IATS Cosigns: 810

Another Baltimore Resident Earns The Cosiggity

It’s a good day for music submissions!

So, no sooner than I was done posting the tunes from The Black Sunn did I receive an e-mail from 810, another B-More cat making good music.

I checked out all 3 of this songs:

810 – Bill Gates (Prod. By Mydus)

810 – Pay Day Prod. By Mydus

810 – Where U Been Prod. By Mydus

“Bill Gates” knocks with a beat that would be right at home on any of the classic Rocafella songs from 2001-2004–in a classic way, not in an old way. The voice of 810 is straight East Coast Rap. Nice flow, and the boy kicks some knowledge in the one on one manner of all good poets.

“Pay Day”‘s drums go hard, and a vocal sample flows in and out, complimenting some nice keys. Utilizing a double-time flow on spots, 810 weaves a story everyone can relate to: Waiting for pay day, when you can do what you want and live at least one day a week (or every other week) without counting pennies.

“Where You Been” might be my favorite out of these three. More perspective-filled rap, with a quicker flow than was used on “Bill Gates” or “Pay Day”. The beat itself is refreshing in that it doesn’t sound anything like the same 808’s and Dramatic synths what are omnipresent in today’s hip-hop. The boy’s lyrics work well, and he rides the fast-ish beat very well. Quite frankly, this song could work on any album today. It’s good ride-out music.


From 810’s Bio:

 When people look me they usually don’t expect me to be a rapper, but they call me 810. I’m a mellow chilled back type of nigga but I’m no slump when it comes to the mic. I’m 19 years old from Baltimore, MD. I started rapping at the age of 11 but music has always been in my life.

One day me and a few of his friends decided to start a rap group, but for the most part I honed my skills during high school where I would often try to impress people with my talent. I started to gain more conifidence when people would pull me off to the side like “Yo, You can actually spit”.

The more I listened to hip hop the more my love for it grew and the more music I make the more my confidence grows. I try to keep my music 100%, I don’t try to pursue an image just to impress niggas. I ain’t sellin’ no gimmicks and I’m not afraid of being intelligent.

Besides that, I’m a funny, hyper, yet also very calm type of dude. I feel like I deviate from the norm in Baltimore–I go to Community College, I rap and I work. I’m definitely trying to take my music to the next level and I feel like I’m gonna have to grind it out.

I put my charisma and personality in my music, and my influences vary. I like Nas and Hov no matter how cliché of an infuence they are. I listen to Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, Saigon, AZ, SWV, 2Pac, Jamie Foxx, Emnem, B.I.G. & Marvin Gaye.

In the end I’m 810 I’m using music as my release and therapy.


Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

There you go, 810. Like I said, when I step in to the recording booth, I try to tell my story, and at the same tell stories that other people can relate to. I’m gonna keep posting the under-the-radar guys that I feel place the same value on entertainment and inspiration without being corny or cliche that I do.

For more info on 810:



2 Responses to “IATS Cosigns: 810”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    This dude is pretty ill. Good work for givin him some shine Reymundo

  2. reythehussein Says:

    Just trying to do my part. If it was reversed, I’d be excited that ANYONE would wanna support my music, so when a dude with talent comes along I’m gonna remember that.

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