Begrudging Respect, Vol. 1

Okay, so after listening to a bunch of Lil’ Wayne songs and discussing Young Money with my boy Joe Turk, I can finally, begrudgingly say…that the guy has talent.

I know that’s “Duhsville” for the majority of you out there, but look, back in my xxlmag comment days, people were dickriding Weezy like they were getting paid to do it. That was when his shit was like this:

“I am Lil’ Wayne/You are a little pain/You’ve got a little fame/I’ve got the biggest fame/My girl’s got a thicker frame/I got a thicker chain, etc etc”

Now, ironically enough, he doesn’t try nearly as hard with those bugged out similes/metaphors/analogies, but I can appreciate what he’s saying more. Of course, part of that is the law of averages kicking in. I mean, shit, dude’s on every song.

Still, with the latest few I’ve heard from him, “Prom Queen”, “Hot Revolver”, and the FOB collabo, “Tiffany Blews”, Wayne’s new “Rock’n’Roller” direction has piqued my interest. Sooo, between those and a couple other undeniable good uns, “Got Money”, “Swagger Like Us”, and that one with Akon and Jeezy… I can take him off the “Jim Jones List of Useless Hip-Hop Fuckers Who Are Bafflingly Popular”.

Alright, that’s it. I feel…dirty.


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