Busta Rhymes Dissed! IATS Exclusive!

Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes

 Who Has Taken Umbrage With Hip-Hop Great’s Song, “Arab Money”?

Upon my last OCD check of my e-mail boxes before I crashed for the nite, I received an interesting communique. A popular, well-known recording artist from the Arab World has dissed Busta Rhymes over the lyrics to his playful song, “Arab Money”. Angry with the portrayal of Arabs, the artist vented his frustrations to me in an e-mail.

Here, in an It Ain’t That Serious exclusive, is the unedited e-mail:

To: It Ain’t That Serious (reythehussein@gmail.com)
From: M.C. Mustaf aka Da Kebab Killa aka Da Arabic Asskicka  (MC_Mustaf@street_hood_mafia_entertainment.org)

Yo, vuddup Dr. Beardhussein. It’s ze number vun Arabian heep-hop ahtist in ze vorld, M.C. Mustaf aka Da Kebab Kilal aka Da Arabic Asskicka aka Ze Persian Gulf Gangsta. I currently represent ze Street Hood Mafia Entertainment clique, home of such superstars as Rubba Canarsie, Ze Substance Ahb-use Crew, and our most popular ahtist, Yung Ign’ant.

Anyvay, I vas vatching the Camel Clutch Countdown, on channel Tvelve, hosted by Vrestling superstar, Ze Iron Sheik, vhen all uff a sudden I saw a video from Busta Rhymes called muddafuckin’ “Arab Money”. Leesten Rey, ziss really pissed a-lot of us off. Dis muddafucka talkin’ about havink paypa and all dis bool-sheet like he’s vun of us. LET ME TELL YOU SUMTING, REY: MUDDAFUCKIN’ BUSTA RHYMES AIN’T VUN OF US!

Muddafuckin’ Busta Rhymes didn’t grow up vit a muddafuckin’ metal detector on the shores of ze Persian Gulf, trying to collect enough rupees to buy some muddafuckin’ curry. Busta Rhymes never had to give up 3 out of his 7 vives because he couldn’t handle all ze haters in the marketplace. Muddafuckin’ Busta Rhymes never had to run avay from the Sultan’s guards so him and his monkey, Abu, could steal a loaf of bread, only to give it away to some homeless kids rummaging thru gahbage.

So I tell you vut I did, ReyDaHussein. I vrote a muddafuckin’ diss song ova dat muddafucka’s own beat. It’s called “Black Guy Money”, and eet’s hot fiyah. It’s muddafuckin’ curry hot. It’s muddafuckin’ Sahara Desert hot, and believe me, I’d know.

Oh, and I didn’t need muddafuckin’ Ron Browz on da hook, neither. Dat guy sucks so bad he makes me vant to go find Molaram and have him rip my muddafuckin’ ears off and send me into the lava pool.

Anyvay, here’s just a sample uv ze song, the first verse. It’s from me, M.C. Mustaf, Street Hood Mafia Entertainment. VE RUN HEEP-HOP, BEETCH!

Peace & Scimitars,

–M.C. Mustaf, aka Ze Don Of Ze Desert, aka Ze Scorpion Prince

Black Guy Money–Verse 1:

Hey check it my moorish friend, i’ve got money to spend
this is MC Mustaf and I’ve got black guy ends
I spend money on kebabs like you spend it on chicken
I pray five times a day for strength for ass kicking
Me & my sand nigger crew treat you as a target
doing drive bys from our magic carpets
you insult my people for your career to be made warmer
vell I just made your bitch my newest snake charmer
OPEC, muddafucka, we run the global economy
keep it real bussa buss, you don’t vant it vit me
you might have guns, pistols, and hammers
ve’ve got sun, the desert, and camels
ve got black guy money but it’s not from selling crack
it’s from selling liquid from the earth that’s black
cuz you people got so many kids that you don’t know their names
light your ass on fire like muddafuckin’ Yoga Flame!
Well, as you can see, things are heating up–no desert pun intended–between Busta Rhymes and Street Hood Mafia Entertainment’s own, M.C. Mustaf.
Stay tuned to It Ain’t That Serious for more details on this breaking story.

One Response to “Busta Rhymes Dissed! IATS Exclusive!”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant.

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