarious)–Bonus Track
17- Y.U.N.G. I.G.–Bonus Track

Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs drops January 8th, 2008. Make sure you check in with IATS for regular updates on the phenomenon that is Yung Ign’ant.


6 Responses to “Tracklisting for “Stacks, Tracks, and Bitchizz On They Backs””

  1. Two-Times Says:

    Shout out to homie REY…

    keep doin your thing…

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Thank you, sir.

  3. Blackwater Says:

    shit is hilarious. what was your motivtion behind reating this character

  4. reythehussein Says:


  5. State of Grace Says:

    LOL @ Iggy Popz Bottles. I must admit I’d be pretty impressed if he lived up to that name and started dropping acid before going on stage and then rolling around in broken glass and peanut butter while cutting his chest open with drum sticks.

  6. reythehussein Says:

    Well, I’ve seen his live show and I can tell you he does something similar to that.

    Except instead of acid, he smokes weed, and instead of rolling around in broken glass and peanut butter, he pours pours Patron Platinum tequila on the stage, then makes it rain dollar bills, and THEN rolls around in it along with several scantily clad women.

    He doesn’t cut his chest open with drumsticks either. He just walks around without a shirt eating drumsticks ice cream confections.

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