Isn’t It Amazing…

…how the right girl can come along and make everything better?

I mean, not even “come along” in the “Yay, we’re together!” sense. Sometimes she can just come into your life and make you smile.

She can enter your little world and make it brighter, friendlier, happier–full of hope and optimism.

Something as simple as a quick hello, or even a smile can send you soaring.

It’s like just looking into her eyes can break your heart and make you happier than you’ve ever dared to dream.

You get lost in eyes like that, word to Debbie Gibson. You look in those eyes and it’s like any burdens you’ve been carrying just disappear in an instant. Nothing else matters, nothing else even exists.

It’s just you and her, and hope, and the thought that maybe, just maybe, you’ll get more chances to look into those beautiful eyes…

…and maybe hold her hand…

…and maybe kiss her just once.

I’m never gonna be too old, too cynical, or too afraid to daydream–no matter what the haters and the doubters say, no matter what the ghosts of my past that like to taunt me say.

Sweet dreams that make me smile, born out of hope.


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