Valentine’s Day Week: Set The Mood Music


Friend & ally of IATS, Millionaire Rob’s Song, “Bonjour”

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Okay, so I was privy to hear this song a month or two ago, but Millionaire Rob was tweeting the track to people and I wanted to listen again.

Seeing as how it is Valentine’s Day week, I thought I’d add this tune to the epic collection of Set The Mood Music I’ve assembled. The song is called “Bonjour”, and is laid back music, the kind of music that would be good for riding out, or–for our purposes–some apartment music.

The beat is soft, organic drums, with a nice slinky bassline and some keys that convey bluesy, romantic tone. The homey M-Rob’s voice is reminiscent of one Pharrel Williams, only more natural–and with an infinitely better flow.

Sheeit, even the title, “Bonjour” is kinda cool, French and whatnot.

Anyway, for those who need it, No Homo and all that, but this is a good tune, and it’s good enough to be included in IATS’ V-Day Week special.

Download Millionaire Rob’s mixtape, Slow Burn at


8 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Week: Set The Mood Music”

  1. cMac Says:

    it’s on and poppin this saturday

  2. Mill i Am Says:

    Gotta play this with the wifey

  3. E Says:

    Dope.I love it. “Bonjour”

  4. Jules Says:

    already playing it 🙂 should be played in all of *those* types of settings.

  5. Miss McCain Says:

    Now say Bonjour!

  6. Mill i Am Says:

    Now say Bonjour babe

  7. life Says:

    I love this track Bonjour

  8. God One Says:

    I want to say Bonjour

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