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TV returns to the It Ain’t That Serious agenda.

It’s 3:56am on Tuesday, January 15th, 2008. I’m in okay spirits. Kinda stressed for no particular reason. Things are, for the moment, okay in ReyLand, but I just feel really tense and I don’t know why.

I think I need a massage.

Anyway, this one’s about new TV shows I like. Enjoy.

The thing that pisses me off about the Writers Strike is that I’ve finally found a bunch of shows that I actually like, and now I have to wonder when the heck they’re coming back.

For the longest time, I eschewed television aside from WWE programming, random movies, or MTV/VH-1 stuff when I was bored on the weekend. I thought that people who were home in the evenings waiting for Appointment Television were kiiinda loser-ish. I myself much prefer the company of friends philosophizing over any kind of tv stuff, so when my coworkers or other “not as close” friends would go off about what happened on America’s Fattest Fatties, I would just humor them and try to care about their nonsense. I would wonder, “Why are they getting involved in programming that isn’t that good? Why not exchange ideas and stories and have a conversation?”.

Well, thanks to having a comfy place to live and a lack of money to go out, plus an abunance of taken friends (a couple with kids), I rediscovered TV. I don’t watch a ton of it, as I’m usually on el computador OCD-checking my MiEspacio page, this site, and Alumnah, but I do partake in some goodness.

Here’s what’s got my attention TV-wise:

1. Aliens in AmericaThis one is about a Wisconsin family who takes part in an exchange student program thinking they were gonna receive an Aryan looking Swedish kid. Instead, they recieve a Muslim exchange student from Pakistan. The show is packed with clever observations about the American culture in terms of what we value and what we choose to let slip away in our quests for money, popularity, and chicas. The show isn’t preachy at all, and altho’ there are certain “Kids in TV High Schools” embellishments, show stays away from stereotypes. As far as shows centered around kids in High School go, this doesn’t rank up there with The Wonder Years or Saved by the Bell, but overall it’s very funny, and worth the look.

2. How I Met Your MotherMy younger brother ranted and raved about this show when he was home last month. I had never seen it, as it’s on the list of Things Rey Hates Because His Exgirlfriends Like, but I figured if I associated the show with my brother, I’d be able to give it a fair shot. The first episode I watched was okay, but I’ve seen two since and they’ve gotten funnier each time. The show centers around 5 friends in NYC: 1 married couple consisting of wife Alyson Hannigan (from Buffy and the American Pie trilogy), her husband is the dude who played Seth Rogan’s wingman in Knocked Up, some chick I haven’t seen before (but she’s hot–look her up, she’s the brunette), some dude (the brunette’s ex) who I only know as the narrator in Not Another Teen Movie, and Neil Patrick Harris. Yep, Doogie’s on it, and he’s the womanizing wingman. The cast doesn’t have the greatest chemistry in the world, but the gags are funny and the writers and actors do a good job of portraying a “This stuff could probably happen” group of late 20-somethings. Bob Saget is the narrator on the show, and he’s telling his kids about how he (apparently the NATM 20 years into the future) how he, um,  met their mother.

3.  Boston Legal Okay, this one isn’t exactly new, but I just started watching it, and it’s f’n hilarious. The premise is pretty simple: A big Boston law firm and their eccentric staff of lawyers take on various cases that, like Law & Order, sometimes come straight outta the headlines. William Shatner & James Spader are the stars of the show, with Shatner’s character being a crazy bastard, having the early onset of Alzheimers (which he calls “Mad Cow Disease”) send him into wackiness, and Spader as his upscale best friend, who is also on the side of the little person in most cases. The show balances some pretty funny stuff with cases that usually feature scathing indictments of The System, without pointing blame unfairly or unevenly. While being a left-leaning show, they also don’t fail to point out that common sense should prevail rather than a thousand policies and laws. Plus, they torch the heck outta the U.S. government in prime time on a major network in a classy, non-snarky way (I’m talking to you, Jon Stewart). Plus, it’s an hour long show–and usually I stay away from TV dramas, but the humor in the show carries it to being very, very entertaining.

4. The Big Bang TheoryThis is another show I ignored at first but happened to stumble upon one day and end up digging it. It’s pretty simple a premise: A hot girl from Nebraska living in California moves across the hall from two uber-nerdy physicists. She doesn’t have a lot of friends so she spends time with her neighbors and their equally brainy’n’nerdy friends. The show is really smart, and that’s not just all the geek speak. The jokes in the show aren’t just random phrases or insults, or absurd happenings. They’re usually gags that take a bit to come to fruition. Luckily, the cast executes the show very well. Plus, the guys aren’t so oblivious to the world around them that don’t know they’re uber-nerds. Also, the hot girl isn’t just “the dumb girl” that the nerds have to teach common sense stuff to. She’s just your regular girl on the street. Anyway, the show is awesome, and if you don’t let the nerdiness turn you off, you’re in for una treat.

Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

Well, that’s it for new additions to my “favorite shows” list. I also like Family Guy, Scrubs, WWE Raw, and I can get into Monk and Psych, but those aren’t really new, and the last 2 I don’t watch regularly enough to endorse.

Feel free to add some of your own favorite shows, be they new or older, in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section below.

Thanks for checking in,


3 Responses to “Talkin’ TV with Uncle The Hussein”

  1. T DOT Says:




    *hands Rey a late pass for Boston Legal*

    I think they got the most shows in the can out of most of the major networks. So you’ll be fine.

    Watch the first couple of seasons online. So you’ll get some of the camera angle inside jokes and quirks. Kinda like scrubs.

    Plus the balcony scene is always FUCKING CLASSIC.

    Great post my bloggin brotha from another mother (lame I know, but it’s all love.)

  2. reythehussein Says:

    That was pretty sick.. I might actual order the Royal Rumble to see what happens when it happens…PPV’s are too expensive, but they’ve only screwed up 1 (one) Royal Rumble, so it”ll probably be worth it.

    *graciously accepts late pass*

    My father’s been telling me about Boston Legal for a year or two and I ignored it. Shaaaame on me. I dig the balcony scenes, Denny and Spader remind me of me and my boy Turk–we’re random like that.

    Thanks sir, ’tis appreciated. Fear not corniness, for without that, where would IATS be?

  3. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    you know me…I always with some Scrubs, Family Guy, House, Supernatural, and Dirty Jobs.

    I do like Psych, Futurama, CSI, and Law & order SVU (main detective chick is fffffiiinnneee)

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