RTH + I.W.C.– Week 1

Dr. Beardhussein’s New Gig.

Check your watches…

So, a couple weeks ago I was talking to my buddy Aaron about my big WWE Weekend, and asked if I could send him my write-up to post on Pulse Wrestling. He said sure, and then said that if I wanted a spot on their writing staff (hiyo!), he could hook me up.

He said they needed a recapper for TNA Wrestling‘s television vehicle, TNA Impact. While I wasn’t familiar with TNA shows for the most part, I appreciated the offer and was intrigued me for a multitude of reasons:

1- I like professional wrestling.

2- TNA is/are the underdogs. I like the underdogs.

3- I like writing.

4- I like writing about professional wrestling, and it’ll give me a shot to do that. I expose quite a bit of my dorkiness here at IATS (heck, there’s a whole category called “Embrace your dorkiness”), but Pro Wrestling is a bit out there, even for me, so it would give me a chance to.

5- After the death of Alumnah (*sniffle*), I’ve missed being part of a writing team. I enjoy the challenge of putting out quality material, plus my ego is quite massive, so the ability to draw eyeballs in comparison to other writers on the same site appeals to me.

6- You never know who is reading. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t think that Dixie Carter is going to do a google search for “Impact Recaps” and fall in love with my writing, but again, you never know. Enough people have told me that they enjoy my writing and that I should pursue it as a career to convince me to try expanding my horizons. *shrug* I think I’m entertaining, and I think I can draw people in, so why not?

Needless to say, I accepted the offer.

As an audition, I recapped an episode of Impact, and was lucky enough to have received positive feedback from both friends, staff, and the site’s readership.

And here we are.


I’m looking forward to the assignment, but I’m also looking forward to the challenge of getting people interested in TNA. The company doesn’t necessarily have the best storylines in the world, and the stigma of that has served to turn people off to the show. Hopefully I can make the recaps entertaining enough so that people will tune into the show to serve as a reference to my writing, and vice-versa.

So far, the 2 episodes I’ve recapped have been linear & entertaining, with some great actual wrestling action to boot. I enjoy the humor and the characters and the stories involved in Pro Wrestling, but I also miss the athletic competition aspect of it. Yes, results are predetermined, but the same teamwork & intricacy found on display in basketball and football plays can be found in the matches. WWE, my main pro wrestling squeeze, can put on entertaining, captivating matches, but it hardly resembles actual wrestling anymore–holds, counters, exchanges, psychology. I miss it, and TNA has it in spades.

*shill mode off*

TNA’s also got a couple of interesting guys on their show:

~Jay Lethal (who started out doing spot-on impressions of the Macho Man), who is feuding with Ric Flair and his new “Four Horseman-esque” stable in a neat feud.

~Motor City Machine Guns, a tag team that can wrestle and are funny’n’random on the mic.

~Abyss, who is the tormented monster of TNA, with some hardcore weapons’n’violence thrown in.

~Desmond Wolfe, a super-talented wrestler who put on a kick-ass match with Kurt Angle last week. (plus, his valet, Chelsea, is hot)

~The Beautiful People, two smokin’ hot chicks who can actually wrestle. (that link might not work, as I’m pressed for time and I just linked up the google image results)

There are a bunch of other guys in the company, both familiar and unfamiliar. Some names you might recognize are: Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Rick Flair, Team 3-D (aka The Dudley Boyz), Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff and Kurt Angle.


Call Reynolds, Cuz it’s a Wrap.

Alright kids, that’s it for today. If you want, do check out my first *official* post over at Pulse Wrestling. I promise you’ll be entertained–especially if you’re already an IATSoldier. You can find the post here:


As always, comments, critiques, questions, and reasons why I’m awesome can be left below in the Dr. Donda West-Christopher Wallace Memorial Comments Section.

Thanks for tuning in,



3 Responses to “RTH + I.W.C.– Week 1”

  1. hl Says:

    Congrats on the feature in Pulse. Are you going to post the link when it comes out?

  2. hl Says:

    Rey, you got an email for this blog?

    • reythehussein Says:

      i have my regular e-mail, reythehussein@gmail.com, I don’t have anything for pulse tho’.

      as for the link, i already linked to the pieces i’ve done thus far on there. i’ll have one up tomorrow and i’m gonna make sure i link to them from here every week.

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