Hotties of Summer 2008!


Emma Stone Earns The Cover Spot of Dr. Beardhussein’s List of, well, look at the title, man!

It’s been a while. I present to you: Hot Chicks!

It’s Go Time!

I’ve been in Election Land for the last billion or so years, and I’m sorry for the lack of aggressive content in that time. Come to think of it, I’ve been slacking on my IATS pimpin’ for a while. In my defense, I’ve got 3 blogs–this one,, and my personal MySpace blog. If you tally all the posts, I probably write about 2 blogs a week–which is significantly less than some people, but when you post real stuff and not just rehashes of news or “My 2 Cents” pieces on gossip, celebrities, or sports, it takes a while to come up with stuff. I get e-mails all the time from rappers, street teams, promo squads etc etc about posting stuff, but we already have a, a, and a, so I’m not gonna post stuff that gets sent to a bajillion sites.

That being said, It’s been so…so…so…so long since your boy ReyTheHussein has gotten a little lovin’, and as such, watching movies and tv or checking out magazines (of the “thin brown bag” and mainstream variety has plunged my mind into the gutter. Well, them and, anyway. Soooo I figured I’d present a list of the girls I’ve been having naughty thoughts about since the summer began.


1- Katy Perry
Yep, she kissed a girl, and we liked it. Yep, that line was corny and has probably been used a million times. It doesn’t matter. This chick is hot, and while the above pic doesn’t show off her face (she’s really cute, actually), it does show off her allegedly 34D rack. 34D! I’m really, really okay with her inspiring a whole new generation of girls to makeout with each other. I don’t give a fuck how old I get, I’ll never, ever get tired of watching girls make out.

(wow, I thought there’d be more girls in music than that, but there really isn’t. Rihanna isn’t hot at all to me and Jordin Sparks is boinkable, but not enough to post. Moving on!)


1- Chelsie Hightower

Chelsie Hightower was on this last season of So You Think You Can Dance, and I loved her. She’s like 19 (legal!), blonde, and hot. She can dance her ass off too, as evidenced above. Now, normally I’m into busty brunettes (hence Ms. Perry), but this girl’s ass is official, and even if she wasn’t cute, I’d still be into her (or wanna be, hiyo!) simply because she can move the way she can move. I love dancer chicks, and if Chelsie wore the “Original Curve” perfume (for girls, dummies), I’d seriously put up with all kindsa crazy shit from her just to get it onnnnn a few times.

(aaaannd that’s it for TV. Friggin’ summer reruns)


1- Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie starred in some low-budget chick flick called The Dark Knight earlier this summer. You might’ve heard of it. Anyway, while she wasn’t that hot in the movie (but still cute and definitely doable), the above picture (part of an Agent Provocateur ad campaign) shows a mega bake-worthy woman. I still prefer Katie Holmes (if she wasn’t with Tom Cruise nobody’d have complained about her presence in Batman Begins) in the “Rachel Dawson” role, but I didn’t mind looking at ol’ Maggie for a bit.

2- Emmanuelle Chriqui
Ah, Miss Chriqui. Your turn as “Dalia” in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan made an awesome comedy (oh yes it was) even better. I’ve dug this chick since she starred opposite fatherfucking Lance Bass in the forgettable (or memorably bad depending on how you look at it) movie, On The Line. She was hot in the movie in a variety of low cut or tight clothing. Lemme tell you, Emmanuelle could get it early and often, Cute, sweet, and sheeit, look at her bikini cladness!

3- Zooey Deschanel
Nope, that’s not another picture of Katy Perry. It is, however, a picture of her doppelganger, Zooey Deschanel. For a while, Zooey had this weird Christina Ricci-esque quirkiness to her, but man, when I saw The Happening I fell in loooove with Zooey. Her rack was in the building, her eyes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, and she’s got lips that say, “Take me into a dark corner of The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale and make out with me for an hour or two.” Mmmm, Zooey & Rey, sitting in a tree…

4- Anne Hathaway
I. Love. Anne. Hathaway. I’ve blogged about her before over at Alumnah and I’m sure I’ve talked about her hotness here before. I’ve loved this chick since I first saw the commercials for those Princess Diaries movies. I sat through Ella Enchanted and oogled. I missed her nekkid turns in Brokeback Mountain and  Havoc, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve seen the good bits. (of her, not the movies). Anyway, Get Smart is the movie that this picture was taken during, and I enjoyed the flick and I definitely enjoyed Anne’s presence. Mmmmmm, this girl is so hot she replaced Rachel Bilson as my number one objete d’art amongst all my brunette snowbunny crushes. *dreamy sigh*

5- The Female Castmembers of The House Bunny

First off, yes, I did see this movie. Second off, yes, it was good. I’ll go into the review this weekend or next week in my Summer Movie Season 3rd Trimester Wrap Up post. For now, oogle! Starting at the left is the girl who played “Marla” in The 40 Year Old Virgin. She’s mostly cute in the fact despite the pale makeup/dark lips’n’eyes thing she’s got going. Her body is soooo nice tho’. Rack? Present. Thighs? Lickable. Lips? Mmmmm, present! Next is Anna Faris of Scary Movie franchise fame. With the exception of one or 2 scenes, what she’s wearing above is actually more clothes than she wears in the film. It’s rated PG-13 so there’s no nudity, but cleavage, legs, and tummy are always present. She looked like she had her lips done, but I’m really okay with that. In the middle is Katharine McPhee, the 2006 American Idol runner-up. She was pregnant in the movie, but aside from the prosthetic belly, she was allll hotness. I love K dot McPhee like that fat kid 50 Cent spoke on loves cake, so when she got dolled up in the 2nd reel of the movie I loved it. Next is Miss Emma Stone, who played “Jules” in Superbad. She’s cute, and I love her voice, but in the “makeover montage” she dons a waterbra, and while you can’t tell from the above pic, her cleavage was EPIC! She too is thick/shapely in all the right spots, and despite my love for Katharine, Emma stole my heart during the movie. Rounding out the pack is the progeny of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis. First off, her chin is round. She’s really got the round moon face going on, and it’s not that bad (I’d date her) but with her thin lips, it’s kiiinda funny-looking. Anyway, weird face aside (and again, totally not a dealbreaker), her body is nice, and in one scene she’s jogging and bouncing and making me want to fire up the oven. All in all, the female cast of this movie (there were other mega-hotties in the film playing rival sorority girls) made me wish, once again, that I had that magic ticket from The Last Action Hero so I could get some nerdy-girl-who-doesn’t-know-how-hot-she-is lovin’.

Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

Okay kids, that’s it. Like I said above, I’ll have my end o’ summer movie report this weekend or next week, and I sincerely appreciate everyone who checks in, whether it’s just my homeys T Dot, EngRep, & MK or not.

Comments, Questions, Critiques, and your pics for Summer 2k8 Hotties can be left below in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comment Section.

Thanks for checking in,


7 Responses to “Hotties of Summer 2008!”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Bonjourno Rey Rey, how do. All those birds are lovely. My personal vote is for that doris who was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Good Lord. The brunette bird of course. She’s amazing, I love her. I’m gonna find a link hang on. OK found it. Her name is Mila Kulis, she was in That 70’s show and interestingly enough did the voice for Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Anyway I love this bint. Really I do. *daps Rey*

  2. T DOT Says:

    I swear Emmanuelle Chriqui is under-used in todays Hollywood market. She was basically the only reason I saw Zohan.

    She’s one of the best exports we’ve got.

    I see your Chelsie and raise you Jessica King. (The one on the left.)

  3. reythehussein Says:

    Oooh… Nice! Plus she doesn’t have that jailbait thing going on. Was she from SYTYCD, too? *dappage*

    @ EngRep–> Yeah, Mila was lookin’ really hot in that flick, but since it was a spring “jawn” I couldn’t include her.

    Honorable Mentions: Gwyneth Paltrow in “Iron Man” and Maria Bello for “The Mummy 3”.

  4. websince1982 Says:

    i have a serious ban on white chicks but i would definitely make an exception for emma stone….

  5. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    Emma F’n Stone…yeah ever since Superbad…I just was gah gah over her. sheesh.

    Katy Perry, hate the song, like the Chimmi’s.

    Chelsie Hightower is def a lil hottie dancer…there’s quite a few “Tots” on SYTYCD.

    I swear Rey you must be my Latin Brother from Another…we def have the same taste in girls.

    Mila Kunis has been lookin really dandy the past yea ror so…lil russian bia!

    Rey whut up homie!…come holler at ya boy at the blog.

  6. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    also tying with emma stone was the hottest hottie of summer 08 right now in my nasty lil mind fantasies that I hide from my fiancee, ” “Marla” in The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

    that lovely lady is Ms. Kat Dennings. shes is very dandy, weird, left field, and has a hilariously random youtube videos on her own youtube channel. jsut put in her name and enjoy her quirkness mixed with awesome boobness. Also she is staring in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist with Micheal Cena. And I am seeing it at a early preview soon.

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    […] that my boy El Tamale Pequeno ordered at his house. I made the right decision, despite how hot Katy Perry and Britney Spears are. Anyway, I got home in time to catch the last few repeats of the chorus of […]

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