Rants & Reyvs: RTH vs 50 Cent

50 Cent

Uncle The Hussein Finds A Gem That Takes Aim at Curtis

I found this whilst cleaning out my personal e-mail box. I’m not nearly this mad at 50 anymore (this was written in July), but I thought this was amusing enough to post up. (which means take it easy, Two Times)

Oh, and yes, I’m back full-time at here and Alumnah.

It’s 5:17am on Wednesday, February 13th, 2008. I’m in good spirits.

I hope you guys were okay whilst I was gone.

So like I said before the teleport, I found this in my personal yahoo mailbox. It started out as a comment, but ended up being a pretty interesting rant.

I’m no big fan of 50 Cent, but after his trouncing by Kanye West, he doesn’t bother me anymore.

Anyway, take a gander and lemme know what you think.

Rey says:
Interviewer Guy: But can’t he just make a great record, even if it doesn’t sell, and we can appreciate it as listeners, as hip-hop fans?

Curtis Jackson: No, because a great record is embraced and enjoyed by the public. And it’s played in cars and clubs.

(RTH says: What’s wrong with hip-hop today. The public knows shit. )

Interviewer Guy: But isn’t the majority of your audience white kids? Aren’t you thinking about them when you’re making a record?

Curtis Jackson: No, what I’m doing is writing music from my perspective on my experience and the harsh realities, and other people relate to it. And how would I do that anyway? Where’s the research that would tell me what to say? Give me that, make me feel like I’m a genius; that I sat there and said, “This is what the young white men and women of America are really going to enjoy,” and then I went and made Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

(RTH says: Bullshit).

Here’s the deal:

I copped GRODT the friday it came out.. I was floored by the production, hooks, and swagger in the car doing whatever it was we were doing that nite.

By the 3rd listen I realized that 50 is not a very good rapper.

By the 4th listen I was listening for Em’s verse on “Patiently Waiting”, and the beats.

By the 5th listen I was done with 50 and ready for something else.

By listen #6 I was wondering what I was doing listening to that shit again.

Then in late spring/early summer 2003 50 was everywhere, on all my presets, and everybody was calling him the Hottest rapper out, but not one person on God’s Blessed Earth was calling him the best rapper out.

At press time, nobody has.

Being called Hot does not = Skills, Hot just means the people like you, and 50,000,000 people copped albums from MC Hammer, ‘Nilla Ice, and Spice Girls CDs, and they were considered “hot”, but not Skillful at all.

Just my opinion

How can 50 and them even talk shit when the last album that came out on G-Unit Records and actually sold was “The Massacre” which, if you’re counting, will have been 2.5 years old by the time “Curtis” drops???

I mean, shit, Ja Rule’s career was supposed to be dead and buried, but RULE came out and sold half of what Banks sold and half of what Buck sold-HALF BEING 500K-and he was supposed to be dead and gone.

Plus, that R.U.L.E. album came out in the Summer of Banks’n’Buck, 2004.

So now we’ve got 4 artists to go plat on G-Unit- 50, Game, Banks, Buck in the 3 years since 50 stormed the gates.

Game left, sold 800k.

Banks stayed, 300k.

Buck stayed, 300k.

50 hasn’t put out anything solo since 3/2005.

Soooooooo….. Where this vast G-Unit empire everyone wants to talk to me about? Cuz I’m not gonna be impressed by G-Unit books, dildos (nh), clothes, movies, or Vitamin Water as long as their albums keep flopping..

…cuz around MY part of the world?

Skills. Fucking. Matter.

Cuz ya know what? Sales might not mean shit to me, but if there are people actually supporting that crap, then maybe I can relax a bit more, cuz the only thing that pisses me off more than these Paper Champs (TI, Wayne, Curtis) are the assholes that put them on this fucking pedestal in the first fucking place.

I’ll say it right now and get into it more tomorrow if need be: 50 Cent made having actual lyrical talent irrelevant. He pushed hooks’n’beats to the forefront and slapped “G-Unit” on a motherfucking lunchbox and eliminated skills from the equation.

Say what you want about Diddy- Dude had a vision and is a notorious hard-ass (nh), so you know that even if he can’t produce a fucking ring-tone, his ass (no homo on the whole comment) was saying “No, fix that shit” until it became perfect. Diddy put in that work, and made everyone else do the same, so he can’t be the one who killed shit off.

Say what you want about Nelly- Dude’s whole shit is original, and hate him all you want, how many truly original dudes are out there? I mean, I love Joe Budden, but he’s basically the Cable Modem version of Jay-Z. Nelly’s whole shit was original, so he can’t be the one who killed shit off.

I can’t stand 90% of the music I hear from the South (mostly singles)- but ya know what? I’ve been told enough times that people truly live that life and that snap/trap bullshit, so I’ll give them credit for trying to rep their own people, as well as come up with catchy shit-cuz fuck it, I motorcycle dance and snap (not well, but i do), so they must be doing something right. So they can’t be the ones who killed shit off.

I blame 50.

Hate is the new love?

So be it. I loved rap, but he made me hate it.

ASMD.  (ask!)


Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap

So yeah, reading it again, I was obviously mad about something. This rant was written back on 7/12/2007, probably right around the time it was announced that Kanye & Curtis would be dropping on the same day.

Lemme know what yousa think,  if you can get past the preachy soap-box stuff. Comments and critiques are appreciated, and are welcome in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section.



9 Responses to “Rants & Reyvs: RTH vs 50 Cent”

  1. BUSTA CAP(LOCK) Says:


  2. BUSTA CAP(LOCK) Says:

    Thought he was done man, thought he was finished,
    But he’s back up again. (c) Jamie T

    Alright Rey how was the Hiatus??

  3. reythehussein Says:

    The hiatus was good. I’d have to say I’m 40% less crazy than I was before I took it.

    How you is, Busta?

  4. MK Says:

    My feelings on Curtis are well-known, so I’ll co-sign this.

  5. RIZZ Says:

    i agree with everything you said here…. i can’t stand what hip hop has become post-50…. and this whole hipster hop skinny jeans phaze we’re in now needs to be stopped asap





  6. REEF Says:

    i agree with you 100% on this…. i hate what hip hop has become post 50 and the whole hipster hop skinny jeans phaze that we’re in now has to be stopped asap





  7. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    wtf is ASMD eh?

    also nice lil angry post…makes sense.

    and yeah stick up for the homie Nelly…reppin the STL!. YEAH!

    *ghostrides the arch on the back of a wild tipdrill*

  8. T DOT Says:

    Sidebar: It’s good to see you back homie, really and truely.

    Skills. Fucking. Matter.


    No skills? No money from my wallet. Plan and simple.

  9. reythehussein Says:

    Amen, T-Dot. I agree 100%.

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