As of about 30 minutes ago, the Florida Gators just won their 3rd National Championship. I’m terribly happy about this. They beat the Florida State Seminoles in the Sugar Bowl back in January 1997, they beat the Ohio State Buckeyes back in January 2007, and tonite they beat the Oklahoma University Sooners.

3 National Championships.

The Season of Jubilee’s final gift.


3 Responses to “#3!”

  1. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:

    What up dude??????

    Hows life, i’m still on the unemployment line, Hello benefit check..lol..

    Good looks on the album dude, we able to here a track or what???

    I’ve been watching the American Football playoffs, Eagles look like a good outside bet…

    Sex, drugs & Sausagerolls…

    Keep it cheesy…


  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    You couldn’t smack me Busta-Bus with your big skirt on, swigging Irn-Bru, doing a jig to some bagpipes. You’d fall over bladdered drunk off the McEwans Extra Strength before you got anywhere near.

    *daps busta with one hand, clips him round the chops with the other*

    What up Rey? I saw the Cardinals givin the Eagles a going over before I left work this morning. They’re gonna be my team for the Playoffs. That dude Larry Fitzgerald is mint. Hope all is good. Co-sign Busta, post a track off the album.


  3. reythehussein Says:

    *rubs eyes*

    BUSTA CRACKA! Wowww.. My regs are back! Jeah! I’ll probably up the track to my myspace page when I get the giddy-up to redo the page. Soon tho’! I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay, amigo.

    lol @ EngRep– Well, results are in, and AZ will indeed be in “The Big Game”. I’m good, famigo. ‘Bout to drop something nizzew on here.

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