Well Look Who’s Come Crawling Back

An Interesting E-Mail From an Old Friend of IATS…

It’s been a whiiiiiile…

Yep, figured I’d take a break from movie posts and come back with something fun.

It’s been almost 8 months since we last heard from hip-hop superstar Yung Ign’ant (aka Clementine Monteego Troy).

We here at It Ain’t That Serious ran two pieces on Yung Iggy Popz Bottles, an interview promoting his forthcoming debut album, as well as an update with the track listing to said album. However, after that last e-mail, we hadn’t heard from him. Yung Ig’s hit song, “$pendin’ Dollaz” hit at number 1 on several charts and lasted about 4 weeks, and then, without warning, he disappeared. His follow-up single was slated to be “Wiggle Dat Thang”, but it never received airplay. After a search on filesharing sites as well as YouTube, I couldn’t even find it on the illicit music acquisition network.

As you can imagine, this was all baffling, but as luck would have it, just a few minutes ago–right after Barack Obama’s DNC Closing Speech–we received a communique from the enigmatic IgPac Shakur.

(as always, none of Mr. Troy’s words have been edited whatsoever)

To- It Ain’t That Serious (reythehussein@gmail.com)
From- Yung Ig aka Kanyign’ant West (yungig@street_hood_mafia_entertainment.org)

YOOOOO! What’s good 2 da illest site on da planet, IATSS!!! Dis ya boy Yung Ign’Ant, aka Yung Yung Cool J, aka Ig-vander Holyfield, aka Yo’ Girl Be Wantin’ Me!!!!!!!! Yo Doc Beardhussein, iss been a minnit since I holla’d at yall but I figured I’d say whaddddditiz!!!!! Yo, I kno mad peepz wanna know what happened to my album, “Stacks Tracks& Bitchizz On They Backs”, so I thought I’d tell ya’ll what tha dilly wuz.

Street Hood Mafia Entertainment had a distribution deal with mu’fuckin’ Universal and shit but after I got arrested (editors note: Yung Ign’ant was arrested on what would eventually be 24 different instances of alleged public urination) those punk ass bee-yatchs dropped our whole shit. So, what I did wuz, I said to the head–NO HOMO–of my label, Yitzhak Goldsteinenblum aka Da Jovial Jew aka The Hasidic Homeboy aka Da Big Nose Bagel Bastid that we need to to move to another distributor and shit.

SO! We decided to roll wit’ ComputGlobalRecord Unlimited. Dem niggaz be havin’ maaaad cheddar, plus, they president–Sol Lipshitzrosenblumenbergowitz aka The Kosher Killa aka Rap’s Zohan–has a daughter that be lovin’ my music! Ya know how Jim Jones got $7 a record? Fuck that chump chizzange, nigga. Because his daughter liked my shit, we got Obama-Level Change comin’, son!

Ima make this shit it’s own mu’fuckin’ paragraff and shit. We gettin’ $8.45 cents a record, yo! ATE DOLLAZ AND FO’TY FI’ CENTS! Shit, wit’ dat’ kinda scrilla, we could BUY ReyTheHussein some puss-ay, nome sane????

NE-WAYZ, Ima be out and shit, but we gon’ relaunch the whole Yung Ign’ant movement maaaad soon, so be ready to drop another round of Ign’ant Shit (FUCK JAY-Z 4 STEALIN’ MY SHIT!), ya heard???


YUNG IGN’ANT aka Iggy Ig aka Dat Ign’Ant Mu’Fucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As always, we here at It Ain’t That Serious thank Yung Ig for choosing us to deliver his messages to his fans. As one last treat, Mr. Troy wishes for us to let you know that the name of the new single–an addition to the track list we already posted–will be, “Yes We Can Make Hot Ass Women Shake They Bootys”.

Allegedly the song has a political theme.

Thanks for tuning in,


2 Responses to “Well Look Who’s Come Crawling Back”

  1. T DOT Says:

    Kanyign’ant West.


  2. websince1982 Says:


    the XOXO at the end capped it off perfectly

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