Movie Time, Movie Time

So, as long-time readers of It Ain’t That Serious already know, I’m a huge movie buff. I go to be entertained first, and anything else–inspired, enlightened, mushy, scared shitless–is a bonus.

That being said, I’ve seen 2 movies in two days, and I thought I’d give you my thoughts on both. Heeere we go!

Movie #1- Friday The 13th.
Okay, so I’ve never really been a Jason fan. In fact, before this most current remake, out of the 11 before it, I only saw 3. I saw Part 9, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, Jason X, and Freddy vs Jason. I liked 9, didn’t like 10, and I thoroughly enjoyed 11.

This remake had me kinda iffy tho’ because just last week I saw Rob Zombie’s reboot of the “Halloween” franchise and I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. I mean, sure, it was updated, but it didn’t strike me as anything special. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised with this remake of Friday the 13th.

The main hero, his sister, and the hottie who dug the main hero, were all extremely likable. That’s important in horror films because you have to have characters that you either wanna see die grizzly on-screen deaths, or survive ’til the ending credits. This flick had both.

Oh, and the two main chicks: Amanda Righetti ( and Danielle Panabaker ( are so not it’s obscene. Danielle Panabaker definitely stole my heart, but Amanda Righetti was on some other shit, too.

But I digress.

Anyway, ol’ RTH enjoyed this flick a lot. The critics are slamming it, but I think the movie was good. Not just good for a Jason movie, or good for a horror flick, but a good movie in general.

Movie #2- He’s Just Not That Into You
First off, I completely disagree with the stupid book this movie’s based on. I’ve talked to enough girls to know that they’d rather let that book lead them to look for mysterious “signs” rather than grow a pair of Girl-Balls and just make their feelings known. Seriously, “Hey, I like you, is there anything there?” is waayyy better than *thinks* “Uh Oh, he didn’t try to hold my hand. He’s not into me. Now to run away!”


Now that that’s outta the way, let me first issue a state of No Homo Juelz Santana, because apparently liking romantic comedies might lead people to think I also like dudes. Funny enough, the same people who claim stuff is gay do it to impress other guys. That’s odd, seeing as how I thought trying to appear attractive to other men was gayer than liking love stories.

Ah well. On to the movie!

When it was all said and done, I really liked this flick a lot. I think in terms of non-teen love story flicks, “Love, Actually” is my favorite Rom-Com. It was sweet and funny and had great stories and junk. This movie was along the same lines, with each character’s story somehow overlapping with other characters.

The film looks at people and couples in various stages:

~Married Couple in first home
~Long Term Couple Debating Merits of Marriage
~Guy stuck in quasi-friend zone with girl who keeps him around as the backup guy.
~Kiiinda crazy single girl who checks her phone and e-mail 200x a day.
~Girl who’s using myspace to meet a guy.
~Guy who keeps distance from girls and has awesome advice giving skills.
~Scarlett Johansson, who is the undeniably hottest chick in Hollywood.

Anyway, the stories play out satisfyingly, even tho’ one or two of them ended in ways I either didn’t see coming or wouldn’t have preferred to see. The movie was actually very short on signs and psychobabble, and it gave each segment/character/couple ample time for their moments to reach climax. (yes, you may giggle at that last sentence).

All in all, a funny movie that was touching, and unless you’re all stupidly thugged out or some kinda “Bol” character-esque love hater, you’ll be able to relate to the movie in one way or another.

Plus, Scarlett Johansson is basically in tight or low cut or both clothing in every scene.


Llama al Reynoldsl Por Que Es Fini!

Alright kids, that’s it for tonite. I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day. It’s after midnite so Cupid Day is over. As for me, I saw “He’s Just…” with my cute friend Stacie, with whom I have no shot, but spending time with a cute girl was nice.

Plusss, since my friend Maverick was stuck closing, I got to hang out with his fiancee The Dizzle and my nephew Patronus. Getting to see them is a luxury at this point because of schedule conflicts, so this ended up being a very lovely Valentine’s Day–even without the romance.

I’ll take that.


As always, comments, critiques, questions, and zesty lo-cal chicken recipes can be left below in the Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section.

Thanks for checking in,


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