State of the Union: Late Summer 2010 Edition

Dr. Beardhussein Rey Updates His Peeps

Check your watches…

I was hoping to launch into a bunch of randomry with this post…

But quite frankly, there’s just too much happening for me to riff about boobs, brunettes, chicken wings, KanYe, or the other silly things I usually talk about. I’m gonna hit the highlights, but please know that I’m explaining some of this stuff this way because it’s just easier than explaining to a lot of people over and over.

Plus, I’m a “Think Out loud” kinda guy, so this helps me process some of this, and I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to get a bunch of this off my chest.

Let’s get down to business.

1- My father has prostate cancer. He went for a biopsy late last month and the result of the test was the big “C.” While it’s super-early in the whole process, the cancer doesn’t appear to have spread. Further testing will need to be done to know for sure, but right now the doctor says it looks as good as pre-treatment cancer can look. Papa is in good spirits and he’s looking forward to the fight, as he is a cantankerous old bastard who, even at 64 years of age, still wants to rumble, old man, rumble. I’m handling this as well as I can. When the radiation therapy (covered by Medicaid, as Pop Dukes is recently retired) starts, I know it will be a difficult time and it’ll be tough on me seeing him go thru it, but I’m a fighter too, and my strength is being there for others. I will be there for my father, and between the two of us, we’re gonna kick the ever-loving motherfucking shit out of cancer, and then smack it around after the fight for having the balls to come around us in the first place.

2- My recent trip to Florida was not the happiest ever. I was there on sad business, as it was a “Let’s visit your Abuela because she’s got Alzheimer’s and might not remember you if you put the trip off any longer.” It’s…fucked up how these things can happen. She still looks like my Abuela, she’s still in good physical shape for an 82 year-old. Her mind is just going. Short-term memory is rubbish, to the point where we had to remind her that, no Abuela, we just got back from your friend’s house, remember? There were times when she looked at me and could recall who I was–a memory of a memory, maybe. There were also times where she regarded me the same as she might a person in an elevator, or someone sitting next to her on a crowded bus–polite, courteous, mostly trusting…but not really sure who I am. I’d like to think she knows I’m her grandson, someone whose birthday is 3 days prior to hers, someone she threw birthday parties for and took to Disney World and the Miami Seaquarium. I’d like to think that, despite the nature of her illness, part of her memory is alive and vibrant and the love she has always had for my two brothers and I remains as strong as ever. Still… It was sad business we were on. Being in her house, the only house of hers I have any real memories of… It was sad. I’ve said for a while, since we’re at the age where it’s not only grandparents, but our parents themselves that might start to go–have started to go–that I much prefer happier memories, even if it means not seeing someone I love. Quite simply put: I don’t want the last memory I have of someone I love to be of them struggling, or hurting, or trying to hold onto their very lives. I love my Abuela, and I hope to God she remembers that, even as everything else is taken away. 30 years old, all four grandparents left. I don’t know anyone who can say that. My brother Mario, 18 months my junior, might not be able to say that.

3- The only brother of a friend of mine was killed in the wee hours of Saturday, August 14th. He was in a bar in Boston, a fight that he was not a part of broke out. A heavy bar-glass was thrown. The glass shattered and ended up hitting him. He bled to death. Now, I try not to piggyback on anybody’s sorrow because I think it’s a fucked up way to be. Still… I can’t help but feel for her. I can’t imagine the hell she’s going through, and if there’s any justice in this world it’ll be me before it’s either of my brothers. It hits hard, and I’m very sad for my friend. It’s a fucked up, random, arbitrary world and when enough of this shit happens back-to-back-to-back, it becomes very easy to see why people turn towards God, and just as easy to see why people turn away from Him.

4- Money stuff sucks right now. It’s tighter than it’s been for a long, long time. We’ve never been the RodrigueFellers, but we’ve managed well enough over the years, certainly better in the last few years than the years before. It’s slated to get better in about a month or so, but the ride there is going to be scary. I know it’s not the cool or sexy thing to discuss this kind of stuff, but I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If I have to go thru it, I’m going to be honest about it. The people who love me will understand that I’m thinking out loud, planning my counter-attack with every tap of every key. It’s not sexy, it’s not cool, and I bet it makes other people uncomfortable, but fuck it. It’s my life, it’s my reality, and I will not be ashamed of it. It’s situations like this, and the ones above, that help us grow as a person. I prefer to be around people that have been thru some shit, people who have seen loss and know of the struggle. Those are my people, and not for Schadenfreude, but for camaraderie, for brotherhood, and to have people around me who know of the situations we’re in. Shit, they might even have a way out, and if they don’t know how to get there, sometimes it’s just nice to hear someone say there IS a way out.


There’s just a lot of shit happening right now for me and mine.

I feel like 2010 has been a great year, easily the best I’ve had in God knows how long. There hasn’t been any black clouds overhead or boogeymen lurking. My group of friends and I have been able to do some really fun things, and I’ve been blessed to have that group expand even further. Still…


Still, I worry about the season we’re in, with so many sad things happening. God willing, we’ve seen the worst of it already, but I’m still afraid that instead of banding together, we’re going to make the Horror Movie Mistake and split up.

I’m afraid that instead of rallying the troops, going the extra mile for each other, and choosing Hope when fear, anger, and aggression are more easily available, an “Every Man For Himself” mentality will break out. Well, for the people who’ve been around 5, 10 years, allow me to remind you of what happened the last time that strategy was employed:

Everything sucked and went straight to hell.

This group has alligator blood. We have been given an extraordinary run, and it’s not because I send out mass text invitations for movies or bar nights or dinners. It’s not because we’ve been friends for so long that we didn’t have any new influences or opportunities.

No, this group has been given an extraordinary run because we are special. We have been in the shit together, and we’ve been in the shit apart, and the one thing we have undeniable proof of, is that we always work better when we’re together.

We are a family, all of us. We don’t always get along, we don’t always call as much as we should, or be there on the nites we should all be there. Make no mistake tho’… With everything we’ve been thru, every birthday, every wedding, every break-up, every illness, and yes, every lost loved one…

We have been in it together. We have gone thru it together. My win is your win is his win is her win. Your loss is my loss is his loss is her loss.

This run, this decade-plus run that we’ve been on, with new additions and new family members added to the originals, serves a purpose, and it has nothing to do with beer pong, or chicken wings, or funny hats. This run, this group, this life we live together is meant to benefit all of us.


In Closing…

When the shit hits the fan, when the bill collectors are calling, when your boss is being half an asshole…

When your ex won’t leave you alone, when your current won’t stop giving you hell, when your parents refuse to see that, dammit, you’re doing your best…

When the entire world has decided that it wants a piece of you, when your back is to the wall and you have two choices–either lie down and let them kick and stomp and punch you, or swing and throw punches and hope that you’ll be able to take one of those motherfuckers with you…

When the air turns cold, and the wind howls, and you feel alone, and scared, and foolish for being late 20s, early 30s and still scared shitless about what this fucked up mudball called “Earth” is going to do to you next…

When a cowardly fucking illness, or a tragic accident, or just a streak of bad luck that makes you feel like you don’t know which way is up comes around…

When the world beats you down and you feel like you can’t get back up, when you’re made to feel like your two hands and two feet are not going to be enough…

When rejection comes and you are second-guessing your very worth, when someone makes it their priority to make you feel bad for no good damned reason, when you feel like there is no one on your side, no one that will just sit with you and tell you that you are worth of happiness, and love, and are beautiful…

When all of that fucked up shit happens, keep this in mind:

You have me.

You have us.

We are in this together.

We always have been.


11 Responses to “State of the Union: Late Summer 2010 Edition”

  1. hl Says:

    Hope things get better for you Rey. If not this blog may taking a turn toward emo. Keep you head up homie…

    • reythehussein Says:

      lol.. No danger of the Emo. I’m not wallowing or reveling in this stuff at all, I’m just stating facts. Getting acquainted with my enemies, you know? Gotta lotta fight in me.

  2. Ziggy Says:

    im here if you need to talk to someone.

  3. Bob Smith Says:

    Same here brother.

  4. Hopp Says:

    You blog, I read, I kno’ the protocol. But can a nigga get some fuckin’ paragraphs ?

    Still, I see what you’re sayin’. I would like to go on record to say that, regarding #3, alright, maybe people turn towards God because people act all fucked up without much reasoning.

    But why do people turn towards people first ?

    That’s what I been tryin’ to understand for some time …

    Peace, brotha.

    • reythehussein Says:

      I thought about doing paragraphs, and then I changed my mind. I’ll try to remember that for the next one though!

      Why *do* people turn towards people or why *don’t* people turn towards people? Either way, it’ll have to be pondered.

      Thanks for checking in, amigo. I really do appreciate it.

  5. Mark Twain Fame aka Tank Says:

    Hang in there my NY BFAM…

    #1 – your right stay strong for Pop Dukes, you will both Steven Seagal deadly neck snap the shit out of that fuck named Cancer.

    #2 be appreciative of the time with your g’ma, no matter what condition she is in. Even if she may not remember who you are it’s still something someway somehow fulfilling in seeing them while they still have time on this Earth. Be thankful that they are still there man, Im 26 and I haven’t had any grandparents since I was about 18.

    #3, damn man thats rough, prayers and hopeful thoughts to your friend and her family.

    #4- meh, forget that it’s not sexy or cool, all those ppl can step the hell off. I’m with ya on this notion man, so many others are also. Its your life, your reality, and another thing for you to get thru to make you a better, stronger, faster (see what I did there?) Rey.

    And amen to all of the in closing call to arms of Rey’s troops “friendmily” steez. I go with that same thought process when it comes to my “4Brothers”

    • reythehussein Says:

      I see what you did there, and I sincerely thank you for the kind words. It’s a tough journey, this life. I know I’ve got a helluva lot more fight left in me tho’.

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    […] Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Mundo. Rey Mundo. I was the TNA Impact recapper for a month and change until I was bitch-slapped by life. […]

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