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New Obsessions for ol’ RTH

October 24, 2008

What’s Got Ol’ Dr. Beardhussein’s Stethoscope Scopin’ Lately.


A Quick Word on Sarah Palin

October 15, 2008

Dr. Beardhussein Diagnosis the Alaska Governor/GOP VP Candidate

And no, “diagnosis” is not a metaphor for “boinks”.

Tonite is the 3rd and final Presidential Debate and it’s coming live tonite at 9p from Hofstra University on Long Island, about a 35 minute drive from the TheHussein residence. (my thoughts on that are freshly-posted over at Alumnah). Watching the news coverage on the election has inspired me to write my thoughts on Sarah Palin real quick-like. Here we go:

1- That picture there has her looking kiiiinda like my ex-“girlfriend”, Melissa. Longtime readers and personal friends know Melissa as the girl who thought I got her pregnant only to discover that it wasn’t me, but rather her live-in boyfriend. (i know, i know). Folks that go all the way back to bullshitting on Byron Crawford’s blog will also recall that she’s also the one that, the year after telling me the kid wasn’t mine, dumped me 2 days after my birthday. Needless to say, I don’t view Melissa in a very positive light (yes, I was gullible, but she should’ve had some kinda decency in her), and discovering that she looks like another mean-ass woman I don’t like doesn’t really bode well for either.

2- Anyone see the film, Mad City? In the movie, John Travolta plays a simple security guard at a museum who loses his job, and in a moment of madness (no pun intended) decides to take a gun to his job to persuade his boss to take him back. His co-star is the legendary Dustin Hoffman, who plays an unscrupulous television reporter. The movie is dope–great performances by D-Hoff and J-Trav, and it has a powerful ending. The reason why I bring it up is because Sarah Palin and John McCain remind me of this intern chick D-Hoff has working for him. She’s fresh-faced and moraled up (or so it seems!), and D-Hoff is trying to make her see how calloused one has to be to succeed in the world of TV news. Anyway, through his experience, D-Hoff softens, learns how he’s been a shit, and makes a point to change. After a fucked up explosion where D-Hoff is lamenting the horror of it, the intern girl ignores the fact that he’s talking about how he–along with the media–caused the explosion by going nuts with the coverage, and tells him to “Leave the blood, it looks good!” and focuses on the story. Basically, I think John McCain truly wants to mellow out and talk about the issues, but mean-ass Sarah Palin wants to hammer away at Barack Obama. Ol’ Mean-Ass Sarah Palin has slipped comfortably into the role of being the attack dog (lipstick!) and you acn see how uncomfortable Johnny Mac is with it.

3- Another movie analogy. Anybody see RoboCop 2? In this movie, OCP (“omni consumer products”) claims a stake in RoboCop, completely ignoring the fact that he’s still a human being, despite the cyborg bits. Anyway, this old guy what runs OCP ends up being charmed by some mean old power-hungry doctor who usurps his power, commands around his underlings, and worst of all, increases RoboCop/Murphy’s “Prime Directives” from 3…to like 1,500. The old chairman guy what runs OCP is completely under her power, and she decides to be a mean-spirited megabitch. It’s pretty obvious who is who in this tale. At the end of the movie it looks like the old guy wises up and gives the mean-spirited megabitch the boot, but they don’t actually show it. I’m taking it on good faith that he does. Sooo here’s to hoping that at some point, either publicly or privately, Senator McCain says, “You know what, Governor of Alaska? A more proper title for you would be “Mean Ass Sarah Palin. Get the fuck out of my office!”.


Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

Alright kids, just wanted to share some randomry with you. I honestly think John McCain is a good, decent guy–despite the legion of shitheads he has working for him, and the mean ol’ shrew that incites fuckedupedness in McCain’s “supporters”. I hope he comes to his senses after losing the election and decries the whole lousy system the GOP keeps trying to do.

Enjoy the debate, and thanks for tuning in.


A Word on Boobs.

October 9, 2008

Dr. Beardhussein’s Salute To Boobs and Boob Tactics

When Hot Chicks Get Mad Skinny, Yo.

October 7, 2008

Or: Eat A Sandwich Already Because I Don’t Wanna Think I’m Crushing You While I’m Crushing You, Dig?