Life Is Too Short


It’s time to celebrate what makes life worth living.

It’s 9 minutes until 2 in the morning on Wednesday, March 10th, 2008. I’m in an okay mood, dull headache and sensitive teef aside.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve been busy over at and busier trying to avoid the computer altogether. However, Pop Dukes got himself a laptop and for some reason, typing on one is waayyy more fun than typing on my desktop. Soooo, I figure I’ll channel that fun and post a new drizzop for the loyal IATSoldiers.


I was watching Scrubs tonite, and the episode centered around J.D. having a patient going thru kidney failure that refuses dialysis and says “I’ve lived a good life. I think I’m ready to die.” J.D. is, of course, floored by this admission, and throughout speaking to her he realizes how truly precious life is, and that he needs to take some time to appreciate his own, not just care for the lives of others.

Point is, the episode hit extra hard today, and lately I feel like maybe God’s been sending me messages via Scrubs. Usually the messages are regarding me sac’ing up and asking out Crush Girl already, but I guess He decided to hammer home another part of the message. That part being, “Get up off your ass and dooooo something!”. This is particularly fitting because I’ve been stalling in trying to get me a jobby job. I mean, our transportation system here at the ranch has been a bit difficult, but I’ve also been slacking on my pimpin’, employment-wise.

Anyway, point is, I really need to get off m’arse and live a bit. I used to never think that having a job was that important of an aspect of The Human Experience, but–duh–a job means money and money means less stress and a bit more freedom. However, life must be lived in all aspects, and in this fucked up world we live in, we occasionally need reminders of what makes life so danged sweet, and why little things like taking care of your body, mind, heart, and soul are so incredibly vital.

So, without further ado, here are some of the reasons why life is worth living, prescribed by yours truly, Dr. Beardhussein.

1- Kate Beckinsale. I’ve had the pleasure of catching K-Beck on the Late Nite talk show circuit 3 times over the last 2 weeks. First on Letterman, then last nite on Leno, and then tonite on Craig Ferguson’s show. My goodness, this woman is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I love her accent. I love her cute face. I love her thin-yet-nicely shaped body. I even like her hair. Heck, even the diet coke she’s rockin’ in the above picture looks hot.

2- Hair Playing. Now I know that I have a pretty cool readership here–IATS doesn’t really attract the E-Thugs or the Macho Dicks, but the cutesy bits of solid relationship squishy time are still a bit of a taboo–mostly because even I have my Emo Limits on here and you guys have your Emo-Limitations. Despite all that, I gotta mention the Hair Playing. I’m sure you’ve all had bad days where you’re stressed out, or maybe something fucked up happened with a loved one, and you just need that bit of attention and affection. Enter the hair playing. Back in the days where I was still a taken MoFo, I lived for this. It mellowed me right out and was just amazing in terms of letting me know that even tho’ work or family stuff was going tough, that everything would be okay.

3- The Movies. I’m terribly spoiled, cinema-wise. One of my best friends, DTMJ, is the #2 guy at our local theater, so I see whatever I want for free. Lemme tell you, I have come to appreciate the free cinematic experiences. I know movies are expensive and popcorn is expensive, but if the kid in you can stifle the whiny adult in you, I’m sure it’s easier than one would think to lose yourself in the movie and enjoy a big-ass thing of popcorn and a big ol’ soda. The lights dim, the coming attractions start, the picture begins, and for 2 hours you get to shut the ol’ brain off and escape. With as bonkers as the world is nowadays, Escaping isn’t as bad or irresponsible as some would have you believe.

4- Cheesy Power Ballads. You know what I’m talking about. Raise the windows and then the volume and belt out “Keep On Loving You” or something. Better yet, go all out and download the 7 minute or 11 minute version of MeatLoaf’s “I’d do anything for love” and go to town on that mo’fugga. The hip-hop equivalent would be Ja Rule’s “Put it on me” at high volume–another fun song that you can blast when you don’t feel like being in character.

5- Phone Calls to Mom. There are many days where I feel like an absolute waste of everything, but nothing cuts thru the “cutter” in me like a call from my Mom. I mean, I know I’m not an asshole or anything, so when my Mom tells me she loves me and misses me, I know it’s legit. It’s always great to hear.

6- Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”. This is only like, the greatest song of all time. I won’t begrudge people who think “Imagine” or “Yesterday” is the G.O.A.T., but for my money, “Human Nature” is the best song ever ever ever. It’s pretty, it’s great musically, and MiJac delivered an incredible vocal over it. If this song doesn’t cut thru the jaded nihilism that we all suffer from from time to time, then you might want to seek out meds.

7- Pizza. Seriously. Pizza. There’s no one out there that doesn’t like Pizza.

8- Cold, Starry Nights. Even when life is throwing 8 tons of shit at me, I always feel better when I look up at the sky on a chilly evening and see a horizon full of diamonds sparkling at me. You look up, you find constellations, and you realize how tiny and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things–and rather than letting that thought bring sadness, it helps you focus on what’s important. I mean, if we are insignificant, shouldn’t we trim the insignificant things from our mental hard drives? Yes, life is tough and getting dumped sucks and having friends turn their back sucks, and being broke sucks, but dang… Life is so fucking short sometimes that you gotta just shrug your shoulders and still try to carve out something to care about.

9- First Kisses. The week after my birthday in August, I was fortunate to be able to hook up with a girl I’ve been friends with since Summer 1999. We flirted for what felt like a year before we were actually able to find time, but when we did, it was awesome. I didn’t really know what to expect, but when we finally did kiss, it was amazing. I was completely blown away. It’s not like I expected her to be a lousy kisser, I just didn’t know how nice her lips would feel and how kiss-kompatible we’d be. Our first kiss was awesome, and even tho’ we haven’t seen each other since, we still talk and I still smirk thinking about that. Such is the power of a great first kiss. The first one is always the best, as long as there are other kisses that follow. We lose sight of little things like The First Kiss because, well, everyone is more concerned with going from “Hi, I’m ____” straight to “I can’t stay the nite, but that was amazing.” Fuck that. So many things in life are epic, are exciting, are amazing–but if we choose to gloss over them and focus on other nonsense, it takes bigger and crazier things to leave a lasting impression. I for one never hope that my life is that hectic or spoiled that the fun of a First Kiss is diminished in the pursuit for Locker Room Boasting material.

10- Hearing “I love you too”. I’ve never been one to say “I love you” without genuinely meaning it. Therefore, hearing “I love you too” is incredible. Not “Luv ya!” or “Love you more!” or “Yep!”. No sir, nothing compares to “I love you too”. It’s phenomenal. It’s mystical. It’s powerful. It’s such a basic talisman that it’s often overlooked. Not this guy. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a friend, relative, or significant other, “I love you too” is gonna crack thru whatever fucked up shell of indifference and abuse one might have.

11- Bonus Coverage. I’d like to also throw in Schoolgirl outfits and body-shots. I forgot how awesome the idea of drinking tequila out of a cute girl’s bellybutton is. Shame on me.


Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

So there you go. 10 Reasons why life is beautiful. 10 Reasons why life is worth living. 10 Reasons why you gotta keep little smiles and daydreams with you.

Look, there are plenty of cynical assholes that are gonna make you feel stupid for believing in something. Religion is the opiate of the masses. Marriage is an archaic institution. Hip-Hop is dead. Movies suck. Everything was better before 1995. Life isn’t fair. Life sucks.

Fuck that shit.

I’m pretty danged proud to be an Emo Adult Contemporary listening, Star Wars watching, chicken wing eating, Scrubs stan who loves his parents and isn’t afraid to let a girl know he cares. There are enough people out there who have thrown their hands and stopped fighting the current of intolerance & disrespect–envelope pushing shitheads that are out to find some company to complement their misery. I will never, ever be that person.

Life is worth living, and hopes and dreams and beliefs for something better, and an appreciation for the little things is so, so important. I’ll be more than happy to make this place, and my spot a haven for those who have the absolute nerve to love someone or something.

See you on the front lines.

As always, comments, critiques, and additions to this list are welcome below in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section.


6 Responses to “Life Is Too Short”

  1. T DOT Says:

    I wanted to punch Adam Sandler in the face for how good he had it in “Click”, Kate is absolutely breathtaking sometimes.

    Co-signing Human Nature, everybody is always going with the go-to Billie Jean, but thats just a cop out. I like the cool-out mood of Human Nature.

    Finding that non-franchised, mom-n-pop pizza spot, and grabbing that slice that just won’t sit in your hand without folding is weekly ritual in the spring. Something about knowing your pizza was made with experience and love instead of by some 16 year old’s minimum wage hands, makes that slice taste that much better.

    Absolutely great post Rey, hope the job search goes well homie. Good to see you givin’ IATS some shine.

  2. BUSTA CAP(LOCK) Says:

    DAM…… This post puts shit put into perseptive…

    Good read Rey – Bring back IATS….

  3. BUSTA CAP(LOCK) Says:


  4. BUSTA CAP(LOCK) Says:


  5. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    speaking of Scrubs wtf?! NBC…dman all your deal or no deal episodes, get Scrubs back on the air! I needs me some new eppys.

    Kate Beck…wowzers man, thats that straight suttle but powerful beauty right there mayne.

    Pizzas always awesome and yeah, movies always help.

  6. reythehussein Says:

    New Scrubs episodes on 4/10!

    Thanks for checking in, guys. I’m looking to do more stuff on here, so hopefully this won’t stay as the top post for too long.

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