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*Ghostrides the Stone Cold Stunner* [||]

February 23, 2008

stonecold stunner

Dr. Beardhussein Goes Off On Some Randomness.

(by the by, there are no good pictures of The Rock doing “The People’s Elbow” on Google-Image, otherwise this column would’ve had a different name)


Rants & Reyvs: RTH vs 50 Cent

February 13, 2008

50 Cent

Uncle The Hussein Finds A Gem That Takes Aim at Curtis

I found this whilst cleaning out my personal e-mail box. I’m not nearly this mad at 50 anymore (this was written in July), but I thought this was amusing enough to post up. (which means take it easy, Two Times)

Oh, and yes, I’m back full-time at here and Alumnah.