Polite vs Impolite

So I’m sitting there at work today with an itchy ear, so I unfolded a paperclip and went to town on that MoFo. It got me to pondering: Is that gross?

Sure, it’s not the sexiest thing ever, but is it as bad as, say, picking one’s nose? Is it as bad as coughing or sneezing without covering one’s mouth? I’m not sure.

Like, okay, I get that a dude adjusting himself anywhere but the baseball diamond or gym is not a good look. But, or butt, is wedgie-picking bad? We all get our underwear occasionally lodged in our San Andreas Fault, so is that really bad to just reach back and remedy it?

Yes, these are the things that I ponder.


One Response to “Polite vs Impolite”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Good point. I unfurl a paperclip and pick my teeth with it on occasion. I gives no fuck either. I will also stealthily pick my nose although the ex guaranteed me that it is far for me stealth like. These are my faults and I live with them day to day.

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