It’s Not “Goodbye”, It’s “Until Then”

So, yeah…

I’m not one to do fake retirements, so that isn’t what this is.

I fancy myself a writer, and not just blogs and stuff. Some of you may know that I have written and recorded 2 rap albums, and what none of you probably know is that I also used to write stories and junk. Tonite, I am pleased to announce that my creative energies and most of my free time will be spent focusing on those two areas.

My 3rd album, titled Yahoo Music is in the rehearsal stages. 6 songs have been written, and in preparation for going to the studio, I’m practicing the tunes over and over again to get my timing right–and to not have to spend money doing a bajillion takes. Album should be done being written relatively soon, as the muse has been with me recently. Album should be done and ready for sale 2nd quarter of 2009. It’s gonna mean a lot of saving up and a lot of opting to stay in when Hooters or the bar beckons, but it’ll be worth it.

The book is gonna be written nowish, and it has to do with the time I spent from late 1998-2001 wrestling in the backyard. Not the stupid, bloody, radically unsafe stuff the news and the web went crazy over, but goofy, funny, mildly exciting wrestling. Anyway, the universe we created was pretty dang creative, and we came up with some good stuff. Recently I’ve been reading a ton of wrestler biographies and it’s brought back a ton of memories, and I think it’d be a great final chapter to the saga of my backyard wrestling days to write it all up. I don’t know if I’ll make any attempts to get it published, but I do know that writing it is gonna be fun, and I think that it’s accessible enough for people who aren’t familiar with me and my guys, or with wrestling in general, to enjoy it.

Anyway, if I revisit this site soon, awesome. If I don’t, I love you guys and gals who read this, and if you wanna keep in touch or keep tabs, you can holla at me via my myspace page @, or my e-mail:

Thanks for all the memories, the advice, and the love.

Until then,


2 Responses to “It’s Not “Goodbye”, It’s “Until Then””

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    You can’t just copy and paste a post from over at Alumnah rey rey, poor form!! I wish you all the best mate, let me know where to paypal you some wonga for the album and I will do so. Channel Big Poppa and everyting will be spot on.

    Good luck hombre.

  2. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    Good Luck Sir…sent you a email.

    Stay Up.

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