Breaking Character.

I have loved writing on this thing for the last 5 months.

I love that I’ve made “friends” through this blog.

I love that I’ve found people with common interests and a desire to step back from the hating and the fuckery to talk about silly stuff and  The Way Things Should Be.

The thing is: I need a break. A good, long break from all this–both here and at Alumnah.

I’m not burned out on the blogging. I still have post ideas for days and days. I don’t have a new lady or new job that’s taking up my time.

I am just a person who overthinks things to the point of being damaging to myself, and I need a break.

This break could be for a month, or I could crack and have a post on Friday about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim (which would be awesome).


I need a break, and I hope you guys understand and remember to check back in when I start churning out posts again. If you want to keep in touch, hit me up on the e-mail and I’ll keep you guys updated.

I’m not giving up on anything, including myself, and I need to know that I am obligation-free, because sometimes–even tho’ this is for funsies–the blogging nonsense feels like work.

and like I’ve been saying since day 1:

It Ain’t That Serious.

Fuck a disclaimer–I love you guys and girls that check in with me, and I’m gonna miss you. I just need to focus on me, cuz I’m fuckin’ dying over here.

Until we meet again, when I’m harder, better, faster, and stronger…


7 Responses to “Breaking Character.”

  1. T DOT Says:

    You already know what it is Rey.
    See you on the other side homie.

    -T Dizzle.

  2. Mark Twain Fame aka Tankus Maximus aka Curly Sparxxx aka The Token Saltine Says:

    I’m with you Rey…hey you do desrvea break cause you know, msot these “bloggers” do the copy and paste ish for all they posts and think they got a interesting and good blog. And you dont do that, you bring many different and cool ideas with ya posts, and I appreciate the content bro, keep ya head high, and do what you gotta do for yourself…fuck a damn computer and internet, handle yours bruh. Peace.

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Damn Rey Rey, I hope you get back the stability that you need brethren. I sincerely enjoy your blogging and my 9 to 5 won’t be the same without looking at the random bollocks you post up. Stiff upper lip chap, I’ll hit you up on the facebook. Be easy mate.

  4. KonishiwaBitches Says:

    take a fluoxetine hydrochloride and keep it moving, u gotta stay on grizzle just gotta grind it out, whatever u going through seems bad now but i bet u “It Ain’t That Serious”

  5. wmdeez Says:

    hold your head Rey… do what you have to do

  6. thoreauly77 Says:

    even if youre not on the stupid web, you better be writing.

  7. h.e.r. Says:

    hope to see you back soon

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