An Ending and a New Beginning

Soooo, the fuckers at JPMC decided to end my assignment over there. I got a call from my connect at the Temp Agency and he gave me the skinny.

It’s fucking annoying because I was a rock star until they took the guitar outta my hands, almost literally. I dno’t understand how those shitheads can have a problem with the work I did when they kept taking things outta my hands. It’s not like the work I was doing was bad or half-assed, they just decided to start a new system and leave me out of it.

Stupid, stupid bastards.

Now, long time readers know that I keep it extra real, almost uncomfortably real–so if I fucked up, I’d admit it. I didn’t fuck up.

Thus, we have the Garden City Screw Job.



2 Responses to “An Ending and a New Beginning”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Mother. Fuckers. JPMC can take a baubled dildo up the batty. What’s Garden City? Sounds like a lost city located about 200 kilometres down the road from Atlantis. Keep your chin up mate. Did they give a reason for not keeping your assignment on?

    Keep on keepin on Rey.


    • reythehussein Says:

      Garden City is the town where the office is. I was referring to the WWF/E scandal, “The Montreal Screwjob” where Vince McMahon told Bret Hart he wasn’t gonna lose the belt, only to have the ref ring the bell and strip him of the belt. Real life!

      They were fuckin’ idiots. Kept taking duties away from me and then went, “Gee, why isn’t he doing anything?”. Fuckin’ Twats.

      Good news is, I just went on a job interview today, so I’m doing just as you suggested–keepin’ on keepin’ on.


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