Yep, another one. Gonna work on an album, work out some personal shit.

As always, I’ll be back after a few weeks with some new material, and if I’m inspired I won’t hesitate to come back and hit off my 4 loyal readers with new stuff.

Thanks, and I hope the rest of your summer is awesome.



3 Responses to “Hiatus!”

  1. Ashmi Rawlins Says:

    Respect mines

  2. Ashmi Rawlins Says:

    Ayo Rey, u gotta get Dre to un-ban me
    Please, u got the hook up, holla if you hear me unnnngh
    Just get in his ear, you feel me?
    It’s the real, hip-hop (c) Quiet Storm

  3. CassavaLeaf.com Says:


    Dre banned you?

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